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Lyon IAE B2B EIS Workshop Session Main Presentation Part 1


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Published in: Education, Business
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Lyon IAE B2B EIS Workshop Session Main Presentation Part 1

  1. 1. - IAE B2B 2011 - Slide 1 IAE M2 B2B Lyon, France José A. PIETRI Former Research Associate Centre for Advanced Learning Technologies (CALT) Principal MindShare Consulting The Challenge Of Leading Change
  2. 2. - IAE B2B 2011 - Slide 2 Learning by Doing Serious Play The Challenge Of Leading Change
  3. 3. Doing (practicing) gives higher retention - IAE B2B 2011 - Slide 3
  4. 4. - IAE B2B 2011 - Slide 4 Changing how we address Change Serious Games From Traditional to Experiential & Collaborative Learning Developing Individual Change Competencies Organizational Change Readiness INSEAD MIT Stanford Duke U Columbia U Hong Kong U Northwestern U Chicago U NYU
  5. 5. EIS Diffusion - IAE B2B 2011 - Slide 5
  6. 6. - IAE B2B 2011 - Slide 6 1. We feel anxious and become self-focused. 2. We focus on what we have to give up and what we will lose. 3. Change includes grieving. 4. There are limits to how much change people can handle. 5. We tend to fall back into our old habits, the way we used to behave. 6. We feel lonely even though others are going through the same process. 7. We all react differently to change depending on our personality, experience etc. Common reactions to change:
  7. 7. - IAE B2B 2011 - Slide 7 Change versus Transition Organisational change includes new structures, new team members, different roles, re-location, a new boss etc. Personal transition is about the psychological and emotional process we experience during change
  8. 8. - IAE B2B 2011 - Slide 8 Transition is the inner process by which people come to terms with and work through change. It’s our responsibility to maintain our own effectiveness and the effectiveness of our teams .
  9. 9. Design of the day! Play & learn at the same time Action Reflection Learning Mix of theory and practice - IAE B2B 2011 - Slide 9
  10. 10. Short reflection What is your behaviour/attitude right now? How is that influencing/affecting the group? What could/would you do differently? Write down your thoughts - IAE B2B 2011 - Slide 10
  11. 11. - IAE B2B 2011 - Slide 11 Need to Develop & Increase Change Readiness How do you develop effective Change Management Competencies in individuals and organizations ? (large and small, public and private context) Research on Change The Challenge Of Leading Change
  12. 12. - IAE B2B 2011 - Slide 12
  13. 13. - IAE B2B 2011 - Slide 13 Large change initiatives aiming at performance improvements Business Process Reengineering Empowerment Activity-based Costing/Mgmt TQM Benchmarking Network Organisations Matrix Structures Project-based Organisation Mergers & Acquisitions Cross-functional Teams Time-based Competition … Customer Relationship Mgmt (CRM), Supply Chain Mgmt (SCM), Knowledge Mgmt (KM), … e-Everything
  14. 14. - IAE B2B 2011 - Slide 14 Change, in Reality, is HARD ! 75% of all transformation efforts fail 50-75% of “re-engineering” projects fail Failure rates are higher (78%) when IT involved CHALLENGE
  15. 15. The expectations … 1/12/2012 - IAE B2B 2011 - Slide 15 Performance measure Time What we aim at …
  16. 16. … the reality 1/12/2012 - IAE B2B 2011 - Slide 16 Performance measure Time Little impact Performance measure Time Unsustainable improvements Performance measure Time Unsustainable pace … and what we typically get …
  17. 17. - IAE B2B 2011 - Slide 17 Pattern “D”: Little or No Impact Pattern “C”: Unsustainable Improvements Pattern “B”: Unsustainable Pace Performance Time Pattern “A” Meeting Targets Performance Time Performance Time Performance Time Change Readiness & Implementation Patterns Assessment A B C D Learning Opportunities Knowledge Exchange <ul><ul><li>Resistance Dynamics </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Diffusion Dynamics </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Cultural/Contextual Factors </li></ul></ul>Learning Opportunities <ul><ul><li>Resistance Dynamics </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Diffusion Dynamics </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Cultural/Cont. Factors </li></ul></ul>Knowledge Exchange
  18. 18. - IAE B2B 2011 - Slide 18 Change in Reality! 75% of all transformation efforts fail 50-75% of re-engineering projects fail 78% of IT projects fail Organizational resistance 82% Insufficient exec. sponsoring 72% Unrealistic expectations 65% Inadequate programme mgmt 54% Unclear business case 46% Lack of qualified resources 44% Scope of expansion/uncertainty 44% Ineffective leadership 43% Key Factors:
  19. 19. - IAE B2B 2011 - Slide 19 The EIS Challenge: What Managers really learn through these Experiences STRATEGY ORGANIZATIONAL DIAGNOSIS EFFECTIVE ORG. L INTERVENTIONS Adaptive Explicit Key driving principles (collaborative vs. competitive) Leveraging networks & key individuals TACTICS Adapted to people, timing & adoption stage Target individuals vs groups Open vs. covert Collaborative vs competitive Expectation mgmt Process fairness dimensions Awareness Interest Trial Adoption ! INDIVIDUALS NETWORKS ORG. CULTURE Role & history Attitude towards change Motivation & Resistance Influence Formal & informal networks Power & diffusion networks Communication culture Positive/negative signals Values & vision Mgmt style PROCESS
  20. 20. And NOW... Break out into TEAMS Discover your role, mission and context Understand how to play the simulation Plan your strategy together (15m) Start the simulation (2h) - IAE B2B 2011 - Slide 20
  21. 21. The TEAMS ...
  22. 22. How did you do? (And WHY?) Who did NOT adopt? Why? What are your INSIGHTS? What would you do differently? Do INDIVIDUAL feedback (use forms) Create TEAM feedback Discuss how to best present to the other teams PRESENT - IAE B2B 2011 - Slide 21 Did you get Ann? How long did it take? 4 3 2 1 First adopter? How many adopters? TEAM
  23. 23. - IAE B2B 2011 - Slide 22 Let’s go teams!
  24. 24. The 3 heads... of the simulation experience Cerberus – by William Blake - IAE B2B 2011 - Slide 23 You as Change Agent You as Observer You as Yourself