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oracle Peoplesoft hrms technical online training


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we are offering best oracle Peoplesoft hrms technical online training by expert trainer.

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oracle Peoplesoft hrms technical online training

  1. 1. PEOPLESOFT HRMS COURSE CONTENT PEOPLESOFT INTERNET ARCHITECTURE • Web Server (& concerned PeopleSoft Servlets), • Application Server (& concerned server processes, listeners, handlers, Queues,…) • Web Browser • Batch Server • Database Server APPLICATION DESIGNER • Understanding & Using Application Designer • Working with Projects • Creating Field Definitions • Creating Record definitions • Building SQL Tables & Views • Creating page definitions • Creating Component Definitions • Creating menu definitions • Registering a Component • Testing the Application • Migrating Projects from DEV/Testing to Testing/Production Environments PEOPLESOFT SECURITY • User Profiles, Roles & Permission Lists • Field, Row & Table/Query Level Security PEOPLE CODE • People Code Overview • Understanding the PeopleCode Language (PeopleCode Language Structure, Data Types, Comments, Statements, Functions, Expressions, Variables, Operators,….) • Objects and Classes in PeopleCode • Referencing Data in the Component Buffer • Accessing the Data Buffer • PeopleCode and the Component Processor • PeopleCode and PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture
  2. 2. • Using Methods and Built-In Functions • Working With File Attachments • Accessing People Code and Events • Using the PeopleCode Editor • Using the SQL Editor • Creating Application Packages and Classes • Debugging APPLICATION ENGINE • Application Engine Overviewv • AE Program Elements • Understanding state records • Actions • Sections • Set Processing • Meta SQL • Running of A.E (Different ways) COMPONENT INTERFACE • Component Interface Architecture • Component Interface Attributes (Keys, Properties, Collections and Methods) • PeopleCode Behavior and Limitations in CI WORKFLOW • Overview • Workflow Maps • Roles & Users • Worklists • Events & Routings PROCESS SCHEDULER • PeopleSoft Process Scheduler Architecture & Components • Submitting and Scheduling Process Requests • Understanding Run Control IDs • Process Monitor • Jobs and Job Sets SQR
  3. 3. • Overview of SQR • Creating Headings and Footings • Selecting Data from the Database • Using Column Variables • Using Break Logic • Adding Declarations Using the SETUP Section • Using Dynamic SQL and Error Checking • Testing and Debugging INTEGRATION BROKER • Architecture • Services • Messaging • Service Operation Handlers • Service Operation Routing Definitions • Filtering, Transformation and Translation XML PUBLISHER PSQUERY CRYSTAL REPORTS FILE LAYOUT TREE MANAGER DATA MOVER DATA AUDITING