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How To Flirt Over Text is free ebook from divided into two volume. If you want to know how to flirt nicely by text messages, then How To Flirt Over Text is great ebook for you.

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How To Flirt Over Text Volume 1 by

  1. 1. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 1 How To Flirt Over Text VOLUME 1 ( You Can Download How To Flirt Over Text Volume 2 For Free in )
  3. 3. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 3 Cute Texts to Send a Girl Let’s think of a hypothetical scenario. You’ve got a smartphone. You’ve got an interested party that you’re texting on this smartphone, someone of the opposite sex that you’ve been successfully interacting with thus far. You want to take it up a notch and fire her some cute texts that’ll spark the interaction to the next plateau so you can capitalize off of all your positive momentum, but are freezing up. You have no idea what consists of a cute text, how to go about grabbing her attention and what’s in the realm of propriety for someone that you just met. Or you might want to send cute texts to a girl that you’re already halfway seeing or in a relationship with. The medium of text isn’t limited in any way – you can steer interactions the way you want to, once you actually know how to use it. Here are some easy ways to do that.
  4. 4. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 4 1. Send her cute jokes. The medium of text is paced out so that you send a text, she sends a response, and generally you’re not going to be writing novel-length dissertations. They’re going to be short, fun, and flirty. So with abbreviated jokes, such as knock-knock ones or things similar in structure, you’ll not only have an easy tool to brighten someone’s day, it’ll keep the energy moving forward. You always want to be moving forward in an interaction, never having that awkward lull. Fun little jokes. They make any conversation better when you’re face-to-face with someone, why wouldn’t they make them better via text? 2. Pictures are flexible and easy. There are some tactics that PUAs circulate and use like a charm, over and over again, other ones that are lesser known. Here’s one of the ones that
  5. 5. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 5 is currently under the radar – your phone, provided that it’s a smartphone, and not an ancient candybar, is capable of taking pictures. You’re not going to take pictures of anything lewd, though, instead, simply take a picture of a food item you may have cooked, something interesting you saw, a bit of flowers that you saw on sale in a flower shop, and offer her some. It’ll be enough to get the conversation stimulated – all with the stunning ease of technology. Much easier than carrying a notepad in your pocket to scrawl down cute notes, eh? 3. Notepad is your friend in loud clubs. While admittedly, it’s not an SMS, it has to do with cute text. One of the biggest issues guys have starting out in this is that they don’t know how to talk to girls in a venue whwere the music is fary too loud. That can easily be fixed. Whip out your smartphone, if the girl is showing enough
  6. 6. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 6 compliance to you, and open up the notepad application, or any other app used to take down text notes. What’s the purpose of it? So you two can have a conversation in the crowded club without having to shout or actually have a conversation. Personally, I’ve known many eople who have implemented this simplistic fix into their bag of tricks and gotten a lot of results because of it. You have to make sure your text game is good, though. If it’s shoddy, and you write like you’re leaving a message on a friend’s ancient MySpace wall, filled with emoticons and textspeak, she may be much less likely to respond positively. 4. Seed future events that you can take her on. Yes. That’s right. There’s no easier way to get somebody thinking about something than just mentioning it outright – but if you get someone’s
  7. 7. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 7 number, there should always be a purpose behind it. There should always be a reason why you’re doing it – hence, you text her when you see something interesting and drop the idea the two of you should go to it. If she responds positively, you have a date set up, if she doesn’t respond well to it, oh well. You can try it on the next girl that you meet. But I guarantee that the act of her seeing that you’re going around town to engage in activities that are fun, coupled with you mentioning them to her will be enough to get her interested. 5. Exaggerated roleplay. One of the basic tenets of humor is comedic exaggeration. One thing a lot of PUAs like doing when they text people, inventing fantastical situations or taking something the girl just said and blowing it out of proportion. If she play along, that’s a bit of compliance building momentum
  8. 8. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 8 forward for you. Keep in mind, no rules are written in stone. If you want to experiment with what’ll work the best with your personality and situation – you’re going to have to experiement. Thankfully, you have the time and willpower to do just that. Hope you found some of these ideas for cute texts helpful.
