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The Warrirors Quest


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The Warriors Quest – A Mission Hunt for Personal Meaning and Fulfillment

More and more people are searching for a “better way” of living. The problem with this approach is that you’re only looking at where you should live, or the type of job you should have.

Published in: Spiritual, Health & Medicine
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The Warrirors Quest

  1. 1. The Quandary
  2. 2. Every moment of your life is filled with a swirl of choices
  3. 3. For any one thing that you do, think or say there is an infinite array of other possibilities that you DID NOT choose
  4. 4. You build your life one choice at a time
  5. 5. The Passive Path
  6. 6. As a human being, you can allow your life choices to play themselves out into one or two ways
  7. 7. You can permit others to make the choices for you, by means of their environmental influences, subtle suggestions or even direct orders
  8. 8. This is the passive path through life
  9. 9. This path is so easy to fall into and such a life of foggy an unexamined autopilot beliefs and actions is a tragic waste of your potential
  10. 10. Personal Power Lost
  11. 11. In today’s crowded cities and impersonal institutions, were computers figures keep track of our personal lives…
  12. 12. and corporations, governments, and social networking seem to be assuming more and more responsibility for us…
  13. 13. we need to take back our personal power
  14. 14. From the knowledge of the ancient enlightened warriors and mystery schools, we can derive our own concepts of personal power and control over the quality of our lives
  15. 15. Something Missing in Life
  16. 16. At some point in your life you begin to wonder if perhaps there is more to life than another round of success or failure
  17. 17. Perhaps you have explored the ascent-oriented spiritual life through meditation, contemplation and prayer
  18. 18. Now you’re no longer willing or able to continue your life the way you have and hear a knocking at the door of your soul
  19. 19. You now find your nose suddenly pressed up against the existential questions you have been successfully avoiding…
  20. 20. What is my life about?
  21. 21. What do I live for?
  22. 22. Is this all there is?
  23. 23. Take Back Your Life
  24. 24. You can rise above the feelings of helplessness
  25. 25. You can discover techniques for opening your consciousness and attuning your actions to the truth in your heart
  26. 26. You can reacquaint yourself with the harmony inherent in the way all things unfold
  27. 27. You can become awakened to the reality that happiness, joy and personal fulfillment are the birthright of every individual
  28. 28. Life of Purpose
  29. 29. Life is meant to be lived, explored and utilized with purpose
  30. 30. Life is to be lived with Power Purpose Passion Perseverance
  31. 31. In life, one chooses to be a slave…or a warrior
  32. 32. Choosing a path with heart is the decision of a warrior
  33. 33. Know Your Path
  34. 34. The gift you carry for others is not an attempt to save the world but to fully belong to it
  35. 35. You need to find what is genuinely yours to offer the world before you can make it a better place
  36. 36. The Calling
  37. 37. Your personal destiny is to become your gift through your actions
  38. 38. “ Our calling is where our deepest gladness and the world’s huger meet” – Frederick Buechner
  39. 39. A task without a vision is just a job
  40. 40. A vision without a task is just a dream
  41. 41. A vision with a task can change the world
  42. 42. Discover Your Purpose
  43. 43. If you can remain open to what emerges from the shadows…
  44. 44. your new life will begin to arrange itself and unfold with each subsequent breath
  45. 45. The truth is … you really can have absolutely anything your want; wealth, health, meaningful, personal relationships …
  46. 46. whatever you want, but only if you seriously apply the principles and processes of the enlightened warrior to your life
  47. 47. There is no higher power than the actualized human being who is the balanced meeting place of both the material and the divine
  48. 48. The Warriors Quest
  49. 49. You’ll discover your purpose your path with heart
  50. 50. You’ll receive permission from your ego to follow your path with passion
  51. 51. You’ll align your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies into a singular purposeful force
  52. 52. You’ll Attain a 100% focused state of mind of perseverance
  53. 53. You’ll obtain crystal clear thinking
  54. 54. You’ll take inspired action and create a life of Power Purpose Passion Perseverance!
  55. 55. Start On Your Path Today
  56. 56. By getting more information at