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Platform 10.7 mindy tan-small


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Seoul, Shanghai and Mumbai have been identified as the fastest growing handphone markets for youth. To help handphone designers, surveys have been done to identify characteristics of youth. The photographer, Mindy Tan, over 3 days in each city, sets out to translate survey findings into pictures and provide a visual reality

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Platform 10.7 mindy tan-small

  1. 1. Youth 2008 - Shanghai, Mumbai, Seoul Mindy Tan Platform 10.7 . Sinema Old School. 6th July 2010
  2. 2. Shanghai Youths ✤ Thrillseekers ✤ Attention deficits ✤ Parent-child dilemmas ✤ Material conscious
  3. 3. Seoul Youths ✤ Conformists and Individuals ✤ Escapes from reality ✤ Friends = family ✤ Merging of human aspects and technology
  4. 4. Mumbai Youths ✤ Chained to home ✤ Shared properties - Yours is mine ✤ Spontaneity ✤ Western VS Indian
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