  9. 9. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 9 Funny Text Messages to Send Girls Sometimes, getting the girl isn’t the most important thing. Sometimes that’s only one of the things that’ll make you the happiest, and you need to participate in the principle of self-amusement. That dictates that you have the best time doing the silliest things and not worrying about the rules and the principles that govern the realm of pick- up artistry. Sometimes you just want to be silly. The problem is – a lot of people don’t know how to be silly and a lot of people are unsure about how to be funny. Most people who look for information about this kind of thing aren’t very good at anticipating and picking up on social cues – so here’s some hilarious things you can text people…some funny text messages to send. 1. Hilarious pictures. Smartphones can do a variety of things – from
  10. 10. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 1 0 locating the nearest location of shoes and working as a GPS, to acting as Ocarinas if you blow in the right area of them. The other magical thing they can do is save every text message you’ve ever gotten and send pictures back and forth between parties. Which can either lead to awkward pictures of body parts being exchanged. Or – hilarious pictures. There’s a compendium of hilarious pictures that you can just download at any time and save onto your phone – so take the time to do that. How many girls do you know who hate receiving pictures of cats? The same amount who hate happiness and ice cream. As in, none. So get pictures of memes, funny captioned things, make your own if you have to – for any response that might encounter. It’s just one of a myriad of funny text messages you can send. 2.. Jokes. You might’ve noticed, but jokes are short enough
  11. 11. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 1 1 to be told via text message. Additionally, the communication is short enough that people don’t get bored with jokes – even with really short and stupid ones. In fact, the shortest and stupidest jokes you can muster usually get SOME kind of reaction via text – just make sure you’re on good enough ground with the person that they don’t care that you’re texting them stupid jokes. Knock knock jokes, stupid short two-liners, anything that you have that’s been called back before – all these are possibilities of funny text messages that you can send to the army of women that you’re trying to seduce. If you can make a woman laugh, then chances are you’re going to be able to get her to do what you want. 3. ‘Made you look.’ If she gets it, chances are she’s got a good sense of humor. If she doesn’t, explain to her that you made her look at her cell phone, and never contact
  12. 12. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 1 2 her again, because she isn’t quick on the uptake. We kid. But it’s one of many stupid and funny text messages you can send to a girl. If you can’t joke around with a pretty lady, what can you possibly hope for? Getting a funnier lady. That’s the only thing that you can possibly hope for. 4. ‘Help, my apartment is being invaded by Smurfs. How do I kill them?’ This text message does a variety of things – first, you’ll be able to see if she’s got a knowledge of 80’s cartoons that were invented overseas. Or if she’s seen the recent movie starring Neil Patrick Harris. More importantly, you can send this message out en masse, and you’ll be able to see what responses you get and be able to capitalize off of those responses or if none of your friends actually know what to do with Smurfs. Some schools of pick-up call it ‘Zombie Texting’, where you text old phone numbers that haven’t been
  13. 13. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 1 3 responding anymore and see which ones respond. If one responds, you can invite them out again and capitalize off of it – if they don’t, it’s just another funny text message that you’ve learned how to send. Pretty cool, right? 5. ‘I saw an eagle fighting a shark today and thought of you.’ Again, something that you can easily text people en masse to see who’ll respond and what’s going on in your social circle. If you get responses back, they’ll be asking questions like, ‘What?’ ‘Really?’ ‘What’s that mean?’ or people with good senses of humor will be like, ‘Awwwww.’ Just another zombie text you can send to people to be goofy and try to brighten their day up. These are just suggestions, bear in mind. A lot of humor is based off the individual, and if your demeanor is drier than a sherry, you’re not going
  14. 14. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 1 4 to sound right saying lines that somebody else has invented. Which is why it’s so important for you to get out and practice being funny on your own, instead of taking lines. You have the power inside you, now utilize it! I hope you enjoyed these suggestions for funny text messages to send girls
  15. 15. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 1 5 Good Night Text Messages You’re getting the number of some girls, making everything work right, and you’ve even got a few that you really like. You’re talking to more and more of them, and suddenly you decide that you want to text them. You want to text them good night text messages. So firstly, you want to make sure that you’re on good enough grounds with her emotionally that you can send her a text message before you go to bed. If you’re being the guy who’s too needy – hold off. If it’s something that’s in character and not too needy, then by all means, go ahead. Send a girl some good night text messages. Here are a few you can bounce around until you start coming up with your own. Best Good Night Text Messages 1. Good night.
