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Podcasting: An Overview


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An overview of the technological necessities to launch a podcasting service. Mind these pod gaps and you will have a very effective social medium.

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Podcasting: An Overview

  1. 1. Podcasting An Overview
  2. 2. Mind These Pod Gaps Recording Wares Hard & Soft WordPress Podcast Plugins (There’s only one) WordPress Themes Hosting & Minding Pod Stats Finally ask yourself this…
  3. 3. Recording Wares Hard & Soft Professional Microphone Audio Interface with Mic Preamp Audio Program for Recording & Mixing VOIP Services such as Skype or Vonage Mind Time & Expense!
  4. 4. WP Plugins & Themes Blubrry Powerpress Podcasting Plugin It’s really the only one Full Support for iTunes Lots of customization Wordpress Themes: Try Twenty Ten/Eleven Keep it simple
  5. 5. Hosting & Minding Pod Stats Host Service: Amazon S3 or Your WordPress Host Ensure fast downloads for your audience Pod Stats: Feedburner by Google Use market data to improve your podcasts Minding pod stats may make you money
  6. 6. Finally ask yourself this…
  7. 7. Why The Fuck Do I want to Podcast?
  8. 8. Brought to you by
  9. 9. Resources How to publish professional podcasts using WordPress Blubrry Powerpress Podcasting Plugin Feedburner Plugin Audio Programs for Recording and Mixing Professional Microphones for Voice WP Podcast Theme Sample