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Windows Azure Media Services June 2013 update


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This is a update presentation for Windows Azure Media Services June 2013 update. It showcases dynamic packaging, MPEG-DASH release and Live streaming sneak peek. You could view session video here:

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Windows Azure Media Services June 2013 update

  1. 1. • What is Windows Azure Media Services • Architecture and Features Video-on-demand service • SDK and RESTAPI • New Feature – dynamic packaging Live Streaming service • Demo (Sneak peek)
  2. 2. Video experience has been improved rapidly. Photo credit: Windows 8 blog
  3. 3. Everyone could create videos
  4. 4. Long form content over IP delivery Photo credit: hulu blo
  5. 5. Watching video anytime, anywhere… Photo credit: Xbox blog
  6. 6. Media Services Architecture “Build-On” Media Partners and Customers AzureCDNPartnerCDNs Origin Caching Released Coming Soon Partners Partner Technologies (Media Processors, Origin Servers, Live Encoders etc.) (Fabric, Storage, Compute, Database)
  7. 7. Components and technologies from Microsoft and 3rd parties that are ready-to-use and integrated into a single platform that simplifies the creation of an end-to-end media solution Content Protection Format Conversion Ingest Live Streaming DistributionAdvertisingOn-Demand Streaming Encoding  Freew heel Windows Azure Media Services Content Management Analytics Players
  8. 8. Ingest Encode Package Encrypt Deliver
  9. 9. Encoding Service Free Trial (3mths) Shared Reserved Encoding Price Free (100GB limit) $1.99 Per GB $1.99 Per GB + $99 per month/RU Encoding SLA NA Availability = 99.9% • Measured as REST API availability • No guarantee on wait time between tasks Availability = 99.9% • Measured as REST API availability • Media tasks running concurrently = Number of reserved units Streaming Service Free Trial (3mths) Shared Reserved Streaming Price Free (100GB limit) Standard Egress Rates Standard egress rates + $199 per month Streaming SLA NA Availability = NA • No bandwidth guarantee Availability = 99.9% • Measured as server availability based on response time • Peak bandwidth of 200 Mbps per Reserved Unit allocated for Origin Windows Azure Media Services Pricing Details
  10. 10. REST API for all platforms .NET library JAVA library Windows / Mac / Linux Open Source libraries available with source code on GitHub We just released .NET Open Source on GitHub! @GeorgeTrifonov
  11. 11. Storage REST Storage SDK Media Services SDK Media Services Data Media Service REST Access Control Service REST Demo.exe • Get authorization • Create an Asset and AssetFile(s) • Upload a file
  12. 12. Storage REST Media Services SDK Media Service REST Encode Demo.exe • Create a job • Task 1: Encode an asset to Mp4 • Task 2: Package that asset to Smooth streaming • Task 3: Package SS into HLS Package Media Services Data
  13. 13. Storage REST Media Services SDK Media Service REST Demo.exe Smooth HLS Origin Media Services Data • Create Origin streaming locator • Provision origins • Serve requests
  14. 14. Video sources Multi-bitrates Mp4 Origin Server HLS Smooth Streaming Encode Video sources Multi-bitrates Mp4 Origin Server HLS Smooth Streaming Encode Dynamic Packaging Traditional Encode and Package Dynamic Packaging Input format: Mp4 or Smooth Streaming Output format: Smooth Streaming , Http-Live-Streaming v4, MPEG-DASH You need to have at least 1 reserved streaming unit to enable dynamic packaging! DASH
  15. 15. Currently there are three major vendor-centric streaming formats (all takes H.264 as input) Smooth Streaming Http Live Streaming Http Dynamic Streaming Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) also called MPEG- DASH international standard (ISO/IEC 23009-1)
  16. 16. Media Source Extension (MSE) APIs : Encrypted Media Extension (EME) APIs : <Video> DASH.JS
  17. 17. Demo – how to create HLS and Smooth Streaming assets using dynamic packaging Dynamic packaging and Encoding and Reserved units
  18. 18. Channel WA Load Balancer Blob Storage Ingest: Public URL to accept Live streams (with different bitrates) through load balancer Forwards the stream to all preview end- points Preview: Receives stream from Ingest Forwards to Program Exposes Preview URL (for monitoring and voice-over) Program: Writes it to Blob Storage for Live DVR and Archive
  19. 19. Media Services