Design to Reduce Energy Use In the Home


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Design to Reduce Energy Use In the Home, by Michael Eckersley, University of Kansas

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Design to Reduce Energy Use In the Home

  1. 1. DESIGNTOREDUCEENERGYUSEINTHEHOMEImproving the Consumer-Facing Strategyand Innovating the System User InterfaceDesignManagement + InteractionDesign
  3. 3. Current statelimitations of PowcoCustomer-facingStrategyDesignManagement
  4. 4. PROBLEMS Dependence on consumer to moder- ate home energy usage.OUT THERE Existing incentives are not enough to catalyze change. General lack of consumer awareness of energy supply limits and POWCO strategic goals.DesignManagement
  5. 5. COMMUNICATION POWCO wants to communicate a complex message. “We want you to use less, but we are capable of providing.” Ambiguous, ineffective service brand messaging. Large, unmet challenges in shaping communication. Obtusely communicated incentives and promotions. No active feedback loops (conversations). Lack of tailored/targetted consumer messaging.DesignManagement
  6. 6. TECHNICAL Power companies require the customer to do the vast majority of the legwork Site energy calculators are hard to use, ineffective Until recently with the implementation of smart meters, there was no feedback as to the user’s energy consumption until the monthly bill arrived.DesignManagement
  7. 7. RAISE AWARENESS How do customer feel about interacting with the power company? Do they think it works? Why? Do they think it is broken? How? What is their experience from the first phone call to paying the final bill?What would get them excited?
  8. 8. Ideas fora proposedsolutionDesignManagement
  9. 9. RAISEAWARENESSSolutions It isn’t just the service, it is how that service makes the customer feel. Free home energy diagnostic with account setup for residences. Use real numbers to shock them or make them feel their choices really do matter Send energy saving tips via the web, email, or textDesignManagement
  10. 10. INCENTIVES Credit Union or COOP approach Rebates, Point/Reward Systems Community-Based. Challenges/Competitions/Partnerships Tailored Incentives for Generational/Demographic Groups. Upgrading Older Homes/AppliancesDesignManagement
  11. 11. IN-HOME DEVICEDesignManagement
  12. 12. CONVENIENCE Associate new behavior with an existing routine Less work for customer Easy to understand Convenient features such as auto bill pay, local weather,efficiency modeDesignManagement
  13. 13. USER CENTEREDIntroduce ownership User is in control of total home energy profile. User can create settings and goals around personal preferences. Mobile app options for greater flexibility, controlDesignManagement
  14. 14. FEEDBACK Give user frequent feedback about the consequences of their actions. Detailed energy usage Real-time savings/loss Understand consequences and make better choices Introduce or increase present gains Choice bracketing - daily vs yearly totals Tips for saving energyDesignManagement
  15. 15. Powco reaching out to customers Educational institutions are important partners. Develop better customer relationships TEAMWORKDesignManagement
  16. 16. MARKETINGMESSAGE Communicate specific goals Social networking Possible message “Save Energy: For your home and yourself”DesignManagement
  17. 17. BENEFITSFor the power company Improved customer and community relationships Decreased strain on existing facilities Poised to usher in new, sustainable technologiesDesignManagement
  18. 18. BENEFITSFor the consumer Ownership of home energy usage Greater savings Sense of responsibility—home own- ership, energy usage, conserving re- sourcesDesignManagement
  19. 19. BENEFITSFor the environment Less energy waste Reduce carbon footprint Explore renewable energy sourcesDesignManagement
  20. 20. Topics:

  21. 21. RESEARCHRESEARCHMETHODS• In-home interviews• Behavioral observations• Written and photographic documentationRESEARCHOBJECTIVES• What we saw• What we learned• What it means• What we can do
  22. 22. PERSONAS Boomers Gen-Xers Gen-Yers Jessica Amy EnergyAttentive John Sue JakeEnergyPassive Cody
  23. 23. PERSONASBOOMERS: JOHN&SUE JOHN: ENERGY ATTENTIVE “I try my best to be efficient with energy, but there’s often a battle between saving and keeping Sue comfortable.” SUE: ENERGY PASSIVE “Now that I’m home more, I usually just set the thermostat to what I need in order to stay comfortable.”
