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Best Selenium online training institute


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we are offering best selenium online training by expert trainer.

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Best Selenium online training institute

  1. 1. SELENIUM Course Content Introduction • What is automation testing • When it comes into the picture • What are the uses of automation testing Introduction to Selenium • What is Selenium • Use of Selenium • When selenium can be useful in testing • Features of Selenium • Differences between Selenium and QTP Selenium Components • Selenium IDE • Selenium RC Selenium IDE for Mozilla Firefox • Recording the script • Running the script • Object Identification • Difference between Testcase & Test suite • When to use Selenium IDE • How to run the recorded script against other browsers.
  2. 2. Eclipse IDE • Install Eclipse • Run Eclipse • Create a new Java Project • Create a JUnit test using JUnit export from Selenium IDE. • Run the exported test in Eclipse. • A look at • Use the SeleneseTestCase Functionality o Using the IDE to add asserts and verifies o Difference between Assert and Verify • Creating screenshots on Failure with SeleneseTestCase Create a new Test from scratch • Create a new test • First test with annotation • DefaultSelenium constructor explained • Run selenium Rc in DOS Essential FireFox add-ons • Firebug • XPather • Optimise Xpath with XPather • Introduction to Xpath JUnit Annotations • @Before
  3. 3. • @After • @Test • @BeforeClass • @AfterClass Learning Selenium API • Different commands available & its purpose. Start Selenium Programming Running Tests outside Eclipse • With Ant build. o Install Ant o Install Java JDK o Update Environmental variables and path o Create build.xml o Run Ant file Data driven Tests in JUnit • Basic Data Driven Testing • JUnit parameterized Class Runner And Constructor • Data supplied by an @Parameters annotated method • Running Data Driven Test • Reading Data from Delimited Files • Run tests on multiple browsers Structuring the tests and code
  4. 4. Selenium Grid Hudson / Jenkins integration Live Project Explanation