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How to Hire Well - Ken Ward


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Ken Ward looks at how to hire well so that you can build the best product team.

Published in: Technology
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How to Hire Well - Ken Ward

  1. 1. Ken Ward@kward69
  2. 2. Gravitas is crucialStarted in recruitmentin 1995, 10 yearsagency andheadhunting, 8 yearsrecruitment leadershiproles
  3. 3. So What Does an internal recruiter actually do?
  4. 4. Stages of Recruitment• Job Analysis• Sourcing – routes to market• Screening and selection• Negotiating Offers• Onboarding• "The head of recruitment is actually the head of rejection.” Rajeeb Dey, CEO of
  5. 5. Vatican Recruitment Team
  6. 6. So why is it so difficult to hire Product Managers?
  7. 7. JD’s for Product Managers
  8. 8. What are we actually looking for?
  9. 9. Definition of Product Manager I define the role of the product manager first and foremost as the person responsible for defining – in detail – the product that the engineering team will build – Marty CaganProduct management is anorganizational lifecycle functionwithin a company dealing withthe planning, forecasting, ormarketing of a product orproducts at all stages ofthe product lifecycle. - Wikipedia
  10. 10. How Do We Find Product Managers?
  11. 11. Things We Can Agree on?• A clear passion for building stuff• Intelligence/problem solving• An ability to objectively analyse a product• An understanding of the importance of the customer experience in a products success• Data driven
  12. 12. How to Hire/Assess?• Product Managers are “already in your organisation, hiding under a different title”-Marty Cagan -• Like for like hiring from competitor ?• Focus on Core Characteristics – challenge to identify from a CV?• Rely on a great cover letter (!)
  13. 13. Stages of Assessment• Screening for agreed core competencies by internal recruiter• Test Stage – data/product analysis/recommendations• Presentation – communication/influencing
  14. 14. Product Managersincreasingly involved intechnical hiring
  15. 15. PM Involvement in Eng Hiring• Product Involvement in hiring is crucial• First stage test led recruitment• Approach to problem solving• Communication!!!!
  16. 16. How Do We Brief 3rd Party Recruiters
  17. 17. Your Involvement• Sorry – you HAVE to be involved• You get out what you get in• Set the expectations at the beginning• NOT an opportunity for constant sales calls