Inspirational Original Thinking Event - Mindshare Belgium 15.05.2014


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Inspirational Original Thinking Event - Mindshare Belgium 15.05.2014

  1. 1. Shazam Session Key Takeouts • Be in contact with the 3rd Belgian installed app • TV advertising tagging to EMPOWER consumers to ENGAGE beyond 30 seconds… • Future – Media solutions – Auto shazam – Live sounds More info? Frédéric De Cooman Sales Team Manager Belgacom Skynet Advertising Mobile : + 00 32 (0)474 71 71 69 E-mail 10% of worldwide music selling Predictive engine on next Music hits Audio Recognition techno that allows you to embed every possible sound in order to link this sound to a Mobile content on your 2nd screen
  2. 2. Twitter Session Key Takeouts More info? Bert Marievoet @bertmmi Twitter is the social soundtrack of TV : 40% of all Twitter traffic around peak time is about TV. Twitter increases brand impact from TV advertising with stronger message association and higher purchase intent. We’re moving from a world where we plan campaigns for the future, to one where we plan for and adapt campaigns to the moment. Twitter is the only public, conversational, live platform. 3 paths for brands to enjoy the combination of TV and Twitter: - Brands can promote premium short form content exclusively on Twitter - Twitter enables brands to target the right audience, based on their TV conversations, over multiple weeks. - Brands can extend their TV commercial to reach their target audience, even when they are not watching tv.
  3. 3. Audience Buying (Xaxis) & Performance Marketing (Quisma): The Future of Digital Advertising? Quisma offers performance solutions for all Group M agencies, using multi-channel conversion attribution, optimizing campaigns in real-time.. Xaxis is a Group M company helping agencies and their clients using data and technology to reach and engage with audiences at scale Key Takeouts • Adaptive Marketing • Audience Buying • Performance Attribution • Data & Technology • Real-time Buying & Optimization • Leveraging Group M’s scale More info? Frederik Dooms GroupM Belgium Engagement Manager Xaxis & Quisma Office: +32 2 678 24 81
  4. 4. Adaptive Marketing Session Key Takeouts • There are only 2 sources of competitve advantage – faster insight, faster action • What data are we adapting to? • Creating new adaptive brand experiences • How to have an Adaptive Marketer’s mindset • Rules of the road More info? Firstname Lastname Company Job Title +32 X XXX XX XX More info? Tim Elton, Chief Strategy Officer Mindshare Global Our clients know that the only way for their brands to win is to adapt and innovate ahead of the competition. They need to be Adaptive Marketers Mindshare’s role is to use the data we have to find actionable insight to drive faster, more effective marketing innovation to help our clients’ brands win
  5. 5. More info? Catherine Ducamp Mindshare Audiovisual Manager +32 2 678 24 31 ARC Session (Bridge between TV & pre-roll) Key Takeouts Situation • Audience TV keeps increasing • Video online consumption grows fast Challenge • How can we take advantage of this situation? • How can we combine both? Solution : ARC • Incremental reach • Budget improvement ARC - Audiovisual Reach Calculator - is a Mindshare’s proprietary tool developed to calculate the complementarity of Offline (TV) and Online (preroll) video. Online Video is seen as an extra channel that must be taken into account in our Video channel mix. Improve Budget Improve Reach
  6. 6. Smart Data Session Key Takeouts • Its not about Big Data – it is all about Smart Actionable Insights • Available data is impacting the way we work in media • Data managers should be a part of any media team • The Loop facilitates fast adaptation of actionable insights • Fast access to smart data provides us to new and easy ways to get closer to consumers and really engage with them More info? Firstname Lastname Company Job Title +32 X XXX XX XX More info? Alex Stil , Head of Digital EMEA Twitter : @alexstil Consumers are sharing more and more information with friends , the world and brands. More than ever we can learn more about consumers . In Real time. One of the key challenges our clients face is understanding how to really extract the maximum value out of the data available. Mindshare’s role is to facilitate our clients and work with them turning data into smart actionable insights to drive faster, more effective marketing and improving overall our clients media & marketing ROI.
