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Application Package
After years of contribution to IFMSA, IFMSA-       IFMSA-Japan and the MM2012 OC are             Motivation letter        ...
Invitation letters             Minister    Ministry of Health,Labour           and Welfare3
Commissioner    Japan Tourism Agency4
President    Japan National Tourism        Organization                             !"#$%"&#!"&()*$+$%&#!"),)-$+!.&()/#0+$...
Description of the facilities                           Venue                                                             ...
Accommodation                            Other features:    APA HOTEL & RESORT Tokyo Bay             -Large Public Bath   ...
Makuhari, Chiba                                             Other highlghts of Chiba    Chiba is the next city to Tokyo, w...
Theme proposal    For the theme of MM2012, the organizing committee              Secondly, it will have been 10 years sinc...
In order to attend March Meeting 2012 in          If you are a citizen of one of the following                    Japan, y...
Japanese culture, design, and cuisine                     inspire the world.                     You will experience an ex...
If you have any questions, please contact us!             Contact:             Organizing Committee President             ...
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Application Package For NMO Presidents (Final)


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IFMSA GA MM2012 Candidature

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Application Package For NMO Presidents (Final)

  1. 1. Application Package
  2. 2. After years of contribution to IFMSA, IFMSA- IFMSA-Japan and the MM2012 OC are Motivation letter Japan takes a big step forward and proudly applies to host the March Meeting 2012 in very motivated to hold March Meeting 2012, so we hope that you support our Japan.There are several reasons why Japan candidature. is suitable for hosting the IFMSA March Dear IFMSA friends, We welcome the IFMSA friends, and are Meeting 2012. really looking forward to seeing you in It is a great honor and a pleasure for us to The first reason is that Japan is one of the Japan, the land of hospitality. We present our candidature for hosting the most fascinating countries blessed with promise you it will be one of the most 61st IFMSA General Assembly March natural beauty, and with unique culture and unforgettable General Assemblies the Meeting 2012. modern technology coexisting in harmony. IFMSA has ever had. In 1961, the first Japanese medical student Japan has recently been attracting more tourists from all over the world. Also, Japan is Sincerely, joined the IFMSA General Assembly in Israel. He was deeply impressed by strongly one of the safest countries and we can motivated students from all over the world. promise you a safe GA. After coming back to Japan, he The second reason is our experience at the established the Japan International international level. We have the great Medical Students’ Association (JIMSA), the experience of holding the Asia Pacific forerunner of the International Federation Regional Meeting 2007 in Osaka, which was of Medical Students’ Associations Japan very successful. Also, IFMSA-Japan has (IFMSA-Japan). constantly been sending delegates to IFMSA 11 years ago, we had a structural GAs, and had 4 members in IFMSA Team of Officials in our relatively short history. Motoko Kametani reformation to establish IFMSA-Japan, aiming to show our commitment to the President of Organizing Committee of Thirdly, there are strongly motivated OC international community of medical March Meeting 2012 Japan members with extensive experience in students. Since then, IFMSA-Japan has managing and organizing events and we been active in various fields such as have already been working hard to arrange student exchange, public health, human the March Meeting 2012 in Japan. rights and peace, medical education and reproductive health both at the national For the venue and accommodation, we and the international level. chose APA HOTEL & RESORT Tokyo Bay Makuhari. It takes only 30 seconds to go to Now we are by far the largest nationwide the venue from the hotel. The hotel is organization of Japanese medical students located in Makuhari area in Chiba with 51 local committees and still trying to prefecture, which is near 2 international involve more students and medical airports. It is nice venue and Taiki Nabekura faculties for better representation of accommodation so we are sure that you medical students all over Japan. President of IFMSA-Japan can enjoy your stay in Japan.2
  3. 3. Invitation letters Minister Ministry of Health,Labour and Welfare3
  4. 4. Commissioner Japan Tourism Agency4
  5. 5. President Japan National Tourism Organization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`0%1)I$%@)1!".$%$>@U F&8&")J&#!"&>)H0##15)K%6&"!T&#!" 7&8&")D"I$"#!")a0%$&07JHKb5
  6. 6. Description of the facilities Venue APA HOTEL & RESORT Tokyo Bay Makuhari is equipped with Tokyo Bay Makuhari Hall, which has the largest dining hall in Tokyo Bay Area. The capacity of main hall is 3000 people and it can be partitioned into up to 11 sections according to group size and purpose. The hotel also has a number of conference rooms, which can be used for SCO sessions, trainings, and theme events. The most remarkable point is it takes only 10 seconds to the hall from the accommodation! We have worked hard to find appropriate accommodation and venue for hosting the precious meeting in Japan. We proudly announce that we made provisional contract with APA HOTEL & RESORT Tokyo Bay Makuhari located on the center of Chiba, which is near from two international airports. In addtion, the hotel is 5 minutes away from Kaihin Makuhari station on foot. Using a train, it takes 30 minutes to the center of Tokyo, and 15 minutes to Tokyo Disney Resort. And there are various kinds of restaurants around Kaihin Makuhari station.6
  7. 7. Accommodation Other features: APA HOTEL & RESORT Tokyo Bay -Large Public Bath Makuhari is the highest hotel building which stands 50 stories high designed The entire 4th floor is a grand bath hall by Kenzo Tange who is world-famous equipped with sauna and open-air bath. You can experience Japanese architect. style spa and be refreshed. The guest room pavilion that fronts Tokyo Bay has 1001 rooms, all of which -Convenience store command ocean views. There is a convenience store in the Among those guest rooms, we have hotel, which is open 24 hours a day. You reserved 400 rooms for greeting 800 can get most household goods, participants. Of course, there is free beverages, and snacks. Internet access in all rooms. -Night view As stated above, the hotel is very convenient in terms of transportation. You can enjoy fantastic night view from It is 40 minutes away from Narita Sky Banquet on the 46th floor. International Airport and 50 minutes away from Tokyo International Airport -Comics and internet café by car. There is a comics and Internet café on In order to conserve the environment the 48th floor. There are 10,000 comics APA HOTEL is doing some challenging and various drinks. You can find a lot of that aim to reduce CO2. interesting Manga, one of the most unique cultures in Japan, there. We are strongly sure that you can enjoy your stay in Japan!7
