Shape custom clothiers


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Designers: Ross Dansby, Stephanie Hertel, 
Karen Jantz, Buck Wimberly

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Shape custom clothiers

  1. 1. Designing Services & Experiences: Ross Dansby, Stephanie Hertel, Karen Jantz, Buck Wimberly
  2. 2. HOW THEY SHOP Specific Broad Gift Card/ Needs Needs Promo Hobby Social Involuntary Shopper Shopper Shopper Shopper Shopper Shopper Find my desired color. — — — —Find what fits my body. — — Entertain me. — — Show me options. — Show me what’s new. —Show me what coordinates? —
  3. 3. WHAT THEY WANT ‣ Educate Me ‣ Make me feel good about myself ‣ Entertain me ‣ Show me what’s new
  4. 4. WHO THEY AREEric Jae Lindsay Tyler✤ Broad Needs ✤ Needs Based ✤ Hobby/Social ✤ Involuntary Shopper Shopper Shopper Shopper✤ Upgrading ✤ Budgeter and ✤ Shops for fun ✤ Needs to be wardrobe trend follower ✤ Shops with entertained✤ Shops alone ✤ Shops alone friends ✤ Shops with girlfriend
  5. 5. STORE CONCEPT Co-creation + Local Production + Modern Technology _______________________ 21st Century Tailor
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  7. 7. WELCOME
  9. 9. WHAT THEY WANT ‣ Educate Me: teaches consumers about their personal style and proper fit ‣ Make me feel good about myself: builds confidence through personal expression ‣ Entertain me: uses digital technology to keep customers engaged ‣ Show me what’s new: being a trusted trend expert
  10. 10. TECHNOLOGY:Interactive Wall ‣ HD projection technology ‣ Simple software rotates stills, videos, and shows “Now Playing” music
  11. 11. TECHNOLOGY:High-Tech Dressing Room ‣ Augmented reality technology ‣ Innovative software allows customization ‣ 3D body scanning technology provides accurate measurements
  12. 12. TECHNOLOGY:Production ‣ Laser cutting technology offers quick and accurate turnaround ‣ Industrial grade sewing machines assemble cut pieces ‣ Industrial grade steamers ensure the clothing looks ready to wear
  13. 13. TECHNOLOGY:Database-driven offerings ‣ Online quiz and appointment scheduling ‣ Website with a design tool facilitates user-created content ‣ Customers’ style choices are stored to provide suggestions
  14. 14. OUR BANKROLL ‣ Large initial investment in technology ‣ Low fixed costs over time ‣ High price-point clothing ‣ Low clothing inventory ‣ Few customer refunds
  15. 15. INVITE THEM IN ‣ Advertising through word of mouth: FB, delivery, quality ‣ Online design studio gets customers excited about their clothes ‣ Making high quality, custom clothing accessible
  16. 16. KEEP THEM COMING BACK ‣ Value increases as they form a closer relationship ‣ Personal shopper, personal interaction, thank you notes, etc. ‣ Customer involvement in design process ‣ Perfect fit and style ‣ High design with a local experience
  17. 17. SOURCES: technology ‣ Cornell University College of Human Ecology, “Made to Measure” ‣ Zugara ‣ Absolutely Digital, “ Augmented Reality Dressing Room” reality-dressing-room/ ‣ Astor and Black Custom Clothier
  18. 18. SOURCES: image credits ‣ Dress fabric and base: ‣ Men’s fabric samples: ‣ Delivery Truck: sweet-lucies.html ‣ Hanger: ‣ Tag: ‣ Misc:,