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Cbi company profile - 2014

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Cbi company profile - 2014

  1. 1. CBI DIGITAL – Credentials 535 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10065 Tel: +1 646-688-4899 Fax: +1 646-216-9789 58 Nguyen Binh Khiem, District 1, HCM City, Vietnam Tel: +848 39103190 Fax: +848 39103160
  2. 2. WHO WE ARE CBI Digital is a global digital agency founded in 2007 in New York, with offices in New York and Vietnam We provide performance-based digital marketing for clients in Ecommerce, Gaming, Professional services, and Hospitality CBI Digital serves various clients in U.S., Europe and Asia
  3. 3. Testimonials: GLOBAL CLIENTS
  4. 4. Web & Mobile Solutions SEO & Digital Advertising Conversion Rate Optimization WHAT WE DO
  5. 5. We have achieved remarkable digital successes with major clients, and we will make you successful with our unique capability of digital strategy & execution. OUR PROMISE
  6. 6. CASE STUDY Client: Thien Minh Group Revenue: 50 million usd / year Website: Services: SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization, Google Advertising Result: Increased organic search 91% and organic revenue 425% in 9 months Details: From 5/2013, CBI helped IVIVU increase organic search visits 91% and organic revenue 425% year-over-year.
  7. 7. IVIVU organic traffic YOY CHART HERE
  8. 8. “ partnered with CBI/Chi Doanh for the past year for SEO, SEM and website conversion services. Having worked with many other digital agencies in Vietnam, I clearly see the difference in their work quality. I respect CBI/Chi Doanh team for the results they deliver: our SEO traffic doubled and revenue surged by 4 times. proudly partner with CBI/Chi Doanh to explore the online travel market in Vietnam and believe in even better results in the future. “ Hang Do – CEO iVIVU | IVIVU’s Testimonial
  9. 9. CASE STUDY Client: VNG Corp Revenue: 200 million usd / year Website: Service: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Result: increased organic search visits 25 times in 7 months Details: From 12/2012 to 7/2013, CBI helped increase organic search from 200,000 visitors/ month to over 5,000,000 visitors/month, making the site to be the #1 casual game site in Vietnam
  10. 10. organic traffic
  11. 11. “ We enlisted CBI/Chi Doanh’s services to improve the SEO for our mini- games portal Since they began on 11/2012,’s organic traffic has increased 7 times from 10,000 visits/day to 70,000 visits/day after less than 3 months. We have enjoyed working with CBI/Chi Doanh as they have been extremely responsible and provided feedback that went beyond their scope of work. I strongly recommend their services due to their dedication to clients and work efficiency. “ Christopher Liu – Game Platform Team – Department Head VNG Corporation | VNG ‘s Testimonial
  12. 12. OUR EXPERTISES Digital Strategy Creation Web, Mobile & Ecommerce Platforms Search Engine Optimization Digital Advertising Conversion Rate Optimization Social Media & Content Marketing Brand Identity Design Web Security
  13. 13. DIGITAL STRATEGY Industry Analysis Competitive Analysis Business Model Evaluation Business Plan Review Marketing Strategy Winning Strategy
  14. 14. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of optimizing your web & mobile platforms to drive massive organic visitors from Google search Organic search channel usually has the best conversion rate of all digital channels, because people search for what they need, at the time they need it In successful Ecommerce companies, SEO can drive 50-70% of total traffic and is account for over 50% of online revenue CBI Digital delivers the best-in-class SEO for our clients, with advanced expertise and powerful SEO strategy
  15. 15.  SEO In-depth review  Keyword Research  Competitor Research  SEO On-page Optimization  Crawling & Indexing Optimization SEO PROCESS  Web Performance Optimization  Link Building Strategy  User Engagement Optimization  Social Media Optimization for SEO  Paid Advertising Optimization for SEO
  16. 16. 4 KEYS OF POWERFUL SEO SEO Expertise SEO Creativity SEO Leadership SEO Strategy To drive massive SEO success, you cannot rely on “secret” SEO tricks, but need to leverage advanced techniques, professional SEO process & communication, SEO creativity and strategy to conquer most lucrative search segments.
  17. 17. SEO Collaboration CBI sends weekly To Do ListCBI sends weekly To Do List Client Tech team applies coding updatesClient Tech team applies coding updates Client Content team applies content updatesClient Content team applies content updates CBI approves changes & send next To Do ListCBI approves changes & send next To Do List CBI sends monthly SEO report & planCBI sends monthly SEO report & plan CBI & Client share a work progress checklistCBI & Client share a work progress checklist
  18. 18. SEO Questions How long will I see SEO results? SEO is a long-term process that may take from 6-12 months to see visible results, although in many cases we are able to drive results in 3-4 months after launch. What should I do as a client to boost SEO performance? SEO clients who devote time to build great content, take care of the online users, and constantly improve their site will achieve SEO result faster. What are the biggest SEO mistakes? In our view, the biggest SEO mistake is to believe in easy SEO promises. Second is to abuse black-hat SEO. Third is not spending time to take care of the site. There is no shortcut in SEO. It is all about hard work of both SEO team AND Client team.