  24. 24. PERSONASBOOMERS: JOHN&SUE JOHN: ENERGY ATTENTIVE • John pays the bills • Average payment plan • Hang dries laundry to save • Maintains HVAC air filter • Fireplace user in winter • Wants long term results
  25. 25. PERSONASBOOMERS: JOHN&SUE SUE: ENERGY PASSIVE • Doesn’t pay attention to the bills or cost of energy • Often leaves lights on • Sets thermostat for comfort; feels she deserves it at her age • Thinks CFL’s look strange and are too expensive
  26. 26. PERSONASBOOMERS: JOHN&SUE“We’re not planning on relocating, so it’s worth it to invest in our home.” • Empty nesters; spends weekends at lake • Well insulated house with newer windows • Have landscaping lights on a timer • Thermostat:72 in summer and 68 in winter • Used gov’t rebates for Energy Star appliances
  27. 27. PERSONASGEN-X: JESSICA&CODY JESSICA: ENERGY ATTENTIVE “I can hear our on-demand hot water heater click on. It reminds me that we have some control over our efficiency practices.” CODY: ENERGY PASSIVE “Jessica gives me a hard time about the utility bills. I’m working on it, but our technology is pretty important to us. We don’t do well with turning off or unpluging desktop computers.”
  28. 28. PERSONASGEN-X: JESSICA&CODY JESSICA: ENERGY ATTENTIVE • Attempts to teach their son, Ben, by constantly reinforcing household rules to turn things off when finished • Pays close attention to the utility bills • Often attributes increases to the cost to actual cost of delivery, rather than their usage
  29. 29. PERSONASGEN-X: JESSICA&CODY CODY: ENERGY PASSIVE • Active and likes to spend time outdoors • Usually the one to take their dog for walks • Tries to shut down lights and fans but sometimes forgets • Doesn’t pay much attention to the thermostat — wants comfort
  30. 30. PERSONASGEN-X: AMY&JAKE“We schedule our thermostat to be most comfortable between 5-9pm, the rest of the time it is about efficiency.” • Have a 3 year old son; 1 dog • Live in a 3 bed/2 bath suburban home • Florescent bulbs everywhere • Keep a big basket of blankets in the living room in the winter. • Back door has a draft, they roll a towel up in front of back door to keep the heat inside. • They adjust thermostat for dog in summer
  31. 31. PERSONASGEN-Y: AMY&JAKE AMY: ENERGY ATTENTIVE “Those boys will only recycle if I basically do it for them and make it easy to drop things in. I swear they wouldn’t even get the bills paid if I wasn’t here.” JAKE: ENERGY PASSIVE “I really want to save energy, benefit the environment, and my bank account, but sometimes it just doesn’t fit my schedule.”
  32. 32. PERSONASGEN-Y: AMY&JAKE AMY: ENERGY ATTENTIVE • Responsible for keeping track of all bills • Collects money from all the roommates • She sets up and empties recycling containers for the home • Pays the most attention to the electricity used in their home
  33. 33. PERSONASGEN-Y: AMY&JAKE JAKE: ENERGY PASSIVE • TV and gaming systems always on • Keeps an old small refrigerator in his bedroom for sodas/beer • Habitually opens window in his room when the heat is on • His room seems to be warmer than the rest of the house
  34. 34. PERSONASGEN-Y: AMY&JAKE“It’s difficult to control the electricity usage when roommates are always leaving things on.” • Lights often left on unintentionally • Either A/C or heat is always on • Multiple gaming systems stacked up by the television • Not everyone understands how to use prorammable thermostat • Live close to campus and frequently have guests coming and going • Cost of utilities and all household bills are split 3 ways
  35. 35. SCENARIOS Boomers Gen-Xers Gen-Yers Jessica Amy EnergyAttentive John Sue JakeEnergyPassive Cody
  36. 36. SCENARIOSBOOMERS: JOHN&SUEAfter having their Smart Meter and newthermostat installed, John and Sue findout they could be saving money byprogramming their thermostat and payingcloser attention to their energy usage.However, they are out of town a lot anddont have much time to worry abouttheir thermostat.
  37. 37. SCENARIOSBOOMERS: JOHN&SUEJohn turns on the thermostatfor the first time and goesthrough the set-up wizard,and alert settings (includingthe monthly bill limit).
  38. 38. SCENARIOSBOOMERS: JOHN&SUEJohn turns on the thermostatfor the first time and goesthrough the set-up wizard,and alert settings (includingthe monthly bill limit).
