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Design for Social Change


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It's a summary of ideas and examples how design can influence social change and support bringing new quality of life to developing countries. Designers have powerful tools in their hands. It's a matter of attitude how those tools are being used. There are some videos at the end of the ppt that illustrate simple yet meaningful and impactful solutions to vital social and environmental problems.
I used web resources:,, etc. Thanks to Fionn Dobin from MAMMU for inspiration. Here is another great example of design for change:

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Design for Social Change

  1. 1. Mindaugas Danys
  2. 2. Why Design is Important?"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage - to move in the opposite direction." (Albert Einstein)
  3. 3. What can we do?
  4. 4. Design Solutions
  5. 5. Repellent Mosquito Nets• In West Africa, over 3,000 children die of malaria every day;• 1 out of every 5 childhood deaths is due to malaria.• Malaria kills a child every 30 seconds in West Africa.
  6. 6. Diversity
  7. 7. Bottom of the Pyramid Concept
  8. 8. Social Entrepreneurship
  9. 9. Experiment
  10. 10. Prototype
  11. 11. Test
  12. 12. Business model
  13. 13. One Dollar Glasses
  14. 14. Value AddedMAMMU Latvia - 79 EUR !
  15. 15. Challenges
  16. 16. How to reach your customer HEAVY ECO is available in a few selected locations: KAFFE + BOMULD Copenhagen Denmark BLINGLIFE Helsinki Finland RINGZ & THINGZ Antwerp Belgium POTASSIUM London UK ECO EGO Copenhagen Denmark EERLIJK WAAR! Amsterdam Netherlands
  17. 17. Jugaad
  18. 18. Thanks!Mindaugas
  19. 19. Tactical Urbanism
  20. 20. Move your picnic table to the front yard
  21. 21. Competitions• Siemens Stiftung – Empowering people Award: Inventors and developer teams are called upon to submit technical products or solutions that help combat existential problems in basic supply.
  22. 22. videos• Filipinai: 8• She re=player_embedded• ure=player_embeddedTreadle pump3 ward change-infographics/