Marketing collateral creation & AMP


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This whitepaper discusses how you can effectively address your marketing collateral challenge by deploying AMP.

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Marketing collateral creation & AMP

  2. 2. Executive SummaryMarketing collateral is an important element of every business’s marketing strategy. It plays a key role inbrand building. Research suggests people form a perception about a person or product in less than aminute. This is one reason organizations should finely tune every piece of marketing collateral andcarefully design each customer touch-point. Everything must immediately telegraph the desiredcorporate image. This is the core concept behind “branding.” So…in consequence, marketing collateralcreation assumes a high level of importance. However, as companies expand into virtual markets andfocus increasingly on product customization, control of the marketing collateral process becomes achallenge. This whitepaper discusses how you can effectively address this challenge by deploying AMP.The Marketing Collateral MessObviously, the creation of memorable marketing pieces requires solid content and creative ideas. However,there is a practical side to address. The marketing team must also face issues such as resource availability,branding consistency, tight monetary budgets, and even tighter timelines. THE “BUSINESS-BEYOND-BOUNDARIES” CONCEPT - Businesses are no longer confined by geographical boundaries. Thanks to technology, every market is now virtually accessible. Businesses now have multiple branches within their country and abroad. More importantly, their web presence takes them everywhere. They face the challenge of managing their brand correctly across their multiple sites, while still trying to meet demands for marketing collateral that is personalized for specific regions and market niches THE EXPLOSION OF CUSTOMER TOUCHPOINTS - Prospects and customers come in contact with a business in various venues. These include social media sites such as Facebook, information sharing portals such as SlideShare or YouTube, and the web in general. Prospects gather information about the brand from peers online, 3rd party reviews on the web, and blogs- just to name a few. Businesses have to keep up with the various arenas of interaction and tailor their marketing collateral to suit the format of these sites. SALES vs. MARKETING - This challenge has existed for quite some time. Marketing collateral is obviously designed by marketing, but it is implemented by the sales force. In most organizations, there is lopsided resource availability, where the marketing team is almost always short of people. Studies show that the ratio of sales to marketing personnel is around 10:1. The marketing team is under constant pressure to deliver high-impact marketing materials within a stringent timeline for a wide variety of end- users.These challenges can be met by using technology to create high-impact marketing collateral. This is where AMPcomes into the picture.
  3. 3. How AMP Can Help?AMP simplifies the process of collateral creation by unifying all of the various facets of brand management ontoone platform. AMP can help in the following ways: UPDATED RECORDS - AMP brings a high level of consistency to marketing collateral. AMP recognizes branding patterns and ensures that all marketing collateral embodies the same look and feel. AMP takes care of design architecture to ensure that all outgoing communication adheres to a standard that instantly reminds the recipient of the business, reinforcing its brand. For Example: a company’s headquarters is in Chicago and its sales force is spread across the country. When the company changes its logo, this change must be replicated in all its marketing materials generated in offices across the nation. With AMP, once the change is entered into the system, the new logo is automatically transferred onto all relevant collateral. The sales team would only have to download the latest copy from the system when they need it. This way, marketing personnel do not have the laborious task of manually updating every single presentation or flyer! LENDS CONSISTENCY - There are various textual and visual elements that go into collateral creation. These include the logo, color, font, and image standards. Once the standards are fed into the system, AMP ensures all new collateral is automatically generated according to required standards. For example: A company has an advertisement campaign being launched on several fronts: print, website, e-mail blast, and e-newsletter. While high-resolution images are needed for print media, download issues require a lower resolution for email. AMP’s intelligent branding support tools will automatically ensure that low-resolution images are used for the web campaign while the print utilizes only high-resolution. CENTRALIZED DATA STORAGE - AMP functions as the central storage for all visual and text content that is used in the creation of all marketing materials. Once data is entered into the AMP interface, everything is available for online access. PERSONALIZATION - AMP allows for fast and easy personalization of marketing collateral. Using the advanced features in AMP, business can move beyond the mundane acts of personalization such as addressing prospects by name. AMP allows for parameters to define specific template colors and font sizes for individually designated recipients. It can even replicate marketing campaigns in varied languages. Example – One segment of a company’s target market may include an older demographic. All materials targeted toward that cohort could automatically use a larger font and more streamlined visuals.AMP simplifies the otherwise overwhelming task of marketing collateral creation. It saves time by automatingmost of the collateral creation tasks. On an average, AMP can save a company $1800 per year by injectingefficiency into the marketing collateral creation process. The marketing and sales staff does not have to adjustthe font or update information- in each marketing document- when there is a change. AMP is a one-timemarketing investment that saves precious marketing dollars in the long run. With AMP, users can beat
  4. 4. budgetary and time-related constraints that marketing professionals so often face. AMP ensures there isconformity in all marketing communications—whether the business is reaching out to a prospect in Maryland orCalifornia, or whether it is sending out an e-mail blast or an e-book. AMP will make sure all marketingcommunication adheres to its corporate standards.
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