  19. 19. Typical SEO Results Besides driving massive organic growth for Vuigame & Ivivu, CBI Digital consistently delivers excellent SEO results for global clients: , Ecommerce japanese cosmetics seller, ranks #1 for “Japanese cosmetics”, better than huge brand Shiseido (ranks #4) in 2011-2012 Laws Offices of Michael Markovitch, a boutique law firm, ranks #1 for “immigration lawyer nyc”, better than Yelp or any famous law firms in New York Office Lease Center, a video listing platform for office rental, ranks top 5 for lucrative keywords “office rental nyc” and “office for rent nyc” , top security training company in UK, recovers from black-hat SEO from previous agency & get top ranking for keywords “sia training”, “sia course”
  20. 20. DIGITAL ADVERTISING CBI runs highly-effective digital campaigns with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other ad networks & Real-time bidding (RTB) platforms CBI helps advertisers achieve excellent business results (1) increase online revenue (2) acquire leads, users or fans (3) drive app installs (4) achieve visitors and brand reach at reasonable cost-per-click (cpc) or cost-per-acquisition (cpa) CBI masters both web & mobile digital campaigns, and works with all forms of digital ads like search, display, retargeting, and more
  21. 21. CAMPAIGN PROCESS Advertising Plan & Estimates Advertising Plan & Estimates Ad & Landing Page Production Ad & Landing Page Production Campaign Setup & Running Campaign Setup & Running Campaign Brief Campaign Brief Campaign Monitoring & Optimization Campaign Monitoring & Optimization Result Reporting Result Reporting
  22. 22. CASE STUDY Client: 5-star The Grand Ho Tram Casino & Resort Campaign: Grand Opening Promotion Service: Google Paid Search and Facebook Advertising Facebook Newsfeed ads & Sponsored posts Google Search Ads targeting oversea guests Result: Facebook & Google campaigns surpassed visits and reach targets at reasonable cost-per-click
  23. 23. CASE STUDY Client: Thien Minh Group - Service: Google Search ads and Re-marketing ads Result: Hotel + Location Search: CTR increases 44%, avg. position from 4.2 to 3.5 Brand Search: Avg. CPC reduced 33% Brand Re-targeting: Impression Share increases from 55% to 98% Display Re-marketing: Avg. CPC reduced 53%
  24. 24. CASE STUDY Client: VNG Corp – PG9 Service: User acquisition campaigns for 04 web games Pham Nhan Tu Tien: Google Search ads + Facebook ads Ngoa Long: Google Search ads + Facebook ads Vu De: Facebook ads Long Tuong: Facebook ads Result: Best ROI and lowest cost-per-role PNTT achieved best actual cost-per-role, 30% lower than target Vu De had the best ROI in game, 300% increase (acquire paying gamers)
  25. 25. “CBI (Chi Doanh) ran Google Adwords and Facebook online campaigns for VNG (together with VNG cooperated companies) on the 4 online web games from Nov 1st to Dec 31st, 2013. CBI (Chi Doanh) is very responsible and professional, whose jobs contributed a very important role for the revenue of the above products. They achieved several impressive results such as gaining the best CPA/New role of $0.12/role for Pham Nhan Tu Tien (of the target $0.4/role), and best ROI for Vu De (nearly 300% ROI). When cooperating, the communication and the execution are always on time, never delayed. Service attitude is very nice and supportive. I highly appreciate their expertise in the online advertising field as well as their professional working style. I would highly recommend CBI (Chi Doanh) for relevant services in online advertising. I do believe with their online advertising knowledge, experience and enthusiasm, they will provide qualified service and surpass all expectations. Bui Thanh Binh - VNG Product Group Manager VNG Corporation | VNG TESTIMONIAL
  26. 26. CONVERSION RATE OPTIMIZATION A/B TestingA/B Testing Data Insight AnalysisData Insight Analysis Advanced Conversion TrackingAdvanced Conversion Tracking Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is optimizing the user experience with web & mobile platform to improve the rate of visitors taking a desired action (conversion)
  27. 27. CRO PROCESS Analyze performance & Identify problems Analyze performance & Identify problems Create Possible Hypothesis Create Possible Hypothesis Create New Versions Create New Versions Setup Conversion Tracking Setup Conversion Tracking Run A/B tests btw old version & new version Run A/B tests btw old version & new version Pick Winner & Design Next Test Pick Winner & Design Next Test
  28. 28.  Ecommerce Tracking  Lead-generation form tracking  Email & Social Media tag tracking  Goal & Event Tracking Advanced Tracking  Mobile App Event Tracking  Personal-Level Tracking  Customer Behavior Tracking
