Infectious // March // 2011


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Infectious // March // 2011

  1. 1. INFECTIOUSA round up of the latest communications news and ideas from around the worldMARCH 2011Brought to you by
  2. 2. INTERACTIVE BILLBOARD DISPENSES DOG FOODGerman petfood company GranataPet have developed a clever way to convince dog owners toconnect with their company using geolocation site Foursquare. Once a dog owner checks in onFoursquare near one of the giant billboards, it dispenses a free snack for their dog. The billboardisn’t too complicated either, as the checkins are sent to a server that’s connected to a box whichcontrols the dispenser.Watch the video:
  3. 3. LYNX LAUNCH UK’S FIRSTINTERACTIVE AUGMENTEDREALITY BILLBOARDCAMPAIGN To celebrate the launch of Lynx Excite, the latest fragrance that is “so tempting even angels will fall,” Lynx created the first augmented reality campaign in the UK to run on large format digital billboards at London’s Victoria Train Station and Birmingham’s Bullring Shopping Centre. “Angel Ambush” features members of the public on the billboard itself as virtual angels interact with them. To interact, members of the public stood on a designated spot in front of the screen where a camera captures the scene and displays it on the digital site. The participant then watches as angels appear to plummet from the sky landing right next to them in a cloud of dust and debris before flirting with them affectionately. The innovative Unilever campaign was created and conceived by Mindshare Invention, produced by Grand Visual, and planned and booked by Mindshare and Kinetic. Watch the video:
  4. 4. KELLY BROOK EXCITES FACEBOOK USERSHow would you like Kelly Brook on yourdoorstep? Lynx have created a Facebookapp, featuring Kelly Brook as the ArchAngel of the new Lynx Excite campaign.By completing various tasks, users canreceive personalised content from Kelly,which includes Kelly scrawling their namein lipstick on her mirror and landingon their street using thanks to GoogleStreetview. The page has so far receivedover 100k views and has an averagedwell time of 5 minutes.Watch the video:
  5. 5. NEED TO HIRE A CAR?THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT “DriveNow”is an mobile based car sharing system from BMW that will launch next month in Munich, and worldwide in the near future. The aim of the project is to connect commuters with BMW vehicles in a hassle free manner. Cars can be located and reserved in real-time on any web browsing device. Parking within the designated city is free, fuel is included as is insurance and billing is by the minute. Check our the website:
  6. 6. DIESEL ISLAND - LAND OFTHE STUPID & HOME OFTHE BRAVE Diesel, have decided that they now need their own country. Apparently unhappy with the rest of the world, they have decided what people really need is a country where they can vote on the laws and on the national holidays. The country lives through Facebook and a brand site. Take a trip to Diesel Island:
  7. 7. DERELICT HOUSE BECOMES ART SENSATIONCandy Chang is a public installation artist,designer and urban planner. She turned theside of an abandoned house in herneighbourhood into a giant chalkboard thatresidents could write on and remember whatis important to them. Before I Die transformsneglected spaces into constructive ones andCandy hopes it will allow others to learn fromthe hopes and aspirations of the people aroundus.Check out her blog:
  8. 8. “UNBOTTLE YOURSELF” WITH CARLSBERGCarlsberg asks “Is it possible to unbottlethe courage that brews in all of us?”.Their latest campaign ‘Unbottle Yourself’which runs from the 5th - 17th April inSweden hopes to inject a bit of sillinessinto what they describe as a “stoic andsensible nation”. To get involved Swede’smust download the special ‘UnbottleYourself’ app and successfully performa series of missions. The 500 missionsrange from ‘speaking with a slightGerman accent all day’ to ’wearing ahelmet to the gym’ and an easy shake ofthe app reveals a new mission.A range of daily prizes are up for grabswhere players can get their hands onRosklide Festival tickets, Spotify premiumsubscriptions, iPads and travel vouchers.The top ten participants will be enteredinto a grand prize competition where onelucky individual will win an all expensesparty of a lifetime in Hong Kong.Watch the video:
  9. 9. THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER SOLDMorgan Spurlock is at it again, and this time he has swapped cheeseburgers forbrand logos. His latest film looks into the ever popular product placement (did youknow that 9 brands featured in Lady Gaga’s Telephone video?) and then delvesinto something very close to Mindshare’s heart, ‘branded content’. Whilst he nevertruly reveals his cards on the subject, he manages to raise valid points both forand against a brands place in content. And of course the film was entirelyfunded by brands.Watch the trailer:
  10. 10. THE ESCAPE MACHINE Voyages SNCF are a French travel company, and rather than just promoting themselves in traditional ways, they’ve opted for something a little more “avant-garde”. Big black cubes wait for people to approach and then they ask where in the world they would like to travel to. A red button appears. Then things go a bit crazy. For this one you really really need to watch the video. Watch the video:’t forget everything featured is available online at: