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Gamification of Learning - Why it makes sense for the enterprise?


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Gamification of Learning - Why it makes sense for the enterprise?

  1. 1. A technique for engaging and motivating thenext generation corporate learnerMohit
  2. 2. What do today’s employees prefer?2Games have the power to engage and excite. What if this power could beharnessed and used for making corporate learning more exciting…Attend a corporate training or play games with friends?
  3. 3. What is Gamification?3A strategy for influencing and motivating the behavior of people –customers, students, employees, fans, patients … Anybody...
  4. 4. How does Gamification Work?4Through application of a combination of game mechanics and humanemotions to incent intended user behavior
  5. 5. How is Gamification Different from Gaming?Gaming GamificationProductionTime Typically, developed fromscratch with 6 months+ cycleCustomizable gamificationframeworks such as MindTickle canbe deployed in a few weeksFlexibility Custom development limits theability to repurpose & reuse withdifferent segments and contentEasy to update and adapt tochanges in content and segmentResourceRequirementsHuge resources in development(artwork, graphics) and running(server load is very high)Focus of gamification is on gamemechanics (medals, badges) & noton pure visual stimulation, makingit more resource efficientCost Model Typically time and materialbased projects – large upfrontcost that is sunkPer user subscription model withlow upfront cost ensures that theexpenditure tracks value delivered5Gamification is more suited for today’s dynamic business environment.
  6. 6. 6Business Applications of GamificationHealth &AwarenessLearning/KnowledgeSocialEngagementMarketing SocialCausesCorporateTraining“Gamification is likely to have anextraordinary impact on innovation,marketing, training, employee performance,health and social change. “– Gartner , Mar 2011“The other trend I am excited about isGamification...The debate about the placeof games in learning rages on, but oneaspect of gaming is unequivocally clear:it’s sticking around”–Vinod KhoslaWhen applied to online corporate learning, Gamification enhances learnerengagement and training effectiveness
  7. 7. How is Gamification relevant to Learning?The modern learner is not motivated by in-classroom and traditionale-learning methods as they focus on content delivery and not engagement7As young learners spend more of theirfree time to game worlds, they often feelthat the real world is missing somethingwhen they enter the workforceLearners who engage with games aspart of their learning process retain 75percent of the knowledge they acquire.Source: NationalTraining Laboratories, Incentive ResearchFoundation, Feb 2011
  8. 8. 8About MindTickleHow is MindTickle applying Gamification to Learning?
  9. 9. MindTickle turns existing learning contentinto social and gamified training9
  10. 10. Gamification, when combined with the power ofsocial, mobile, cloud and analytics helpsoptimize the entire value-chain of learning10• Easy to use self-serve• Absorbs any content• Integrated with Dropbox• Ready-to-useFrameworks optimizedfor specific use cases• Anytime, anywhere,any Device• SaaS based delivery onweb and mobiledevices• Gamification increasesadoption by 2-3X• Social features increasesinformal learning andrepeat visits• Analytics and reportingCurate Deliver Engage
  11. 11. The Impact1170% 2-3X 300%Reduction in Cost Increased Adoption More Retention/AbsorptionIllustrativeEFFECTIVENESSENGAGEMENTCOSTHASSLEIntranetSocial & GamifiedTrainingVideos/E-LearningClassroomTrainingsWebinars
  12. 12. Success Stories12• Witnessed anunprecedented record of90% adoption• MindTickle has beenrecognized as a best practicefor online training withinternal content• Test2teach proved veryeffective for adult learning –in terms of driving upcompletion rates andlearning effectiveness• 100% completion rate• 250 sales executive refreshtheir knowledge ofproducts, packages andtravel destinations everyquarterPolicy Training, Newemployee orientation,Manager Training &Employee EngagementProduct training for newhires, ~80% recallNew Hire Training on iPads.Monthly Sales trainings
  13. 13.