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UB forum 2016 Donostia Pietri ship


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Breakout presentation in Spain

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UB forum 2016 Donostia Pietri ship

  1. 1. SMEs and HEIs in Innovation Partnerships SHIP Project
  2. 2. Alliances. The new paradigm in economic development University Business Forum 18-19th October 2016 Miramar Palace, San Sebastián - Spain José Pietri, SHIP Project – MindShare Consulting, Paris
  3. 3. Why HEIs? • The University as a ‘regional evolution mechanism’ (OECD, HBR, MIT - 2010) • Innovation hubs surround great Universities – MIT, Stanford, Cambridge • Silicon Valley is no accident.
  4. 4. How do HEIs benefit? • Tremendous body of knowledge trapped in academia that never sees the light of day. • Monetise R & D • HEI as the ENGINE of local economic development • HEI at the heart of Business/Government interaction Raiders of the Lost Archive
  5. 5. Why Local Government Participation? Example Saxony-Anhalt, Germany Driving Local Economic Development • Loss of Population – > 13,000 inhabitants in 2010 • Productivity Gap – only 70% compared to West Germany • Income Gap – Only 80% compared to West Germany
  6. 6. Alliance ACTIONABLE Actions • Development of support programme road maps which emphasizes the role of Agencies as signposting brokers • Development of an SME/HEI Innovation programme • Development of a training programme to demystify innovation within enterprises • Development of a register of HEI know-how and promotion • Development of a ‘Knowledge Centre’ Route Map to help companies identify needs and solve technical problems • Development of collaborative activities and improvement targets
  7. 7. The Regional Alliance Halle GERMANY The Capital City National Alliance Bucharest ROMANIA The Software Testing Innovation Alliance SPAIN The Cross-Border Alliance UK/ROI
  8. 8.