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MTB Boot camp Sep 2010 - Open Forum


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MTB Boot camp Sep 2010 - Open Forum

  1. 1. Startups and spinoffs in Italy.Facts and trends<br />Mind the Bridge Boot Camp 2010<br />Varese, September 23<br />Alberto Onetti, Chairman, Mind the Bridge Foundation<br /> Director, CrESIT, University of Insubria<br />With the support of<br />
  2. 2. Mind the Bridge foundation<br />Mission:<br />to promote a new Italian entrepreneurial ecosystem that is:ethical, highly professional, internationally focused, excellence driven<br />Model:funded by foundations/companies/private sector/donorsnot government <br />partnering with the most relevant actors<br />Independent<br /><ul><li>bridging opportunities of the Silicon Valley with Italian talent
  3. 3. associating mentors and role models
  4. 4. professionalizing the business planning skills
  5. 5. using and building the network
  6. 6. “give back” to build a bigger pie</li></ul>Connecting Talent <br />
  7. 7. Building The Bridge: The Pillars<br /><ul><li>Discovering and Nurturing the Italian Talents (MtB Italy Tour 2010)
  8. 8. Selecting the best of breed (Annual MtB Business Plan Competition)
  9. 9. Providing training & education to the new generation of entrepreneurs (MtBBootcamp and Coaching)
  10. 10. Showcasing the most promising startups and opening an international debate (MtB Venture Camp @ Corrieredella Sera)
  11. 11. Hosting & Mentoring the most promising startups in the Silicon Valley (MtB Gym)
  12. 12. Pitching US investors / partners (MtB Gran Finale events)</li></ul>Connecting Talent <br />
  13. 13. Building The Bridge: The Timeline<br />November 5-6, 2010Corriere della SeraMilano <br />with the support of:                                                                                                      <br />MtB Gym<br />When?<br />Q1 2011<br />MtB Venture Camp @Corrieredella Sera<br />When?5-6 Nov 10<br />MtB Bootcamp<br />MtBCoaching<br />When?Sep-Oct 10<br />MtB Business Plan Competition/MtB Call for Ideas<br />When?Jul 10<br />With the support of:<br />MtBRoadshows<br />When?Jan-Jun 10<br />In partnership with:<br />
  14. 14. 2009 selectedStart-ups<br />Revolutionary antenna system (Milano) <br />Wi-Fi-derivedsolutions (Milano and Boston)<br />Comprehensivenon-invasive solution for both vertebral fractures and bone strength assessment (Lecce)<br />Solutionto update anydigital information (Sassari)<br />Social-networkthatallowsusersto create musicthrough the web (Treviso)<br />Social marketplacefortravel, whereexperts can provideuserswith information and personalizedoffers (Milano)<br />Virtual and Augmented Reality technology (Pisa) <br />
  15. 15. 2010: Who are the next Italian Pioneers to Silicon Valley?<br /><ul><li>The challenge is open: who’s next?
  16. 16. Hundreds of Business Plans received
  17. 17. 33 startups selected
  18. 18. During the Bootcamp we select the short list of 15 pitching @ Corrieredella Sera
  19. 19. The Top 6/7 are admitted to MTB Gym @ Pier 38 in San Francisco</li></li></ul><li>Italy: Where are we?<br /><ul><li>We have plenty of SMEs
  20. 20. SMEs are 98% of the total
  21. 21. We are mostly positioned on mature business and services
  22. 22. Services is 67% of GDP, while Manufacturing is only 24%
  23. 23. Innovative sectors play a minor role (2-5%)
  24. 24. We need a new wave of startups, operating on innovative fields</li></ul>ITALY: INDUSTRY CONTRIBUTION TO GDP (2009)<br />Source: CrESIT 2010<br />
  25. 25. Starting up Business in Italy:Key Issues<br /><ul><li>A few startups often lacking high-quality business plans (deal “trickle”)</li></ul>Legal barriers to entry and exit (Italy is not a “corporate haven”)<br />Obstacles in bridging research into business<br />Managerial skills<br /><ul><li>High mortality rates (“crisi del primo miglio”) and “Dwarfism”</li></ul>Lack of an established venture capital community<br />Mindset<br /><ul><li>No exits on the domestic market</li></ul>Technology hot-shots aspire to sell out to new economy “leviathans”<br />Small size of the stock market and lack of large corporations doesn’t help<br /><ul><li>Language barriers</li></li></ul><li>Italian Startups:MTB Participants Profile<br />Startup by Geography<br />It is 14 months old<br />77% originate in Northern Italy<br />16% are incubated in a technology park<br />20% are an academic spin-off<br />46% are Web-based firms<br />The founder’s team is composed of 3/4 people<br />Only 7% have just one founder<br />97% are looking for funding<br />Initial capital investment is €33k<br />19% received some external funding (mostly research grants)<br />Source: Mind the Bridge - CrESIT 2010<br />Source: Mind the Bridge - CrESIT 2010<br />
  26. 26. He/She is 35<br />86% is male, only 16% is female<br />67% has a scientific/technological background , while 33% has a business/humanistic education<br />42% holds a Ph.D. or MBA<br />33% got it abroad<br />Only 5% does not hold a university degree<br />28% has prior entrepreneurial experience<br />Italian Entrepreneurs: MTB Participants Profile<br />Source: Mind the Bridge - CrESIT 2010<br />
  27. 27. What does make a succesful StartupLessons learned<br />Education matters a lot<br />2.0 Startups are founded by highly educated people<br />Experience matters as well<br />Being a serial entrepreneur is a job<br />The right startup is never the first one you found<br />Working/Studying abroad does open your mind<br />It means more network, opportunities, ideas, experience<br />A successful startup is a team effort<br />One-man bands do not go too far<br />
  28. 28. Areas of improvementLessons learned<br />We need more female entrepreneurs<br />Break cultural barriers<br />We still need more academic spin-offs<br />Lack of efficient technologytransfer offices <br />Universities do not offer incentives forlecturers to spin-off business initiatives<br />Italian scientists do not think business<br />Scarcity of skilled executives withstrong entrepreneurial skills<br />Source: Piccaluga 2007<br />
  29. 29. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION<br />SOCIAL MEDIA: <br />Facebook: Mind the Bridge - Connecting Talent<br />Twitter: MindTheBridge<br />BLOGS: <br /><br /><br />USEFUL LINKS: <br /><br /><br />