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Infectious // August // 2010


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Published in: Technology
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Infectious // August // 2010

  1. 1. INFECTIOUS A round up of the latest communications news and ideas from around the worldAUGUST 2010.Brought to you by
  2. 2. FLIPBOARD. Flipboard is the latest ‘must have’ app for the iPad. It aggregates content posted by friends on Facebook and Twitter whilst also allowing you to import RSS feeds from a selection of websites (Cool Hunting, Wired to name a couple). Instead of reading these feeds and clicking the relevant links, Flipboard transforms the links into a personalised magazine style format for iPad reading. Whilst flipboard is great, its ability to explore the web freely is limited by the small selection of websites it currently pulls content from. But, it’s still early days for Flipboard, and certainly one to watch.
  3. 3. OUTDOOR INNOVATIONS. Schweppes transformed the geyser of Paco de Arcos (Portugal) into an outdoor installation to help promote their drinks.
  4. 4. MINI USA has launched anoutdoor campaign targeted atMINI owners. In cities such asChicago and Miami they haveinstalled digital billboards whichare able to receive identificationmessages from the MINI’spassing by. As the car is taggedwith information about the owner,the billboard is able to recognizethe driver and greet him/her witha personalized message.
  5. 5. FACEBOOK ‘PLACES’. On August 18th, Facebook announced the launch of Facebook ‘Places’. The new service adds a location based component to the Facebook experience. Places allows users to “check in” and share their current real-world location, find people nearby, and discover new places of interest. Each check-in would broadcast the user’s location to friends, an implicit invitation to post a comment or join in if nearby, making it a natural extension of the social networking site’s mission to “make the world more open and and promotions when and where are connected”. However, knowing where most contextually relevant. Facebook users are in real time will Location based services (LBS) like create and opportunity to reach the Facebook Places are a rapidly site’s members with advertisements growing feature of the mobile landscape that were pioneered by small start ups like Foursquare, Gowalla, Loopt and MyTown. Whilst this technology has been around for 3 years there has been a barrier to adoption with it being seen as a niche geeky product. What Facebook can do is take something which is new and diffuse this into a
  6. 6. E-READERS AREHERE TO STAY. The Kindle is Amazon’s #1 bestselling item for the second year running and September see’s the UK launch of the new third generation model which is smaller, lighter and faster than ever before. Although the Kindle might not be an iPad beater its price point of £109 makes it accessible to a wider audience. Amazon sales of digital books outstripped hardback books in July and that ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ by Swedish author Stieg Larrson became the first digital book to sell more than 1m copies Worldwide (Source: Mashable). It’s also worth noting that the Daily Mail, Evening Standard and The Independent are already available as Kindle Newspapers which are auto-delivered wirelessly when the physical issue hits the newsagent.
  7. 7. OLD SPICE. It’s one of the most talked about campaigns of late but still worth a mention. In a nutshell: Old Spice sales were in decline. It suffered from poor brand perception. The scent conjured up images of your Grandad and some 70’s throwback. Using a range of adverts fronted by Isaiah Mustafa as the ‘Old Spice man’ they achieved: > Most viewed YouTube channel of all time > Total video views reached 40 million in a week. > Campaign impressions: 1.4 billion. > Since the campaign launched, Old Spice Bodywash sales are up 27%; in the last three months up 55%; and in the last month up 107% > 600,000 peopled ‘Liked’ the adverts on Facebook ‘Old Spice man’ then went Expect to hear about this in many interactive answering questions meetings for a long time to come that people tweeted and sent in – a testament to commitment to via Facebook. They even included a a great idea! wedding proposal:
  8. 8. STARBUCKS. The coffee chain has revealed Neighbourhood and Starbucks. details of the Starbucks Digital The move should set apart Network, which it is launching Starbucks’ offering from the now in partnership with Yahoo in US ubiquitous free WiFi provided by stores this autumn. other coffee chains. The idea is to curate content With pay walls still in their exclusively for Starbucks customers, infancy stage have Starbucks expanding the Starbucks brand created enough appeal as a brand experience into the digital to become a media curator or is this environment. Content will be tailored just the natural progression of going to the location to make sure that into a coffee shop and picking up a there is increased personal and newspaper. community relevance. Visitors to Starbucks will be able to access content for free from providers (many of which are usually paid-for content providers) including iTunes, The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Rodale, Yahoo! And Zagat through free one-click Wi-Fi. Starbucks customers will be able to access exclusive content and previews, free downloads, career tools and local community news. There are six different content channels, including News, Entertainment, Wellness, Business & Careers, My