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Infectious // June // July // 2011


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Infectious // June // July // 2011

  1. 1. INFECTIOUSCANNES LIONS SPECIAL a round up of the latest communications news & ideas from around the world brought to you by
  2. 2. GRAND PRIX PROMO & ACTIVATION LION WINNER GRAND PRIX DIRECT LION WINNERROM (as in ROMania) is a traditional ROM replaced the iconic Romanian flagRomanian chocolate bar. Launch in 1964 packaging with the stars and stripes ofit has the Romanian flag emblazoned the American flag. The rebrand wasacross its wrapper and is known for its announced to the public and ROM preparedageing and nostalgic customer base. This for people’s response. Within hours thewas a problem for ROM as it meant it backlash began and people hit the internetwas losing key market share amongst creating campaigns to bring the old styleyounger consumers. ROM’s nationalistic packaging back. Once the backlash becamevalues were a disadvantage. Only 12% of large enough ROM revealed it was all anyoung Romanians described themselves as elaborate stunt and that ROM was backpatriots. Instead preferring ‘cool’ and as Romanian as ever.American confectionery brands likeSnickers and Mars. ROM’s was not to go Watch the case study:head to head with the likes of Snickers Mars, but instead, to temporarily jointhem. INFECTIOUS
  3. 3. GRAND PRIX PR LION WINNEREveryone hates a break-up, especially by fees and lowering interest rates, but theletter. The National Australia Bank (NAB) public wasn’t really taking notice.decided to use this well-known method todistance themselves from other In the end it took a break-up letter fromAustralian banks and shatter the national NAB to get the message across. Theyperception of the bank itself. played the campaign out primarily across print and social media; it created a stormNAB and three other Australian banks had and was all over the news.long be seen as a cartel by the nation,the public thought they fixed fees and Watch the case study:eliminated the competition, in cahoots one another. NAB’s had spent thepast couple of years working relentlesslyhard to prove the contrary, abolishing INFECTIOUS
  4. 4. GRAND PRIX OUTDOOR LION WINNER GRAND PRIX INTEGRATED LION WINNERRapper Jay-Z created a unique partnership Those who discovered extracts of thewith Microsoft’s Bing search engine to book were invited to claim the pages andpromote his new book ‘Decoded’. decode the clues online in order to win tickets to an exclusive Jay-Z & ColdplayPages from the new book were placed in concert in Las Vegas.real world locations across the globe.Each placement is significant to the Watch the case study:rappers life as told in the book and utilises functionality of Bing Maps and BingEntertainment. INFECTIOUS
  5. 5. GRAND PRIX PRESS LION WINNERThis cool billboard was made for Samsonite an airplane ride. Angels treat the people andin China. The entire image is one big devils handle the luggage and obviously asculpture of devils and angels representing Samsonite suitcase survives hell. INFECTIOUS
  6. 6. GRAND PRIX CYBER LION WINNERGoogle Experiments do some cool stuff, Harnessing the power of HTML5 technology,everyone knows that. Arcade Fire are a they were able to create one of the mostcool band, everyone knows that. Put innovative and personal music videos ever. Thethem together and something cool was video plays out using Google Maps andbound to happen. embeds streetview and aerial photography of the user’s hometown directly into the video. It is fantastic and not to be missed. Take a look: INFECTIOUS
  7. 7. GRAND PRIX FILM LION WINNEREvery four years, the keys to football weave the brand into the conversationsheaven are dangled in front of the around this major tournament in a wayinternational elite. One goal, one pass, one that celebrated the participating teamsgame saving tackle can be the difference and athletes and engaged football fansbetween fame and forgotten. What around the world.happens on the pitch in that split secondhas a ripple effect that goes beyond the Watch the film:match and the tournament. ‘Write the’ was a messaging platform thatallowed Nike to show how footballcreates this ripple effect. It allowed Niketo give a glimpse into the future to seewhat the players were really playing for, intheir own lives and the lives of thosethat follow them. Their goal was to INFECTIOUS
  8. 8. GRAND PRIX MEDIA LION WINNERWhilst it may seem inconceivable for us By creating virtual stores in subways,to imagine Tesco as anything but the customers could add items to theirnumber one supermarket, the same cannot shopping carts using QR code scanningbe said in Korea. In a country where technology. By re-inventing thecountless western chains have tried and supermarket experience in such anfailed to establish themselves in the unconventional form, HOMEPLUS drovemarket, Tesco needed a different their online sales by over 130% and haveapproach to upset the balance, which lead become Korea’s No.1 online a name change; say hello to HOME-PLUS. With fewer stores than their main Watch the case study:competitor they faced a real struggle, so decided to focus more on engagingconsumers through their online storeinstead. INFECTIOUS
  9. 9. 10 TRENDS FROM CANNES 2011
  10. 10. 1. SOCIAL TV- Old Spice Guy answered crowd sourced questions and recorded personalised responses Brand Bowl by Mullen monitored tweets about brands during Super Bowl 2011 INFECTIOUS
  11. 11. 2. DIGITAL STORYTELLING- Crowd created stories via sites such as Storify Flipboard creates a personalised magazine based on content pulled in from your socialnetworks. INFECTIOUS
  12. 12. 3. HTML 5 & THE RISE OF WEB APPS- Berlin based magazine Aside brings an app like experience to your browser. Arcade Fire partnered with Google for The Wilderness Downtown INFECTIOUS
  13. 13. 4. COLLABORATION & CO-CREATION- Footlocker is curating the world’s favourite trainers over at Sneakerpedia Real women of Philadelphia is a community fronted by American TV chef Paula Deeninviting women to share their favourite Philadelphia cheese based recipes. INFECTIOUS
  14. 14. 5. THE POWER OF REAL TIME- Budweiser Ireland linked the price of beer to the weather to take part users need the‘Ice Cold Index’ app. INFECTIOUS
  15. 15. 6. THE RISE OF SOCIAL BUSINESS- ASOS Marketplace allows customers to sell their second hand clothes INFECTIOUS
  16. 16. 7. DESIGNING FOR NETWORKS & UNDERSTANDING SOCIAL SPREAD- Project Cascade by The New York Times tracks the lifespan of a news story and howit spreads through the different layers of social networking sites Pay with a tweet allows people to (literally) pay via social currency INFECTIOUS
  17. 17. 8. SEAMLESS INTEGRATION ACROSS DEVICES- Heineken ‘Star Player’ app allows viewers to play along live to every UEFA ChampionsLeague match. The Million Pound Drop allows viewers to play along live using the Channel 4 website. INFECTIOUS
  18. 18. 9. SOCIALLY CONNECTED OBJECTS- Mercedes Benz Tweet Race – real cars powered by tweets. INFECTIOUS
  19. 19. 10. THE CONTINUED RISE OF THE TABLETOver 25 million iPads sold to dateBlackberry have launched the ‘Playbook’ to rival the iPad INFECTIOUS
  20. 20. INFECTIOUS Created by BEN REYNOLDS Designed by AYSHA AWWADDon’t forget everything featured is available online at: