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MindTickle Dreamforce 2015 Brochure

MindTickle are proud Dreamforce 2015 sponsors. We made this brochure to present the MindTickle value proposition to prospects and customers.

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MindTickle Dreamforce 2015 Brochure

  1. 1. BIGGAME?
  2. 2. On-the-goaccessMillennial-friendlyUI Gamification& Leaderboards Integrationwith Salesforce oforganizationssaw higherwinrateswithin 3monthsofdeployment ofcustomerssawan increaseinsales productivityin3months faster onboarding ofsalesmanagementtime savedeveryweek timesareppractices roleplaybeforesubmission
  3. 3. MindTickleallowsustoscaleour salesenablementinitiativesacross theglobe.Producingcontentwith MindTickleiseasy.Itsflexible approachtocontentcreationandapproachtocontentcreationand distributionenablesAppDynamics tocatertotheneedsofitssales team smoothly. “ “ Gotaquestion? Wewouldlovetohelp. Callustoday. Tel:+1(800)-231-5578 WritetoUs Wewillwriteback! FindusAt MindTickleInc. 341CobaltWay, Suite#207 Sunnyvale,CA94085