  16. 16. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 1 6 Traditional. Easy. The kind of thing you’d send to somebody that you care about – and if you care about the girl, don’t get all fancy. Don’t try to spike her emotional buying temperature with something that you’ve spent days thinking about, don’t try to tickle her fancy with anything that you’ve been saving up – just wish her good night. In fact, if there’s a girl that you think could use a good night on your text message list, wish her good night. 2. Tell her something horrible as a non- sequitor, then wish her goodnight. This is one of the more advanced ones. You tell her something that you’ve noticed in life, that doesn’t really relate to her going to sleep, then wish her goodnight. Sound confusing? It’s not. Here’s an example that you can go by. ‘Isn’t it weird that people never know the names of 80’s one-hit wonders? This is my way of telling you
  17. 17. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 1 7 goodnight.’ Boom. Simple. Over and done with, and you can stop worrying about what else to say to her. 3. Funny Good Night Text Messages I’m a huge advocate of stupid jokes – they help alleviate certain situations, even if they’re atrocious, they can still get a laugh, and everybody likes them. How many stupid jokes have you heard being told over the years? How many times have you laughed at them and found some enjoyment deep inside yourself, despite knowing that they’re terrible, terrible jokes? Probably a lot. So text her a dumb joke, then tell her goodnight. One of my favorites? Why did Mickey break up with Minnie? Because she was fucking goofy. Also an easy way to see if she’s into you and tries to start sexually escalating. Here’s a sweet text message.
  18. 18. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 1 8 4. Sweet Good Night Text Messages I’ll never be able to fall asleep if you don’t wish me good night. This one, you have to make sure that you’re not a guy who she perceives as needy. Otherwise, you’re harassing her to text message you back – a situation that would annoy any sane and rational person. So you don’t want to be annoying the sane and rational people in your life, so just back off if you’re the guy who always is blowing up other people’s phones. Don’t be that guy, by the way. Women hate it, it comes off as needy, nothing good comes from being the guy who is blowing up people’s phones. 5. A quiz question, or an interesting fact. There’s a ton of great websites that you can draw interesting facts or trivia from, including
  19. 19. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 1 9 They list things that you might not’ve thought of, or may be surprised to learn. Guess what? Having knowledge about a certain topic of interest is the same thing as adding value to someone. If you know something that’s interesting, pester them about it. For instance, ‘I bet you don’t know why pirates wore eyepatches on their heads.’ If they respond positively, tease them. Tell them that you’ll be able to tell them more in the morning. It’ll infuriate them, as they’ll be invested in you all night, and be waiting to get an answer in the morning. Pretty cool, right? Creates all sort of investment headed back towards you. Good kinds of investment. 6. Think of how many people are all looking at the same sky right now. And we’re two of them. Goodnight. This one’s a bit poetic. If you’ve got a girl that you feel strongly about or makes you feel poetic, what
  20. 20. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 2 0 you want to do is express that instead of holding it inside. Holding it in never makes for an interesting story or a good emotional release – if you want to know what’d be the best idea for any course of action, go for the fun story. But these are all just ones that we’ve come up with – the beautiful thing about social interaction is that every person’s will be different, everyone’s will have nuances that other people won’t have – so it’s the most important to figure out your own good night text messages to send to your girls.
  21. 21. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 2 1 How to Get a Girl’s Phone Number So you’re taking the initiative to go out, you’re hitting up the hot spots in your town, all you have to do next is meet the girls. So you’re meeting girls, you’re getting your game on, you’re doing everything you can during the interaction to turn her on your side. Now you need to do the one thing that’ll let you see her later. You need to take the interaction to the next plateau and make it so you can keep in touch with each other and get in each other’s social circles — you need to get the girl’s phone number. Now, a phone number has some loaded implications — a lot of girls don’t want to give out their phone numbers to strangers, some guys only collect the phone numbers of girls with no intention on following up on them. Which is why
  22. 22. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 2 2 trading the number has to come at a certain point where she’s comfortable, even excited to be giving her number out, you’re stoked to have it, and both parties want to reciprocate. You can’t ever ensure that you’re going to meet up with a girl, you don’t know what’s going to come in any given interaction. But phone numbers? You can help getting phone numbers. You can learn how to get a girl’s phone number. There are quick and easy ways. Here’s how. The Best Ways to Ask For a Girl’s Phone Number 1. Make sure when you go out, you’re actually approaching people. That’s right, the next time you go to a bar or a show, or any giant social gathering — don’t hug the wall and be antisocial, don’t be the guy who
