Personalization with AMP


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Personalization with AMP

  2. 2. Executive SummaryPersonalization plays a key role as marketing strives to build betterrelationships with customers and prospects. This translates into a betterreturn on the company’s marketing investments. The concept of True personalizationpersonalization, though, has evolved. A few years ago, personalization was involves tailoring anlimited to addressing a recipient by name; personalization now involvesthe use of customer analytics and offering the customer a truly offering so it meets theindividualized experience. True personalization is not possible without use precise needs of eachof technology. This whitepaper highlights how you can create a highdegree of personalization in your marketing efforts using MindMatrix’s specific customer.Automated Marketing Platform (AMP.)True PersonalizationTrue personalization involves tailoring an offering so it meets the precise needs of each specificcustomer. Personalization is the directing of all marketing efforts towards finding this laser-sharp targetto meet a prospect’s exacting requirements. A study by Gartner G2, imedia communications and theWharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, summarizes the following benefits of truepersonalization: More efficient use of customer/prospect time Increased customer retention Overall increases in revenue Increase in average time spent at website by prospects/clients More efficient use of employee time Increased number of website visitors Shortened sales cycle Improved website registration rate Reduced costs Increased margin of average saleHowever, the report also stated while the majority of marketers know and agree that there is a linkbetween marketing and revenue generation, many are still not utilizing the power of personalization toits fullest. The report states most marketers have yet to use optimal personalized marketing techniques.How AMP Can Help?Personalization can be done at two levels—visually and by content. AMP is a sophisticated program that focuseson both. AMP helps you ‘truly personalize’ your marketing communications. The following AMP features enableyou to customize the “look and feel,” as well as, the text of your collateral for an individual situation.
  3. 3. FLEXIBLE DATA STORAGE: AMP allows storage ofcustomer preferences and contact details usingflexible parameters, saving as much or as little AMP has powerful toolsinformation as desired for each contact. that allow you to changePROSPECT SEGMENTATION: AMP allows sorting the look of collateral basedprospects and customers manually, according tothe attributes you define. For example, sort two on target-relatedmajor segments of Joe’s Clothing Store’s parameters.prospects—one in the age group of 30-35,consisting of working professionals, and the otherin the age group of 15-18, comprised of students. Within AMP, Joe can save andsegment these details into two separate groups. When holding a sale onbusiness suits, you can target contacts from the first segment. Shoppers in thesecond segment may be contacted when there is a discount on jeans and tees.This also helps ensure your communications remain relevant to clients and donot become “spam.”AUTOMATIC FILTRATION: AMP facilitates the creation of automatic groupsbased on pre-set filters. AMP allows automated filtration ofprospects/customers based on their activity or attributes. By identifyingprospect activity, propositions can be directed to the most likely users. Forexample, suppose retail outlet e-mails discount coupons to customers who havemade purchases exceeding $200 within the past month. Using AMP’s ‘Smart list’feature, this process can be automated. AMP can automatically update this listevery month so only those contacts who made purchases, above the specifiedamount, receive the coupons.VISUAL PERSONALIZATION: AMP has powerful tools that allow you to changethe look of collateral based on target-related parameters. For example, supposeAcme Pharmacy is offering a discount on eyeglasses and plans to send an e-mailflyer to everyone on its contact list. Acme can define a parameter to requestthat all recipients over age 45 receive the e-mail in a larger font size. An interiordesign firm has data about the preferred color palette of its clients. Whensending communications, every can be e-mail can be personalized to the colorpreferences of the recipient.CONTENT PERSONALIZATION: AMP can personalize the content of specificmarketing materials based on target attributes. AMP supports varying levels ofcontent personalization to suit your needs, including an advanced level thatfacilitates language translation.Consider a Real Estate firm with branches in UK and France. If it wants to marketits services in these two countries, there is no need to design two entirelydifferent sets of collateral. AMP’s template design allows translated text to beeffectively “dropped in” to your pre-designed marketing materials.
  4. 4. Similarly, if a particular proposal is being presented to two different units within a corporation, perhaps engineering and marketing, AMP allows you to personalize the content. While the two proposals look the same visually, the text is customized to be directly relevant to the differing concerns of each group.Personalization can be the core element determining the success or failure of a marketing campaign.AMP can help you truly personalize the communication you have with your prospects/customers, thusenabling you to provide them with a superior experience.
  5. 5. For the past 14 years, MindMatrix has been aligning sales and marketingfunctions for over 20,000 sales and marketing professionals across 200companies, from diverse verticals through its innovative sales andmarketing software and solutions.Unique to the industry, MindMatrix offers Next Generation MarketingAutomation software on a single unified platform for Sales and Marketing.Our solutions bring about a seamless integrat ion of the 2 functions helpingour clients derive the maximum benefit from their investment in marketingand sales automation.Contact me today to know more about how MindMatrix solutions can helpyou align your marketing and sales processes for improved results.