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  1. 1. Introduction to 4/2/12
  2. 2. What is Timeline?• A new section of a Facebook user’s account• Reverse-chronological display of user’s history• Replaces and combines user’s FB Wall and Profile• Your News Feed remains the same• Your older posts are now more easily accessible
  3. 3. Do I Have to Use Timeline?• Yes, it’s now a mandatory change• It’s just another change/upgrade to FB• Visually it’s difference• Same things you had before• More options than before
  4. 4. What It Does• “Shows the story of your life”• Controlled by you• Displayed in reverse timeline sequence
  5. 5. What Does It Look Like?• A cross between a “visual blog and online scrapbook”• Vertical• Reverse chronology• Allows you to note which posts are important to you
  6. 6. Biggest visual change: Cover photo
  7. 7. Cover Photos• Image dimensions: 851 x 315• Allowed: – Branding – Inspiring visually – Creativity• Not allowed: – Call-to-actions – Contact info – URLs – Like/Share
  8. 8. Tabs Are Now Apps• No default landing tab• Tabs are now apps• 4 apps always on display• Up to 14 custom apps on your Timeline• Create custom thumbnails• Apps have unique URLs
  9. 9. Larger photos/postings
  10. 10. What Appears on Timeline?• Status updates• Photos• Friendships made• Job history• Marital status• Other profile information
  11. 11. What It Doesn’t Do• It will NOT replace your News Feed page• You will still see your friends’ posts as you always have
  12. 12. What About My Privacy?• You control who sees your posts and who doesn’t• Click the “Custom” button to select• Or enter your status as usual• You can still delete posts• Account Privacy is also under your control
  13. 13. Timeline Pros• You can edit who sees what on your Timeline anytime (pre-Timeline material was public by default)• You can choose whether you want people to be able to see your pre-Timeline posts (make your choice soon)
  14. 14. Life Events/Milestones• You can add life events, current or back-dated• You can create custom life events or milestones in your business
  15. 15. Back-dating• You can back-date photos, and they will show up in the appropriate time of your life (photo from 10 years ago goes under 2002)
  16. 16. App Integration• Outside apps can be integrated into your Timeline (it’s optional)• It can automatically post activities you do in other apps – Pinterest – Yahoo News, Wall Street Journal (will post when you view an article) – Digg – Music, entertainment, fitness, travel, etc.
  17. 17. More Timeline Pros• More “About” space and direct link to your website• Cover photo adds flair to the once plain pages• You can highlight items by clicking the Highlight Star
  18. 18. Action Steps Dive in!
  19. 19. Familiarize Yourself with Timeline
  20. 20. Find out how people are using Timeline
  21. 21. Double Check Your Privacy• Set your privacy settings – Arrow menu – “Privacy Settings” – Customize your settings
  22. 22. Action Steps for You• Dive in• Cover photo• Life Events/Mileston es• Update your privacy
  23. 23. Resources• “12 Things You Should Know About Facebook Timeline” – Jill Duffy• “Facebook Relaunches Timeline, Timeline Apps” – Mark Hachman• “New Facebook Pages with Timeline Design” – Kristi Hines• “15 Must Know Tips to Rock Your New Facebook Timeline Business Page” – Pam Moore