  39. 39. SCENARIOSBOOMERS: JOHN&SUEAfter hes finished enteringthe settings, John starts theprogramming feature.
  40. 40. SCENARIOSBOOMERS: JOHN&SUEHe finds out that he cancreate specific settings forhome, away, and vacationmodes.Sue is especially excitedabout the vacation mode,because every time they goout of town, John sets thethermostat for extremetemperatures and she cantkeep her plants alive.
  41. 41. SCENARIOSBOOMERS: JOHN&SUEA week later, John noticesthe status bar on the homescreen is yellow.
  42. 42. SCENARIOSBOOMERS: JOHN&SUEHe presses a button on thestatus bar and a pop-upshows that his currentusage pattern will cause himto exceed his monthly bill TIP! Get back on tracklimit; the pop-up says that he by turning the AC SETTINGcan get back on track by up 2 degrees.turning the AC setting up2 degrees, with a button topress to approve thermostatchange.
  43. 43. SCENARIOSBOOMERS: JOHN&SUEHe presses OK, and thestatus bar goes back togreen. He notices the AC settemperature has changedfrom 70 to 72 degrees.
  44. 44. SCENARIOSGEN-X: JESSICA&CODYJessica and Cody schedule theirthermostat to be most comfortablebetween 5-9pm, the rest of the timeit is about efficiency.Their programmable thermostat helpsKeep the temperature ranges constant andprevents them from forgetting to adjustwhen needed.
  45. 45.
  46. 46. SCENARIOSGEN-Y: AMY&JAKEJake and Amy are college students living inan old drafty house.Amy comes home from her eveningwaitressing job, sits down at the kitchentable and counts her tips. After shediscovers that she barely has enoughmoney to buy groceries for herself for theweek, she tries to take her mind off ofthings by opening the mail.”The electric bill is $149! What are thoseboys doing in this house? What can I do?"
  47. 47. SCENARIOSGEN-Y: AMY&JAKEShe goes to the thermostatand sees the status bar isred.
  48. 48. SCENARIOSGEN-Y: AMY&JAKEShe then presses theCharts/Graphs icon to lookfor clues about what iscausing the bill to be high.
  49. 49. SCENARIOSGEN-Y: AMY&JAKEShe sees the weekcomparison and noticesenergy use is much higher 60 50than last week. 40 30 20 10 0
  50. 50. SCENARIOSGEN-Y: AMY&JAKEShe rolls over to the yearcomparison and seesenergy use is also much 300 250higher than last year; 200 150she realizes she had energy 100conscious roommates last 50 0year and attributes this to thehigher bill.
  51. 51. SCENARIOSGEN-Y: AMY&JAKEThen she goes to theprogram mode and sees theweekday mode has beenturned off and only weekendis on, when the thermostat isset much more comfortablyfor lots of company.
  52. 52. SCENARIOSGEN-Y: AMY&JAKEShe immediately turnsweekday mode back on.
  53. 53. SCENARIOSGEN-Y: AMY&JAKEWhen she finishes,the home screen showsa yellow status bar.She notices that the settemperature for heat hasautomatically adjustedfrom 70 to 68.
  54. 54. HOME ENERGY CONTROL SYSTEM LAWRENCE TEAMMarcus Gardner, Adriana Guzmán, Amy Mihalevich,Satoshi Inoue, Meredith Tack, Darren Kennedy, Gianfranco Villagomez
  55. 55. DISCOVERYInteractionDesign
  56. 56. “I have a couple of Energy Star rated appliances,but I don’t really know why they are good. I like theidea of being efficient, but honestly, I just wantedthe rebates.”
  57. 57. “We love Christmas lights, andI think they don’t use a lot ofelectricity, so we leave them onall day.”“We set the goal to change thetemperature on the thermostat byNovember 1st and the same forJune 1st, but sometimes it is sodifficult...”“Yeah, we use those lightbulbs but you know I don’t likethe color..” They agree on almost everthing related to the energy. They use a programmable thermostat that is on from 6:00 and 8:00p.m. Summer is 68 and in winter it is 75. InteractionDesign
  58. 58. HOME People make an effort to look good in front of others.INTERVIEWS: Most wanted to conserve energy but didn’tWHATWE know that much about what to do.LEARNED Homeowners often think of efficiency in terms of big projects, rather than daily practices. Thermostat control can be an area of frustration among members of a household. People do not have a very clear understanding of how their energy bill is calculated. Most people are more interested in saving money, than they are in being green.
