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Demand generation & AMP


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Whitepaper -How demand generation can assist marketers to provide quality leads and generate superior returns on marketing investment.?

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Demand generation & AMP

  2. 2. Executive SummaryDemand generation can go a long way in driving revenue and assisting this generation of marketers toprovide quality leads and generate superior returns on marketing investment. Marketers are nowexpected to understand the various metrics related to each campaign, fill up the pipeline with qualityleads, and ensure there’s a good return on marketing investment…all while faced with tight budgetaryand resource constraints. Fortunately, there’s a solution—MindMatrix’s AMP. This whitepaperelaborates on how a business can enhance the effectiveness of its marketing team by engaging AMP forits demand generation activities.Demand GenerationDemand generation is an important aspect of the marketing function. It involves focused marketing tactics thatare well directed towards chosen targets. Characteristics of well-executed demand generation campaignsinclude: Staying connected to prospects and customers Adopting marketing strategies that involve multiple media Incorporating a high degree of personalization Demand generation is an Staying up-to-date with marketing materials and prospect/customer data important aspect of the Closely tracking prospect’s/customer’s behavior marketing function. It involves focusedHow AMP Can Help? marketing tactics that areAMP can help businesses get better results from its demand generation well directed towardsefforts by enhancing the various steps in the demand generation process. chosen targets. STAYING IN TOUCH WITH PROSPECTS - Research indicates only about 15% of leads are immediately willing to buy. While approximately 20% are disqualified initially, the remaining 65% are mildly interested in the product/service, but not ready to invest in it right away. The business must stay in touch with such prospects and keep those leads warm, so when it’s time to make the buying decision, the prospect remembers the brand. AMP enables a business to communicate with its prospects through various channels including e-mails, web pages, social networking sites, blogs, and information-sharing portals. AMP enables the design of marketing campaigns that are precisely timed. For example, with AMP, a company sending out monthly newsletters as a part of its marketing campaign can do so in no time. The system can be programmed to send the newsletters out on a specific date, in a specific format. That means the marketing team doesn’t have to worry about sending this manually every month. MULTIPLE OUTPUT SUPPORT - Prospects now have a multitude of ways to reach out to vendors. These include the web, social media, and other information sharing sites.
  3. 3. Facebook has around 400 million users, while Twitter has around 75 million users andLinkedIn is catching up with over 65 million users. That translates to millions ofprospects.AMP allows the business to communicate with itsprospects across all these platforms. Theadvantage of AMP is that it allows the business toreplicate its content across various mediachannels. AMP recognizes the file type and AMP has a matrixautomatically posts it to the respective media database structure, whichchannel. For example, AMP can automatically postvideos onto Facebook and YouTube, flash and means that any changePowerPoint presentations onto SlideShare and so made to the data ison. automatically reflected inPERSONALIZATION - Research has proven time other related areas.and again that personalized marketing bearsbetter results than generic, mass-produced efforts.Prospects/customers tend to favor brands thatpersonalize products and solutions to suit their needs. Personalization enhances valuefrom the customer’s perspective.AMP facilitates the creation of high-impact personalized marketing materials in no time.For example, a prospect that has signed up for a business’s newsletter is over fifty yearsof age and prefers the color blue to red. Once this information is stored into AMP, theprogram has the capability to send out all future e-mails to that prospect in a larger fontand can customize the newsletter template so it is in blue. Moreover, using AMP’sadvanced capabilities; the marketing team can program it to follow the same colorscheme, font size, and style each time they correspond with the prospect.KEEPING MARKETING MATERIALS UP-TO-DATE - Keeping marketing materials updatedis never going to be a problem once you use AMP. AMP has a matrix database structure,which means that any change made to the data is automatically reflected in otherrelated areas. This means the marketing team doesn’t have to worry about dataduplication or lack of consistency…ever.For example, AMP is being used by SpeedWheels, a company manufacturing high-endbicycles. SpeedWheels has presentations and flyers made for each new model. Let’sassume that the price of Model II changes. If a pricing change were made in thepresentations, the same would be automatically reflected in the flyers as well.UNDERSTANDING PROSPECT/CUSTOMER BEHAVIOR - AMP provides businesses with a360-degree view of the customer. With AMP, business can answer questions aboutprospect’s behavior in real-time o Did the prospects visit the company site? o Which links did they click on? Did they open an e-mail? o How many e-mails did marketing send to them and what was their click through rate?
  4. 4. When prospects interact with the business, they leave ‘Digital Footprints’. These footprints can tell where exactly they went, what they looked at, etc. AMP is equipped with Digital Footprint Analyzers (DFAs) that collate all the digital footprints of a prospect. AMP analyzes the ‘Digital Footprint’ of prospects and converts the DFAs into knowledge that can be used by the business to improve the effectiveness of its marketing campaigns. This kind of information proves priceless to a marketer because it helps in analyzing customer behavior. AMP is able to not only capture information, but also act upon it. For example, AMP can change the marketing collateral depending on the prospect preference. Suppose a prospect never opens advertisements sent through HTML e- mails. AMP has the ability to recognize this behavior. Once the program identifies that a particular prospect never clicks open HTML e-mails, it will send the next marketing campaign through some other media—this could be in the form of a portable document, direct mail or as an e-book.AMP’s sophisticated features enable a business to gain a detailed understanding of its prospects and customers,so it is able to see them as individuals and not as just another name in a marketing database. AMP can make abusiness’s demand generation efforts more productive, by helping it answer the ‘Who, What, When and Why’ ofprospect behavior.
  5. 5. For the past 14 years, MindMatrix has been aligning sales and marketingfunctions for over 20,000 sales and marketing professionals across 200companies, from diverse verticals through its innovative sales andmarketing software and solutions.Unique to the industry, MindMatrix offers Next Generation MarketingAutomation software on a single unified platform for Sales and Marketing.Our solutions bring about a seamless integration of the 2 functions helpingour clients derive the maximum benefit from their investment in marketingand sales automation.Contact me today to know more about how MindMatrix solutions can helpyou align your marketing and sales processes for improved results.