Sing Tel - Designing security into datacenter - Gerald Tang


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Trend Micro Direction Executive Summit 2013, Seoul Korea. Sing Tel - Designing security into datacenter - Gerald Tang

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Sing Tel - Designing security into datacenter - Gerald Tang

  1. 1. Gerald Tang Director, Strategic Business Development Designing Enterprise Security into Cloud Data Centre 7/4/2013 Confidential | Copyright 2012 Trend Micro Inc.
  2. 2. Singapore Telecommunications Limited Overview
  3. 3. SingTel Group at a Glance S$4.60 billion operating revenue S$827 million net profit 3All financial figures are for the quarter ended 31 December 2012 S$666 million free cash flow Over 450 million mobile customers across Asia and Africa
  4. 4. SingTel Group: Goals Reinvent core carriage business Turbo-charge regional capabilities in ICT services Drive new growth platforms that leverage and strengthen the core 4
  5. 5. 6 To be the leading ICT services provider for businesses in Asia Pacific Vision Provide businesses with one-stop, end-to- end ICT solutions A network of offices in 40 cities across 22 countries and territories Revenue is for the quarter ended 31 December 2012 Revenue S$1.6 billion 250,000 business cloud users in Singapore Our Business : Group Enterprise
  6. 6. Cloud Awards and Recognitions CLOUD AWARDS 2012 Frost & Sullivan APAC ICT Award Telecom Cloud Service Provider of the Year NWA Information Management Awards 2012 Best Security-as-a-Service 2012/ 2011 Asia Communication Awards 2012 Best Cloud Service (2011 & 2012)
  7. 7. According to IDC .. Today, Governments and Very Large Enterprises are slow to adopting cloud as part of their overall IT strategy due to heightened concerns on SECURITY. BUT In 2015, Governments and Very Large Enterprises will be moving to the cloud because of SECURITY concerns. WHY ??? 7/4/201 1
  8. 8. IDC Analysts shared .. “..Major security vendors will have much more substantial investments in helping enterprises to secure their data and applications in the cloud than the traditional data centre…’ shared by a CIO in couple of weeks back at an opening address to government attendees. GARTNER REPORTS THAT TREND MICRO SECURITY SOLUTION FOR VIRTUALISATION AND THE CLOUD IS AT LEAST 18 MONTHS AHEAD OF ITS NEAREST COMPEITITOR
  9. 9. Designing Enterprise Security into Cloud Data Centre
  10. 10. Enterprise Requirements for the Cloud • Enterprises today are looking at 3 key areas (Enterprise Grade Quality, Service Guarantee & Service Support) in the Cloud and SingTel is addressing them with : – Enterprise-grade Quality through partnering Enterprise Security Vendor like Trend Micro delivering the expected Service Guarantees. – Coupled with Trend Micro strong regional presence and Service and Support to the SingTel deployment and operational support team, SingTel believes we are setting a NEW benchmark for the new Enterprise and Enterprise Clouds.
  11. 11. Security Virtual Appliance VM VM VM With Agentless Security VM Physical, Virtualization and Cloud Security Enterprise Security Requirements - Layered, Virtualization-Aware Security in One Platform VM VM VM VMVM VM Consolidate servers, enable VDI, and support consumerization Integrated Modules: • Antivirus • Integrity Monitoring • Intrusion Prevention • Web Application Protection • Application Control • Firewall • Log Inspection Simplified Management Higher Density Optimized Resources Stronger Security
  12. 12. Patient Medical Records Credit Card Payment Information Sensitive Research ResultsSocial Security Numbers • Unreadable for unauthorized users • Control of when and where data is accessed • Server validation • Custody of keys Encryption with Policy-based Key Management Cloud Security Modular Protection • Self-defending VM security • Agentless and agent-based • One management portal for all modules, all deployments Cost Reduction & Consolidation1 Cloud Security Trend Micro Cloud Security Offerings Integration ensures servers have up-to-date security before encryption keys are released
  13. 13. VM VMware Virtualization Security Virtual Appliance VM VM VM VM • Agentless security • Layered server security • Encryption for vSphere Private Cloud • Agentless security • Layered server security Security Virtual Appliance VM VM VM Public Cloud Server security console • Shared policy profile • Virtual patching VM VM VM VMVM • Encryption for vCloud • Compliance support (FIM, Encryption, etc.) Encryption console • Shared policy profile • Key ownership • Agent-based security • Layered server security • Encryption for leading cloud providers • Compliance support (FIM, Encryption, etc.) VM Cost Reduction & Consolidation1 Virtualization and Cloud Security Case Study - Multiple Envrionment Deployment
  14. 14. Why we partner Trend Micro ?? • Market leadership and trusted security partner. • One stop security solution partner for all Network, Datacentre, Server, Application extending from Virtualisation to the Cloud. • Smart protection against theft and loss.. • Simple yet flexible to manage and deploy.. • Security that fits an evolving ecosystem..