  8. 8. Makuhari, Chiba Other highlghts of Chiba Chiba is the next city to Tokyo, which takes about 40 minutes by train. And Chiba is home to one of the largest -Narita-san Shinshoji convention facilities in the East. Chiba is the "town of Temple flowers" where you also can enjoy dining and shopping. The Nio gate, three-story Furthermore, an outlet park and shopping center also pagoda, and Shaka-do at welcome you. the temple have been And the bay area Makuhari is located on 40 minutes away designated as important from Narita Airport by bus. cultural assets by the national government. More This area can be enjoyed in various ways: You can play on -Tokyo Disney resort the beach at Chiba Port Park and feel the atmosphere of Tokyo Disney resort consists of a port town at Chiba Port. In Inage-kaihin-koen Park, the Disneyland Park, DisneySea Aviation Memorial Park and the Floral Museum are open Park, three hotels and a for visiting, and you can also enjoy cycling with rented shopping complex. You can bicycles, experiencing a yacht voyage. have fun, dine, shop, and much more at Tokyo Disney Resort. Chiba city can provide special discount coupons to Tokyo Disney Resort (for use at Tokyo Disney Land and Tokyo Disney Sea) for participants of MM2012. IFMSA 61st General Assembly March Meeting 20128
  9. 9. Theme proposal For the theme of MM2012, the organizing committee Secondly, it will have been 10 years since the United Nation’s proposes Healthy Aging. This theme is chosen because Second World Assembly on Aging, which was significant in of its growing importance for all IFMSA members, as terms of policy making and planning action at a global level. It future health professionals, in both the developed and will be a good opportunity for us to review what has been developing parts of the world. done for the past decade. Also, the European Commission has proposed that 2012 be designated as the “European Year for Population Aging Active Aging”. By having this theme in MM2012, the IFMSA can The world is experiencing unprecedentedly rapid work on this agenda through workshops and sessions, the population aging. This dynamic phenomenon is outcome of which can be worked on more by publishing affecting both developed and developing countries; as policy statements and working with different NGOs, or other it has already been a great challenge for the international institutions through the year. developed world while 70% of all older people live in Proposed topics regarding the theme low or middle-income countries. Although the demographic trend varies in levels of intensity, patterns - Social security systems: pension, and time frames, every country will face population health care, insurance aging in the near future. Moreover, all of us will grow old one day. - Healthy lifestyle for better aging Population aging brings the society a necessity of - Longevity and advancement in changes in social security systems, such as pension, medicine and public health health care, and other social benefits. Health is one of - Sexual health of the elderly the major issues affecting aging population, as the elderly people are more vulnerable to illnesses and - Aging population and low birth more likely to be marginalized in health care systems. rate Why in MM2012 Japan? - Rehabilitation Firstly, the population of Japan is aging faster than any - Intergenerational equity in health other country in the world. People aged 65 or older care accounted for 21 percent of the total population in 2005. The life expectancy rate is the highest in the world, - End-of-life care                        Image: Simon Howden at 81.25 years of age as of 2006.                                                 FreeDigitalPhotos.net9
  10. 10. In order to attend March Meeting 2012 in If you are a citizen of one of the following Japan, you must apply for a short-term stay countries, you don’t need a visa: (A stay of up to 90 days) visa. Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Visas are issued in the Japanese embassy or Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, consulate in your country. Visas cannot be Czech Republic, Denmark, El Salvador, obtained after arriving in Japan. Estonia, Finland, The former Yugoslav Application fees must be paid for the Republic of Macedonia France, issuance of visas. The fees are about 3,000 Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, yen for a single-entry visa. Fees are collected Iceland, Israel, Italy, Korea, Latvia, in the currency of the country (territory) of Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, which the Embassy / Consulate General is New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, located. Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, The Depending on your nationality, fees may not Netherlands, Tunisia, Turkey, United be required or may be a different amount. Kingdom, United States If you are a citizen of one of the following For further information, please visit Ministry of countries, you must obtain a visa: VISA information Foreign Affairs of Japan. Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Burundi, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia, Georgia, Ghana, Grenada, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jamaica, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Libya, Mongolia, Montenegro, Mozambique, Nepal, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Russian federation, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Uganda, Venezuela10
  11. 11. Japanese culture, design, and cuisine inspire the world. You will experience an exciting mix of tradition and visionary modernity. Encounters with kabuki and noh, kimono fittings, ikebana flower arrangement, tea ceremonies and culinary tradition are unforgettable experiences. Temples and shrines with world heritage status fascinate the visitor as do avant-garde architecture, anime and manga culture Attraction of Japan When it comes to health and security Japan is number one in the world. Who would not feel safe in a country where every year over 100 million yen worth of lost property is returned to their owners? The population owes their high life expectancy rate to a very healthy cuisine. The hygiene standards of hotels and public facilities are impressive. Japan lures with great reachability Hundreds of flight connections a day make Japan easy to reach from all international locations. Visiting these websites, you can get further information of two international airports in Chiba. Narita International Airport Tokyo International Airport
  12. 12. If you have any questions, please contact us! Contact: Organizing Committee President Motoko Kametani IFMSA-Japan PresidentQuestions? Taiki Nabekura We are ready to welcome you! Website: To see our updates, please visit our facebook page. Japan/169835089721242