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SVN - How to use


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Short presentation on how to use the SVN in our projects.

Published in: Software
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SVN - How to use

  1. 1. How to use the SVN and the TraC Tanja Vos Universidad Politecnica de Valencia
  2. 2. Checkout • Create a folder and do checkout •
  3. 3. Update – Lock – Edit - Commit • If you want to edit a file • Update  to make sure you have the last version • Lock  so nobody else can edit at the same time • Do your edits….. • Commit  this will upload your new version and remove the lock
  4. 4. Add a new file • Put the file in the directory that you want • Add  to tell svn this is a new file • Commit  upload the newfile to the server
  5. 5. View the documents online
  6. 6. Select SHIP