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Natural supplementsforyouradhd child


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Natural supplementsforyouradhd child

  1. 1. Natural Supplements for Your ADHD Child ADHD is a complex condition with a complex subset of conditions which varies from one child to another. Whether it is sensory disorders, learning difficulties, emotional issues or allergies, it often seems that when one factor is under control, another pops up.Here are some of the common approaches to establish just how to go about treating your child.TherapyDepending on the child’s individual issues, therapy will be required. Auditory integration training,occupational therapy, psychology, ENT and other therapies will be helpful. Several ADHDsymptoms are caused by food or respiratory allergies. It may be an idea to have your childtested for allergies.Reading LabelsWhen buying food, be sure to look at food labels. Avoid foods with added MSG, preservatives,artificial sweeteners, flavorants, Tartrazine and other colorants and any foods your child may beallergic to.Controlling Blood Sugar LevelsBlood sugar imbalances can lead to irritable kids with difficulty controlling their behavior.Regular balanced and nutritional meals will keep blood sugar levels even throughout the day.All children need healthy food, but even more so kids with ADHD. Most of them havemagnesium deficiencies and other nutritional imbalances.Additionally, many ADHD kids are picky eaters and tend to have a sweet tooth. That meansthat we placate them with cereals, pancakes and other sugar laden foods at breakfast time. Thisis a recipe for a day of chaos.Since we started giving our kids a more varied and nutritious morning meal, we haveexperienced great results at school but also at home.Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and for breakfast a protein rich meal is best.Here are some suggestions for child-friendly protein meals: ● Natural peanut butter on whole-grain bread, with a dab of all-fruit jam. ● Eggs; glass of orange juice. To save time, make hard-boiled or deviled eggs the night before. ● Slice of whole-grain bread with a little whipped butter or margarine and a dab of all-fruit jam; low-fat milk. ● Whole-grain cereal with low-fat milk; lean meat from last night’s dinner (pork chop, chicken); orange sections. ● Plain yogurt with fresh fruit.
  2. 2. ● Grilled-cheese sandwich made with whole-grain bread and two-percent cheese; glass of orange juice. ● Homemade instant breakfast shake ● Mixed nuts; fruit; glass of low-fat milk.SupplementationFresh produce no longer contains the nutrition that it once did, as you can see from this chart:Due to this lack of organic nutrition, we have to supplement and use alternative remedies. Thebody is able to produce some of its own vitamins, but we have to supplement with minerals asthey are no longer available in the right amounts from our foods.These are the most important supplements for ADHD kids: ● Essential Fatty AcidsIf your child has any of the symptoms of fatty acid deficiency (eczema, dry skin, asthma, thirst,frequent urination, or allergies) then you may want to try and EFA supplement. There may notbe a big improvement in ADHD symptoms, but you probably will see significant improvement inhis other symptoms, particularly eczema and asthma. You certainly will not harm your child, orfor that matter your other children, by giving extra essential fatty acids. These fats are known fortheir benefits to heart and brain health.
  3. 3. ● ProbioticsADHD and several other autism spectrum disorders, depression and other conditions arelinked to Gut and Psychology Syndrome. While following a GAPS diet will be best, it is certainlynot easy at all. However, parents have reported excellent results by adding probiotics to theirchildrens’ diets. A study on autistic children showed such an improvement in behavior and othersymptoms, that the study had to be stopped.Another great way to clean out the digestive system, is with Herbal Aloe Concentrate. It alsotastes great in original and is also available in delicious Mango flavor. ● MagnesiumHyperactivity, inattention, aggressive behavior and sleep problems are associated with lowmagnesium levels. Low magnesium levels have also been shown to cause reduced blood flowto the brain. This is a pattern frequently seen in brain scans of people with ADHD. Learn moreabout this supplement ● ZincZinc is also usually low in hyperactive people. At the same time, it helps boost immune systems.Find out about the benefits of zinc ● A good quality nutritional supplementThis will enhance their over-all well-being.Formula 1 Protein Meal Shake provides all the nutrition your child needs in a day. Give it asa quick breakfast on one of “those” mornings or let your child enjoy it as a snack in betweenmeals. It sure beats cookies or potato chips! ● Natural raw guaranaThis will help to balance energy levels while boosting mental alertness.NRG is a great-tasting drink that children love for what it does for them. There is no mistakingthe effects of this super drink. It will boost his or her focus and attention and provide stamina fora long day at school or at play.Get your supplements here:All products are available world-wide. The prices below are in ZAR (South African Rand).
  4. 4. Mineral SupplementsNatural & Herbal SupplementsClients in other parts of the world can order online by registering HERE .There are no purchasing obligations . All you need is my ID number (46286148) and mysurname (BALSDON) and you will be registered on the system immediately.You will be able to order your own products at a 25% discount and have them deliveredto your door in Florida, Utah, LA, Australia, Russia, Norway or London (75 countriesacross the world) whenever you need them.Disclaimer: These suggestions were not made by Herbalife Intl. or by Mineralife Online. Theyare based on personal results from our own experiences and extensive research.