  29. 29. Typical CRO Clients  Ecommerce tracking, A/B Testing  Ecommerce tracking & Shopping cart optimization  Ecommerce & Ebook download tracking, Insight Analysis, User Experience Enhancement, A/B testing Office Lease Center: Customer Inquiry Tracking & Social Media tracking Toni & Guy Academy: Advanced Student Enrollment tracking on web & mobile  Ecommerce tracking, Student Registration tracking  Mobile App organic tracking
  30. 30. WEB & MOBILE SOLUTIONS Brand Identity Design & Ad ProductionBrand Identity Design & Ad Production Mobile App DevelopmentMobile App Development Big-scale Platform DevelopmentBig-scale Platform Development High-end Web & Mobile DesignsHigh-end Web & Mobile Designs
  31. 31. HIGH-END DESIGNS CBI Digital specializes in creating high-end, elegant web & mobile designs that inspire viewers from the first sight. Great designs have balanced layout Great designs have appealing color theme Great designs have elegant graphic decoration & details Great designs use consistent fonts, styles, and sizes Great designs have great quality photos
  32. 32. “Design is WHAT and Why I LOVE. Design is about Passion, Emotion and Attachment and it must be at the Heart of Every Business” - Tom Peters, the Marketing Guru. Great designs are clean & simple Great design are easy to navigate Great designs have strong call-to-actions Great designs are mobile-friendly HIGH-END DESIGNS
  33. 33.  HTML 5 & Responsive Front-end  iOS & Android App development  Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP Mastery  Wordpress & Magento development ADVANCED EXPERTISE  Big-scale System Design & Architecture  Performance Optimization  Web Security Audit & Troubleshooting  Webmaster Support
  34. 34. Ecommerce Platform Client: Solution: Ecommerce platform to sell Japanese cosmetics in U.S. Turnaround time: 8 weeks Team: Designer, Developer, Tester, Business Analyst, Project Manager (PM) Functionality: Full Ecommerce functionality including Shopping cart, wish list & payment system Sophisticated promotion, coupon & reward point features Advanced product, customer and order management system Admin Dashboard to manage site operation
  35. 35. Awards for: This Awards fro: This text here with short description BIG IMAGE HERE
  36. 36. Social Network Platform Client: World Golf Network Solution: Social Network for business golfers Turnaround time: 10 weeks Team: Designer, Developers, Tester, Business Analyst, Web Security, PM Functionality: Members can “make friend” with other members & send direct messages Members can create golf outings & invites fellow members to participate Companies can create corporate golf events & let people signup online Admin Dashboard to manage site operation
  37. 37. Awards for: This Awards fro: This text here with short description BIG IMAGE HERE World Golf Network “ CBI Digital truly builds an exceptional service business. They treat their clients like good friends, respond to all needs and deliver amazing performance. They get customer service perfectly. If you need to upgrade your web presence, I would highly recommend CBI Digital. For me, it was not just good business, it was the value in a strong relationship. “ Dan Pincus - Founder World Golf Network |
  38. 38. Job Search Platform Client: Solution: Full-feature Job Search Platform Turnaround time: 8 weeks Team: Designer, Developers, Tester, Business Analyst, PM Functionality: Responsive Design Employers post jobs Job searchers submit resumes & apply for jobs Admin Dashboard to manage site operation
  39. 39. Awards for: This Awards fro: This text here with short description BIG IMAGE HERE HOT JOBS
  40. 40. Video Listing platform Client: Solution: Video Listing Platform for Office Rental Turnaround time: 6 weeks Team: Designer, Developers, Tester, Business Analyst, PM Functionality: Video Listings & Advanced Office Search Blog & Industry News Email & Social Media Integration: Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter Admin Dashboard to manage site operation
  41. 41. Awards for: This Awards fro: This text here with short description BIG IMAGE HERE “ CBI assisted me in building a fully- integrated, real estate website to provide a lead generation platform for my office tenant representation practice. In addition to building a great website, CBI has been extremely responsive to all of my follow-up “punch list” customer service requests. I have had confirmation from my technology client base, that the website is both “very good” and “useful”. I am extremely happy with CBI. “ Jack Petrie - Founder Office Lease Center |
  42. 42. THANK YOU If you have any question, please let me know at Jane Bui | 535 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10065 Tel: +1 646-688-4899 Fax: +1 646-216-9789 58 Nguyen Binh Khiem, District 1, HCM City, Vietnam Tel: +848 39103190 Fax: +848 39103160