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Mindsight's 2nd Annual Hunger Games 2015


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In November of 2015, Mindsight held its 2nd annual Hunger Games to help fight hunger in our communities. See the impact we made in this slideshare. Visit to see more of our giving back efforts over the years.

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Mindsight's 2nd Annual Hunger Games 2015

  1. 1. Mindsight’s Hunger Games 2015
  2. 2. Joining our surrounding communities in the fight against hunger.
  3. 3. Mindsight’s Objectives • Volunteer • Donate • Educate
  4. 4. Volunteering Of our 54 em ployees , Min dsight accumulat e d a t ot al of 7 5 h ours volunteering at several commun it y organ izat ion s
  5. 5. “Volunteering was a great learning experience that was fun and eye-opening. It’s rewarding to know our efforts went towards a positive impact.” -Jason Holmes Minds ight E mployee
  6. 6. “It was an honor to help, if only for a few hours, such a great organization in their goal to solve hunger in Northern Illinois.” -Minds ight Employee
  7. 7. “I enjoyed learning about the massive scope of the hunger problem in Chicago and how GCFD is playing a big role in trying to help the hungry.” -Jim Folliard Minds ight E mployee
  8. 8. “Having never stepped into a soup kitchen before, I found the experience both humbling and enriching. Each person we served expressed deep gratitude and the whole evening had a sense of community and togetherness.” -Dave Gaudio Minds ight E mployee
  9. 9. “I never really knew how beans grew or where they came from. Shelling beans for the food pantry not only enabled me to learn more about where my food comes from, but it also enabled me to do something good for our community.” -Starza Thompson Minds ight E mployee
  10. 10. “It makes me very proud to work for a company with so many individuals who are willing to donate their time, talents, and energy to help out those in need.” -Minds ight Employee
  11. 11. “Despite being a longtime resident of Wheaton, I had no idea about the good work being done at the People’s Resource Center. I met a lot of good people who were thankful for the resources being provided.” -John Irey Minds ight E mployee
  12. 12. “Volunteering at the Wheaton Food Pantry was very humbling and it made me realize how we take even the basic necessities for granted. The clients were all very thankful and appreciative..” -Carrie Bleed Minds ight Employee
  13. 13. Our Volunteer Efforts Resulted In: • 5 , 0 9 1 p o u n d s o f f o o d s c a n n e d a n d s o r t e d f o o d i n t o 1 3 0 b o x e s . • 2 , 1 8 1 p o u n d s o f f o o d p a c k e d p r o v i d i n g 1 , 8 1 7 m e a l s f o r h u n g r y n e i g h b o r s i n I l l i n o i s . • 9 , 0 0 0 p o u n d s o f p o t a t o e s b a g g e d . • 1 0 0 + m e a l s s e r v e d t o f o o d i n s e c u r e i n d i v i d u a l s . • 1 0 0 + s h o p p e r s a s s i s t e d a t t h e f o o d p a n t r y i n c h o o s i n g f o o d , g e t t i n g f o o d t o t h e i r c a r s , a n d l o a d i n g f o o d . • 1 5 p o u n d s o f b e a n s h a r v e s t e d f o r a s u b s t a n t i a l f o o d p a n t r y d o n a t i o n .
  14. 14. Donations Min dsight don at e d 6 Than ksgivin g me als t hrough Peoples Res ourc e Center as we ll as se ve ral food it e ms an d can n e d goods. Min dsight also made se ve ral don at ion s t o Feeding A m eric a t hrough t he ir part n e rship wit h Bank of A m eric a & Coins tar .
  15. 15. Education Min dsight e mploye e s share d me als, hun ge r st at ist ics, wat che d a docume n t ary an d visit e d commun it y garde n s - all t o le arn ab out hun ge r issue s in Ame rica.
  16. 16. Sharing meals with co- workers for Mindsight’s Hunger Games
  17. 17. Sharing hunger statistics.
  18. 18. Visiting Community Gardens
  19. 19. The Winning Team
  20. 20. Want to Get Involved?
  21. 21. Resources
  22. 22. CARES For more information about our giving back efforts visit: Join the conversation #MindsightCares