  59. 59. USE CASES As a (user/role) I want (goal/desire) so that (benefit). John Jessica AmyInteractionDesign
  60. 60. FEEDBACK LOOPEVIDENCEData must be measured, captured and stored.RELEVANCEInformation delivered to individual in an emotionallyrelevant context.CONSEQUENCEThe information must illuminate one or more paths ahead.ACTIONRecalibrate behavior, make a choice, act, and evaluate.
  61. 61. SYSTEM IDEATION The device will become the missing link for the user to understand and be in control of the energy consumption in their home. The Controller is the user’s interface for a complete smart home system. Home Owner The Controller Smart Plug Home Energy CompanyInteractionDesign
  62. 62. FLOW _Pricing _Color _Notification Controller Set Up Wizard1 2 Feedback Feedback Icons Account Info Major Minor Lighting Heating/ Controller Home Appliances Appliances Display AC Display Display Display Home Analysis View Stats View Stats View Stats View Stats Indoors Temp Control Control Control Control Set First Goal Outside Display Plugs Plugs Lights Temp Scheduled Smart Plug Inventory Temp Up & Down Control Heat / AC/ Fan/ Off Interface Tour Graphical Display Weather View Forecast Graphical Display The user interface includes a set up Date/Time Go to Scheduler wizard (1), global controls (shown vertical), feedback displays (shown Toggle to “Home Quick Away Now” horizontal), and only one level deep for each area of the interface. Go to all home Energy stats Stats Graphical Goals Feedback Display Go to set or edit GoalInteractionDesign
  63. 63. PAPER PROTOTYPINGInteractionDesign
  64. 64. PAPERPROTOTYPES:WHATWELEARNEDIf we don’t put up someparameters, this device couldbe anything. Time to simplify!People don’t want to stand atthe wall for very long.Several people wanted asupporting mobile app.We need a very shallowinterface.People are interested inexploring interfaces that looknice. Not everything needs tobe face up.
  65. 65. CONCEPTSInteractionDesign
  66. 66. SCHEDULER NOVEMBER 2012 Learn behaviors 30 31 1 2 3 4 5 Provide tips Quick away options 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Flag milestones 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 1 2 3InteractionDesign
  67. 67. SCHEDULER DECEMBER 27 28 29 30 1 2 3 oF 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 60 o OUTSIDE 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 1:00 P.M. DEC 13 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Away Away 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Away Goal: $60 // You have spent $42 so farInteractionDesign
  68. 68. COMMUNITY CHALLENGESCommunity percentageChallenge your neighborsCompete for titlesSocial gamingSponsored challengesPower in numbersInteractionDesign
  69. 69. SMART PLUGInteractionDesign
  70. 70. PLUG CONTROL Living room oF Ben’s room Garage 60 o OUTSIDE 7:00 P.M. DEC 15 Away $2.30 xx Kw/h Goal: $60 // You have spent $xx so farInteractionDesign
  71. 71. SCENARIO DEVELOPMENTInteractionDesign
  72. 72. FORM DEVELOPMENTInteractionDesign
  73. 73. FORM DEVELOPMENTInteractionDesign
  74. 74. FORM DEVELOPMENTInteractionDesign
  77. 77. HOME ENERGY CONTROLLERInteractionDesign
  78. 78. SET UP WIZARD 10:00 a.m 10:00 a.m DEC DEC 05 05 72 WELCOME According to our system your average bill is $95 Tell us your goal Tell us your goal Account number o $ $ 10:00 a.m10:00 a.mDEC05 $1.00 oF oF $1.50 FWELCOME 60 o OUTSIDE 60 o OUTSIDE 10:00 a.m 1:00 P.M. DEC DEC $1.50Your daily energy consumption should be $2.24Now, you are ready for the challenge 05 Away 13 Away $2.30 $0.50 $0.25 Goal: $60 // You have spent $xx so far Goal: $60 // You have spent $xx so farInteractionDesign
  80. 80. FEEDBACK LOOP DECEMBER27 28 29 30 4 5 6 7 1 2 311 12 13 14 8 9 1018 19 20 21 15 16 1725 26 27 28Away 22 23 24 Away 29 30 31
  81. 81. DESIGNTOREDUCEENERGYUSEINTHEHOMEImproving the Consumer-Facing Strategyand Innovating the System User InterfaceDesignManagement + InteractionDesign