  7. 7. Google Session Key takeouts The New Multi-screen World: Understanding Cross-platform Consumer Behavior • What is the role of smartphone for the nowaday consumer? • Exclusive preview of Google Glass by Augnition: How to boost your business using mobile and wearable technologies such as Google Glass. More info? With an expanding galaxy of different connected screens and devices, we can safely say that access to the world’s information on-demand is an important part of consumers lives now and for the foreseen future. At the core of this shift is the growing smartphone connectivity which gives customers the ability to engage with your business any time, and the expectation is that your brand is there. Today, already 38% of our daily media interactions occur on a smartphone. What is the role of smartphones for the nowadays consumer? And what can we expect to change for businesses with the launch of Google Glass in the near future? Are you ready for multi-screen? Because the Belgian consumer is. Ernst-Jan van Leeuwen Google Industry Manager Branding +32 473 99 5321
  8. 8. In The Pocket Session Key Takeouts • Beacons are the most efficient way to boost app usage at the right time and place • Beacons allow you to know the user’s exact (indoor) location, which can be leveraged for relevant interactions • Trade promotion, couponing, loyalty and POS marketing will change dramatically in 2014/15 because of beacons More info? In The Pocket is a leading Mobile Agency in Europe. Mobile is growing beyond the smartphone and tablet to all kinds of connected devices. This is called the “Internet of Things”. Among the many hyped IoT technologies, beacons is the most relevant and promising for advertisers. Beacons are cheap and low-powered bluetooth chips that can wake up apps on the consumer’s smartphone and that allow for precise location detection. This technology holds a vast opportunity for retail marketing, loyalty, couponing, field marketing, trade fairs, billboards, etc… Jeroen Lemaire / Jan Deruyck In The Pocket - +32 9 23 34 25
  9. 9. Microsoft : A Connected Story Key Takeouts • Mobile = Cloud • 82% estimate connected objects are useful and may facilitate their lives • 74% thinks tablets and smartphones should interact with connected objects • 54% expect brand will know when to address them – Timing is everything • The consumer is the audience : linear purchase funnel model is dead, it’s all about the journey • The notion of mass-connecting w/ our audience must evolve and tend to be sequential • Technology is reshaping advertising, so…find the right partner and fast More info? From technological trends to consumer trends, advertising is changing and must evolve to meet his multi-connected audience. As a technological company, Microsoft has lots of data/ insights about what the consumers wants and does. That’s why the company evolved from a product centric model to a consumer centric model. The Future is very exciting and has never been more personalized. Touching the consumer and finding the right audience at the right time has never been more challenging… Benjamin Sekkai BU Lead – Microsoft Sarah Boeraeve Account Executive – Microsoft
  10. 10. The importance of insights Session Key Takeouts • Synergies between media are enhanced and continue to increase • Driven by media industry, consumer’s tendency to get the most out of their media moments (multi-consumption experience) • This implies that content will become more important than ever • Define business opportunities, set up the right KPIs, be adaptive & stay tuned with all the partners will be key to remain relevant & successful With the rise of digitalisation, boundaries between traditional & new media are getting blurred. By using proprietary research studies (Mindreader), studies bought by WPP (BMM) and by combining deep understanding of • media touchpoints • consumer behaviour • brands the Business Planning Department provides you useful insights. More info? Aline da Silva Santos Mindshare Business Planning Manager – Strategy +32 2 678 25 31
  11. 11. What is it? Using an online survey in countries across the world, Mindreader allows us to get an idea of both media habits and lifestyle of digital consumers around the globe. What Mindreader surveys: • Media : Frequency, Love, Attention, Content • Digital & Technology : Technology devices, Digital activities, Location • Lifestyle & Attitudes : Personality, Trust, Concerns, Attitudes • Leisure, Wellbeing & Interests : Sports, types of leisure, wellbeing & interests • Decision making : for the grocery shopping and 27 product categories What is in it for me? Information and insights regarding: • How people feel about 19 touchpoints & 35 types of media content • Which of 18 technology devices people own & at which frequency they conduct 32 online activities • What are people’s attitudes & personality, the biggest concerns facing them, the evolution of their standard of living, their level of trust in 16 institutions or media • Which of 27 sports and 13 types of leisure do people appreciate and which are the most activities done to improve their sense of wellbeing Method • Sample of 18-65 years is recruited based on age and gender to be representative of the online population in each country. 1001 people in Belgium (523 Dutch speaking + 478 French speaking) • We weight data to online population figures using numbers of people who have used the internet in the last 30 days, again based on age and gender • The questionnaire (to choose either in French or in Dutch) is self-completion with respondents given reward points in exchange for their time • Questionnaire median length : 36 minutes Output • Insights presented with graphs & tables • Integrated in strategy recommendation Mindreader Detailed information • More Info? • Contact your Client Manager Brigitte Gilson Mindshare Business Planning Director – Insights & Information +32 2 678 25 13
  12. 12. BMM Detailed information Method • A solid data collection method: single source (two waves), self-administrated online questionnaire, large representative sample (n=4.082) of Belgian population 18-64 years. Up-to-date fieldwork from Summer 2013. • Fieldwork • “Media” questionnaire • “Brands” & “People” questionnaire • Split run in 3 matched samples • Food, drinks & retail • House, health & beauty • Durables, communications & services Output A PowerPoint recommendation which can include: • Media consumption • Brand Awareness • Brand Usage vs. Brand Attitude • Brand Recommendation • Attitudes & Statements on target • Geographical maps based on amount • Create clusters from available data What is it? BMM starts where the CIM survey ends by providing richer descriptions of people, relevant segmentations of 1000+ brands and a broader approach to media touchpoints. GroupM has a license for two extra surveys. • Socio-Cultural attitudes: A series of attitudinal and lifestyle statements, covering a large range of socio-cultural topics. This study gives you the possibility to create typologies or to recreate international segmentations. • The Digital Consumer: A segmentation of internet-users developed fot the global Digital Life Survey and a segmentation of social online media users. What is in it for me? Information regarding: • Brands: awareness, attitude, recommendation/WOM, usage, purchase frequency, shopping location • Media: Equipment, devices and media touchpoints • People: socio-demographic profile, socio- cultural profile, digital consumer BMM allows you to find relevant targets and to understand them better. • More Info? • Contact your Client Manager Brigitte Gilson Mindshare Business Planning Director – Insights & Information +32 2 678 25 13
  13. 13. Programmatic Buying Session Key Takeout's • Agency has always been a trading desk • Programmatic buying will be about 50% in 2017 and all media will be • Programmatic is not about real time bidding only • Agency has always been the gate keeper of your data and your investments • A trading desk is about efficiency, optimization and data • New terms but same purpose and same role of the agency • We move from research to real time • Size matters and if you have more budgets you have more data • Trading remains highly important • Our transparent and disclosed model is called Bright
  14. 14. Social Media Session More info? Key Takeouts Social Media Revolution - Key facts - Some figures - etc. 3 Trends from Major Social Media actors 1. Facebook : Organic reach collapsing 2. Is Google+ really dead? 3. LinkedIn Publisher, a business based on content WebVeille – Social Intelligence 0470.920.196