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Reaching Out to International Students


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Published in: Education
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Reaching Out to International Students

  1. 1. Reaching Out to International Students Minglu Wang & Wen-Hua Ren, John Cotton Dana Library Collaboration with International Students Office Library Workshops for International Students Taught by librarians with international backgroundCreate library flyer for new international student’s folder Hands-on exercisesMeet and greet at orientation “This workshop was very helpful. It helped well-organized my research, find quickly references and create a bibliography. This 1-h workshop makes me save many days of work in my research. Isnt it amazing?” – Yves R. Personna from Environmental Science “This workshop is very helpful. The best part is to find out that there are so many valuable resources available online that I didnt know before. Now I have learned a more efficient way to do research!” – Ko-Hsin Hsu from School of Criminal Justice “I really appreciate your workshop, it was a great idea and I wish I have done it in previous years. It has been really helpful and I cannot imagine any student that would not be able to take advantage of it. Anybody who ever need to find a book or articles for a research paper, or any kind of writing project can benefit from it. The most important is that can save you a lot of time looking around for sources and references. Just been able to save the articles and citations in Refworks alone can save a lot of valuable time. I have been working for hours trying to put citations and references in the right format using books that I had to buy in order to properly finish a paper. Refworks does it with a couple of clicks in any format you wish.” – Pericles Papamichalis from College of Arts & ScienceLibrary Guide for International Students Library Newsletter for International StudentsLibrary terminology Highlight certain library services and resourcesVisualization of complex Discuss a hot topic in learning and research library system Comments/Feedbacks from studentsLibrary resources & servicesLocal useful information