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Effective Communication In Marriage - What Works


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Speaking with your partner is a balancing act. There's a lot of give and take in order to do it the right way. Find a more fluid, calm, and attractive way of talking to one another through the Mind Your Marriage website.

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Effective Communication In Marriage - What Works

  1. 1. Effective  Communication  in  Marriage
 Watch  the  FREE  ‘Save  Your  Marriage  Video’  at:
  2. 2. Say  what  you  mean,  and  mean  what  you  say.
 Watch  the  FREE  ‘Save  Your  Marriage  Video’  at:
  3. 3. Practice  kindness  as  if  your  marriage  depended  on  it.
   The  truth  is,  your   marriage  does  depend  on   kindness.  Many  married   people  find  themselves   lashing  out  at  the  people   they  love  the  most.   Watch  the  FREE  ‘Save  Your  Marriage  Video’  at:
  4. 4. Exchange  Competition  for  Communication.
 Marriage  is  supposed  to  be  about       two  people  becoming  one.   !   They  pull  apart  when  they   are  competing  for  their  own   individual  goals,  being  right   or  putting  down  their   spouse.   Watch  the  FREE  ‘Save  Your  Marriage  Video’  at:
  5. 5. For  More  Information  Visit: