Empathy :—Increased	  human	  connec.on,                        	  	  	  	  and	  the	  new	  keyword	  in	  business  Lea...
People	  love	  MindTime,	  it’s	  a	  language	  of       human	  understanding                "I tend to be a skeptic. I...
MindTime	  quickly	  and	  simply	  reveals	  a	  lot	  aboutpeople—it	  develops	  shared	  insight                      ...
Our	  process	  to	  map	  people	  is	  lightning	  quickAnd, it works to map your organization and customers   A simple ...
With	  only	  three	  ‘moving	  parts’	  this	  model	  iseasy	  for	  everyone	  to	  understand	  and	  use  People Have...
The	  organiza@onal	  maps	  reveal	  ac@onable	  insightsSuch	  as	  .	  .	  .                                    Plans  ...
The	  customer	  maps	  provide	  marke@ng	  gold                                  Makes seasonal purchases               ...
Our	  teaching	  on	  collabora@on	  is	  natural	  and	  holis@c,it	  values	  everyone’s	  contribu@on	  in	  innova@on ...
This	  new	  awareness	  impacts	  every	  area	  of	  business                                                           ...
AIer	  gaining	  an	  awareness	  of	  MindTime	  at	  workWhat’s	  next?We	  offer	  further	  specialized	  workshops	  a...
The	  benefits	  of	  our	  kickoff	  2.5-­‐hour	  workshop	  are	  amazing                   •	  	  People	  understand	  p...
All	  workshop	  par@cipants	  receive	  this	  well-­‐illustrated	  informa@on-­‐packed	  96-­‐page	  handbook           ...
For	  more	  informa@on	  about	  our	  workshops	  and	  mapping	  pla`orms	  please	  contact:John Furey, Founder       ...
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MindTime developing empathy


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A brief presentation on our Developing Empathy workshop using MindTime. Great for teams, groups, organizations, cities, and communities of all kinds.

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MindTime developing empathy

  1. 1. Empathy :—Increased  human  connec.on,        and  the  new  keyword  in  business Learn  why  it’s  important  and  how  to  develop  it. Revolu7onize: –  how  people  communicate  internally  and  with  customers –  how  you  build  innova7ve  teams –  how  you  lead  your  organiza7on © 2008 People Business llc. © 2012 MindTime Project LLC
  2. 2. People  love  MindTime,  it’s  a  language  of human  understanding "I tend to be a skeptic. Ive answered dozens of questionnaires and attended numerous ‘collaboration/team building workshops over the years. But MindTime got my attention like none other. Fast, accurate, predictive, prescriptive and most importantly for me as a COO, actionable! This I recommend for any company." Scott Geary—COO, Better Energy Systems, Berkeley CAHewlett Packard • The Nature Conservancy • Royal Bank of Canada • Texas Department of Transportation • Wells Fargo • BetterEnergy Systems • BrandActive • The Land Group • ERC • Merrill Lynch • Responsible Endowment Coalition • City Beach • Burr, Pilger and Mayer • CISCO • Hult University • USF • Thunderbird • WHO • Catalyst S+F • ad:tech • iMedia • Google • UC Irvine © 2012 MindTime Project LLC
  3. 3. MindTime  quickly  and  simply  reveals  a  lot  aboutpeople—it  develops  shared  insight Present Perspec tive PROBABILIT Y How  they  learn  .  .  .   How  to  communicate  with  them  .  .  .   What  their  needs  are  .  .  .   What  draws  their  a3en4on  .  .  .   What  mo4vates  them  .  .  .   What  they  should  avoid  .  .  .   What  roles  they  play  .  .  .   How  they  make  decisions  .  .  .   How  they  perform  .  .  .   How  they  lead  .  .  .   How  they  communicate  .  .  .   How  they  view  the  world  .  .  .   How  they  relate  to  others  .  .  .   Past Persepc tive Future Perspec tive CERTAINT Y POSSIBILIT Y The MindTime® Map © 2012 MindTime Project LLC
  4. 4. Our  process  to  map  people  is  lightning  quickAnd, it works to map your organization and customers A simple 1 minute on- line test, with high scientific reliability Gives a specific result for each individual, and adds them to a group mapTry  it:   mind@me  profile © 2012 MindTime Project LLC
  5. 5. With  only  three  ‘moving  parts’  this  model  iseasy  for  everyone  to  understand  and  use People Have People Have People Have Resources of Resources of Resources of Past Thinking™: Present Thinking™: Future Thinking™: Experience Planning Flexibility Knowledge Control Opportunity Authenticity Utility Spontaneity Validity Results Originality Caution Organization Innovation Care Continuity Ideas Trust Stability Vision Truth Harmony Hope Above all, Past Above all, Present Above all, Future mind is reflective mind is practical mind is imaginative © 2012 MindTime Project LLC
  6. 6. The  organiza@onal  maps  reveal  ac@onable  insightsSuch  as  .  .  . Plans Integra@on The  group’s   Ac@on predominant  culture   PRESENT is  process  oriented   and  values  con@nuity,   structure.  The   This  team  is   consequences  of  this   missing  people   are  .  .  . who  are  risk   aware  and   grounded,  this   means  .  .  .   Possibility  of   sub-­‐group   forming,  need   to  .  .  . Facts Vision Measurement Ideas Valida@on Problem  solving PA S T FUTURE Learn  this  and  much  more  in  a  workshop © 2012 MindTime Project LLC
  7. 7. The  customer  maps  provide  marke@ng  gold Makes seasonal purchases Highest clicks on ad version 2.Prefers the personal help Buys shortly afterof experienced people receiving new catalog Positive response to last minute offers and impulse buys Abandons site between shopping cart and check out HIghest clicks on ad version 1. © 2012 MindTime Project LLC
  8. 8. Our  teaching  on  collabora@on  is  natural  and  holis@c,it  values  everyone’s  contribu@on  in  innova@on © 2012 MindTime Project LLC
  9. 9. This  new  awareness  impacts  every  area  of  business © 2012 MindTime Project LLC
  10. 10. AIer  gaining  an  awareness  of  MindTime  at  workWhat’s  next?We  offer  further  specialized  workshops  and  coaching  on: •    Team  alignment •    Developing  amazing  collabora@on •    Understanding  customers  (CRM) •    Untangling  interpersonal  conflict •    Effec@ve  messaging  for  leaders •    Developing  innova@ve  thinking “Of  the  hundreds  of  profiles  I  have  taken  and  been  trained  on   MindTime®  is  the  most  effec@ve  and  has  the  highest  face  validity.” Randy  Austad  -­‐  Author  of  The  CALL,Voca.onal  and  Life  Purpose  Guide © 2012 MindTime Project LLC
  11. 11. The  benefits  of  our  kickoff  2.5-­‐hour  workshop  are  amazing •    People  understand  people  in  a  new  way •    They  work  more  happily  together •    Share  their  thinking  as  a  tangible  resource •    Learn  how  they  create  the  group  or  company  culture •    Focus  on  solu7ons •    Collaborate  rather  than  compete “What   an   incredibly   valuable   tool   to   learn   more   about   our   organiza@ons  and  ourselves.” Dr. Richard Jackson, Director FIATECH. © 2012 MindTime Project LLC
  12. 12. All  workshop  par@cipants  receive  this  well-­‐illustrated  informa@on-­‐packed  96-­‐page  handbook Click on the book to see more information © 2012 MindTime Project LLC
  13. 13. For  more  informa@on  about  our  workshops  and  mapping  pla`orms  please  contact:John Furey, Founder And, follow us:MindTime Project www.mindtime.comcontact@mindtime.com mindtime.posterous.com Twitter: @mindtime “Your  program  is  powerful  .  .  .  right  on  the  money.” Larry Scott, partner Scott, Cronin & Partners, Accountants. San Diego, CA.