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EBN Congress - Innovative Trainer - PIETRI


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EBN Congress - Innovative Trainer - PIETRI

  1. 1. José PIETRI MindShare Consulting Paris, FRANCE “Learning and innovation go hand in hand.”
  2. 2. effective educationentrepreneurship
  3. 3. Seeing innovation as a JOURNEY…
  4. 4. Taking it at YOUR own speed… module by module
  5. 5. Boosting innovation with a framework for creativity and connectivity
  6. 6. Accelerating innovation with tools for creativity and connectivity
  7. 7. Requirements Analysis made easier… … via collaborative curation.
  8. 8. Collaborative MindMapping (Idea Generation, Analysis, Project Planning)
  9. 9. Innovative Trainer has been designed to close the learning and doing gap specific, actionable
  10. 10. Vist