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10 Stunning Stats to Help Solidify Your Social Media Strategy

  1. Social Media is the most dynamic aspect of your customer service strategy, and in the age of the customer, it is quickly becoming the most important component. Consumers are online, connected, and expecting their favorite brands to engage them where they already are—Twitter, Facebook, and other social sites. Check out these 10 stunning facts that illustrate the future of the customer experience.
  2. Consumers spend… 1 …On Average 37 Minutes on Social Media Per Day
  3. They Take Action on Social 2 67% of Consumers Have Used a Social Media Site for Service
  4. 3 Over 3 out of 10 Consumers PREFER to Contact Brands with Social Media Some Even Prefer It that Way
  5. 4More People Are on Mobile than Desktop 60% of All Online Traffic SmartphoneTablet &
  6. 5Consumers then Share Their Experiences 42% Share Good Experiences 53% Share Bad Experiences
  7. 6So the Rewards for Good Service Are Worth It Customers Who Have a Positive Customer Experience on Social Are 3x More Likely to Recommend a Brand
  8. 7Consumers May Not Be Tagging Your Brand Less than 3% of Customers Directly @ Mention Brands on Twitter @
  9. 8And They Tweet from Inside the Store 14% of Tweets Sent to Major Brands Come from in-store
  10. 9Failure to Respond on Social… Customer Retention …Leads to a 15% Increase in the Churn Rate
  11. 10Customers Want to Be Appreciated 71% 71% of Customers Cite “Valuing Their Time” as the Most Important Thing a Company Can do
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