Building With Nature Concepts And Solutions


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Overview of recent updates of BwN concepts, principles, approaches and practical solutions.

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Building With Nature Concepts And Solutions

  1. 1. Building with nature Concepts and applications Mindert de Vries, Specialist Advisor Eco-engineering May 2010
  2. 2. Building with nature = use the natural dynamics of the ecosystem to create flexible and sustainable infrastructure while enhancing nature values
  3. 3. … principles … innovative process paradigm shift, pro-active, across disciplines and balancing thinking and doing shared solutions, based on shared investment and shared knowledge between market, government and science
  4. 4. Building with Nature approach • Start with largest possible scale, robust, restore gradients, allow dynamics, let it grow. • Network, share ideas, share knowledge • Paradigm shift “what can we do for nature, what can nature do for us” • Balance thinking and doing: show it in pilots • Monitor and analyse to understand key processes.
  5. 5. BwN for coastal defense: concept • Restore ecosystems along coastlines. • Create healthy, stable designs that make use of nature and engineering, that stabilize the coastline and protect against flooding. • Create flexible, climate proof and sustainable solutions • Combine functions
  6. 6. Dutch historical large scale land reclamation = Marshland kwelders building with nature Foto paesens-moddergat Effective low cost low tech saltmarsh produces safety Wave reducing & large natural value saltmarsh sea dike
  7. 7. Wadden Sea Super Dike: saltmarsh/dune/dike hybrid Existing dike Mindert de Vries, John de Ronde, Wave reducingals golfremmer Vegetatie DHV, saltmarsh IMARES, Alle Hosper Super storm stable vegetated dune Saltmarsh grows with sea level and maintains stability and safety High BwN, low tech, low maintenance cost Lake IJsselmeer Wadden Sea Afsluitdijk
  8. 8. Oysterreef construction for shore stabilisation Oyster-mattress stabilizes sediment and is basis for a living reef Various configurations are tested for effectivity
  9. 9. River dike application: wavereducing hybrid dike ‘fort Steurgat’ Clay dike will be lower than traditional design Wave reducing willow-tree plantations Low cost low tech Deltares concept and design has now been officially accepted to achieve required 1/2000 safety standards and is integrated in this 300 million euro project
  10. 10. June 2009, 100x30m floating wave reducing marsh pilot using traditional techniques, inspired by Louisiana swamps Low-tech floating structure of willow tree branches
  11. 11. Louisiana after Katrina: restoration of marshes can be part of BwN solution for safety against storm surges BwN perspective on sustained safety combined with healthy productive natural system (prepared for USACE) Healthy nature helps to protect the population 2009: Yankee pond: proposal for large scale wave reducing marsh restoration using Dutch technology. Cooperation with DHV, State of Louisiana & National Parks Service
  12. 12. State of the art research, in order to proof concepts • Field • Laboratory facilities • Numerical modelling • Papers accepted in journals Ecological Engineering, 2009
  13. 13. Building with nature projects overview 2010 2009 2008 2007 USA SNG The Netherlands are leading in eco-engineering applied for safety against flooding
  14. 14. Louisiana now: Gulf Oil Spill threatens the Delta • BwN Solution combines state-of-the-art science with state-of-the-art technology and access to broad network • Explore and optimize solution using BwN concepts (Deltares) • Use predictive numerical modelling for optimal design(Deltares) • Input potential for large scale Engineering and Nourishment Technology (van Oord) • Utilize extended BwN Network (Deltares, van Oord and many other parties) if need arises • Balance thinking and doing!
  15. 15. Operational Louisiana coastal models Since Katrina we have advanced 3D models running for Gulf and LA coast in cooperation with USA counterparts What can we do: • Operational forecasting of hydrodynamics • Operational forecasting of the fate and transport of oil based on detailed 3D current patterns. • Forecasting of stability of Chandeleur Islands • Flushing of marshes in Mississippi delta .
  16. 16. ESA, Envisat SAR: 3D oil spill modeling May 9, 2010 Start of simulation: 9 May 2010: based on satellite image (only main patch; no sheen) NASA / MODIS (Aqua): May 9, 2010
  17. 17. 3D oil spill modeling, 4 days later Prediction after 4 days on 13 May 2010 using NOAA wind forecasts and 6 hour updates of currents
  18. 18. Stability of Chandeleur Islands • Deltares develops world-leading models for hurricane morphodynamics simulation (XBeach, Delft3D) • Solution for oil spill could include sustainable solution for Chandeleur Islands • Lifetime of restored islands will be determined by hurricane impact • Validation of models together with USGS – • only study ever to hindcast hurricane overwash correctly for an entire area
  19. 19. Simulation of Hurricane Katrina at Chandeleurs
  20. 20. Deepwater Horizon Gulf Oil Spill • Large area vulnerable • Infinite coastline length • Many entry points • Impossible to defend • Impossible to clean Can we find a BwN main trajectory solution? of oil spill