Beyond Technical Instruction


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Beyond Technical Instruction

  1. 1. Beyond Technical Training Minglu Wang, John Cotton Dana Library, Rutgers-Newark On Rutgers-Newark Campus, Dana Library’s Data Services provide introductory workshops on statistical software packages to graduate students. Research Question: what can library instruction do to improve graduate students’ learning experience, in addition to technical training? Technical Training Features ProceduralActivities Observational Learning Process Knowledge Observe Observe Practice Practice Demonstration Demonstration Post-Training Immediate, Delayed Software & Related Task Self-Efficacy Performance Library Instruction Features Reference Broader Information Resources for Active and Long-Term Learning Process Knowledge •Comparison of statistical software packages Before-Training •Limitation of software as a calculating tool Preparation •Big picture of the software’s input-output structure Percentage of Students Who Think the Following Instructional Features are Useful/Very Useful 100.00% 93.10% 92.96% 91.67% 90.54% 86.96% 86.11% 85.71% •How to use “help” Information 76.09% 73.81% 75.00% •How to make “comments” During the Training •Alternative ways to perform a task: 50.00% menu, interactive commands & programming 25.00% Post-Training •Links to Additional Online Tutorials Resources on •Links to Online Software Documentation 0.00% LibGuide •Workshop notes and sample programming code Comparison of Statistical The Whole Workshop Limitation of Statistical ICPSRs Data Preparation Hands-on Exercise LibGuide for Data Data Analysis Best Practice LibGuide for Data Services Other Online Tutorials and Management Software Packages Software as a… Additional Resources •Data analysis best practices Guide Background •ICPSR’s data preparation guide Information •LibGuide on Data Management