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we are offering best Oracle apps technical online training by real time expert trainer.

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Best Oracle r12 technical online training institute

  1. 1. Oracle Applications R12 Oracle Apps Financial Functional What is Oracle Financials? Oracle Financials products provide organizations with solutions to a wide range of long- and short-term accounting system issues. Regardless of the size of the business, Oracle Financials can meet accounting management demands with: Oracle Assets: Ensures that an organization’s property and equipment investment is accurate and that the correct asset tax accounting strategies are chosen.
  2. 2. Oracle General Ledger: Offers a complete solution to journal entry, budgeting, allocations, consolidation, and financial reporting needs. Oracle Inventory: Helps an organization make better inventory decisions by minimizing stock and maximizing cash flow. Oracle Order Management: Provides organizations with a sophisticated order entry system for managing customer commitments. Oracle Payables: Lets an organization process more invoices with fewer staff members and tighter controls. Helps save money through maximum discounts, bank float, and prevention of duplicate payment. Oracle Purchasing: Improves buying power, helps negotiate bigger discounts, eliminates paper flow, increases financial controls, and increases productivity. Software/Hardware Configuration Operating System: Linux/windows 2003 Software : R 12.1.1 Version E Business Suite Financials Database : Oracle 11.0.7 Hard Disk : Min 320 GB Ram : Min 2GB (for personal oracle) Min 1.5GB (for client-server)
  3. 3. Course Details ORACLE APPLICATIONS Technical R12 ERP Concepts  What is ERP?  WHY is ERP?  ERP Vendors.  About Oracle Application & SAP. About Oracle Application Projects  Types of Project  Implementation Projects.  Up Gradation Projects.  Supporting Project.  Rollout Project Oracle Application Positions Hierarchies.  Functional Consultant & Roles .  Technical Consultant & Roles.  Techno- Functional Consultant & Roles.  Oracle Application DBA & Roles Oracle Applications 11i/R12 Architecture  Three Tier Architecture Components.  Oracle Application 11i/R12 File system . System Administration and Application Object Library (AOL)  Defining an Applications User and Assigning the Responsibilities.  Understanding AOL and its Components  Using AD_DD Package to register Database Component in AOL.  Registering Custom Concurrent Programs based on Reports, Sql scripts, PL/SQL Stored Procedures.  Registering a Custom Reports in Oracle Application with or without parameters.  Profile Option in Oracle Applications. AIM Documentation Preparation.
  4. 4.  MD 70,MD120,CV 60,TE20 Reports 6i/10g in Oracle Applications  Introduction and Usage of USER_EXITS.  Developing a Report from scratch as per Client Requirement.  Developing a Reports based on MD 50 Document (Reports in GL, AP, PO, INV).  Multi-Org & MOAC Concepts in Oracle Application 11i/R12  Customization of Oracle Standard Reports. Flex fields and Value Sets.  Flex Fields and Types of Flexfeilds  Value Sets and Types of Value Sets.  Usage of $FLEX and $PROFILE. Oracle Application Interface  Inbound Interface  About Interface and Scenarios.  Interface Tables and Error Tables  Sql * Loader  Standard Gl Interface and Po Requisition.  Writing Validation Programs  Outbound Interface Conversions  Difference between Conversion / Interface/ Data Migration.  Conversion Approach.  Interface Table Approach (OIT).  API’s Approach.  Direct Insertions  Conversion Package Standards.  Set Defaults, Validation Procedure, Loading Procedure and Error Report.  Item Conversion and Vendor Conversion based on CV 40 Document.  Customer Conversion using API Approach.  Lot Number Conversion Using API Approach. Data Migration/Data Extractions
  5. 5.  Extracting data from source Instance to Repository Instance. Functional Concepts.  Procure To Pay Life Cycles  Order to Cash Cycles.  FA To General Ledger Cycles.  Technical Data Flow from Front End to Back End. SLAM  About Sub Ledger Accounting (SLA).  TCA in R11i and R12i  Banks, Suppliers  Tables in R12i and R11i  General Ledger in R11i and R12i. with tables.  About Multi-Org Access Control.  MOAC Reports. XML Publisher.  Difference between XML Publisher Report and Oracle Reports 6i/10g/11g.  About XML Publisher Report and Template Builder.  Creation of New Report in XML Publisher  Registration of XML Publisher Reports in Oracle Applications.  Template features  Conditional Formatting.  Sub Template  IF Condition  IF THEN ELSE condition Oracle Discoverer 10g Discoverer Administrations.  Introduction of Discoverer.  Discoverer VS Reports.  Creation of EUL  Defining a New Business Area .  Creation of Folders & Custom Folders.  Creations of Items.  Creation of pages.  Registration of Functions.
  6. 6. Discoverer Desktop  Work Book Creation  Creation of Work Sheet  Work Book Registration in apps  Calculations, Defining totals and Sub totals.  Defining Parameters.  Multiple Parameters.  Grouping The Records, Edit Sheet , Invoking functions  Joining Conditions with Tables in Discoverer.  Exception  Worksheet Generation Oracle Apps Forms Work Discoverer Desktop  Form registration  Template.fmb  Appstand.fmb  Form development using templates  Form customization concepts  Form Registration Process  Custom.Pll  Using function Zoom_available( )  Using procedure Event( ) Real Time Live Project • Implementation Methodology and Supporting Process
  7. 7.  Real Time Reports/Interface/conversion/Customization • SQL and PLSQL Performance Methodology • Covering Oracle Financials +Oracle India Localization Financials • 100% Placement assistance • Mock Interviews and FAQ’s • Resume Preparation • Real Time helps after getting job.