  23. 23. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 2 3 people are wondering why he’s sitting in the corner, arguing with himself, not talking to anybody at the bar or at the dance floor. You’re not going to pull any numbers if you’re enjoying the same habits that you’ve been doing in the last few years. Get out. Open. Socialize. That’s step one. 2. Be real good at building comfort. The only thing you have to worry about when you’re getting into a conversation with a stranger is whether or not she’s comfortable with you, what she’s at in the interaction. If you can get to the point where she’s talking about her dreams and desires, and cool things to do around town, you’re already at the point where you can get her number. Then you just have to infer that you two should stay in touch, and go for the digits. It’s that easy. If you’re good at building comfort, you’ll be able to get anybody’s numbers who you want. If
  24. 24. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 2 4 you’re not, you’re going to have a lot of work to do that you won’t be very happy about. 3. Be more excited about the event when you’re getting her number than the actual number. This might be a foreign thing to some people, but you have to realize, the entire point of game is to project that you’re not that interested in your target, but she has every possible reason to be interested in you. So when you use words like ‘phone number’ instead of contact details and bring up the idea of exchanging it instead of letting her arrive at that conclusion, sometimes it looks like you’re being too overeager. You don’t want to be too overeager. That’ll cut you off at the knees. Don’t cut yourself off at the knees. Play it cool. And speaking of playing it cool… 4.Know what the interesting things to do
  25. 25. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 2 5 around town are. This can’t be stressed enough. If you’re going to look like any kind of leader, you have to know what’s going down in your town. You have to know what type of events the girls you’re talking to will enjoy going to, and hint at those events. If you don’t know what’s cool to do around town, try to get a travel guide, acquainted with the entire operation on Yelp or Citysearch — there are always cool things to be doing. And if you can’t be doing cool things in your town and you’re in a little one — guess what. You have the creativity and the space to arrange for your own time and events. That’s not a terrible thing — it’s a great thing. 5. Stop being afraid to ask for it. Guess what — you’re going to get numbers if you ask for them. If you never ask for phone numbers,
  26. 26. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 2 6 you’re never going to get them. The minute you start asking for them is the minute you’re going to start getting more and more of them. At the beginning, it’s an approach game — the more you approach, the more numbers you get…. …so get out there. Start making connections with people, start justifying reasons why you should stay in touch, and the numbers will start coming, much more easily than you anticipated. That’s how you can get a girl’s phone number.
  27. 27. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 2 7 Romantic Text Messages to Send a Girl One of the things that keep a girl going through the day is the promise of future romance. That’s right, romance. Every girl wants to meet the man of her dreams – she either wants to have a fun day, go shopping for the things she wants to buy, go traveling, and find the man of her dreams. So let’s say you’re in a relationship with a girl, and everything’s going great. You’re connecting on a good level, you want to do nice things for here – daresay, even romantic? So the day you want to start doing romantic things for somebody, you’re looking for the right things to say…we have you covered. But to become a true man of romance, you’re going to have to do some things on your own – some experimentation, gaining some knowledge for yourself – but these are some easy romantic texts to play with.
  28. 28. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 2 8 Sweet, Romantic, and Flirty Text Messages 1. Let’s go out tonight. I’m going to surprise you. Text messages are all well and good, but I’m a giant advocate of the real world. As in, stepping outside, being in the moment, appreciating what you have, and what the world has to offer, and indulging in it. There’s nothing better than being with someone whose company you appreciate, having a great experience, and letting it seep into your consciousness as a memory. Here’s the thing – women like a man to be dominant. If you surprise a woman, and the surprise is good – there’s nothing that gets her heart a racin’ and loins a stirrin’ better than that. So if you have the opportunity, surprise her. For instance… 2. Surprise! Got you tickets to Spain! Now, this is a giant hypothetical. You don’t
  29. 29. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 2 9 necessarily need to give somebody tickets to Spain to enjoy and reap the benefits of positive emotional spikes. You can give her anything, provided that it’s something she doesn’t expect and would really enjoy. That makes fezzes out of the question, unless she enjoys festive hats. Too much of this is a bad thing, and what some people would deem as ‘rich guy game’. You don’t want to be buying her things all the time, you want to be rewarding her through operant conditioning and going from there. Operant conditioning is when you are intermittently rewarded, so you’ll keep emotionally investing in something until the end of time. Which is what you want out of a relationship, right? 3. You have no idea how beautiful/adorable/adjective you are. Women love compliments. If you’ve been around long enough to know how to use the internet, you
  30. 30. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 3 0 know how much women love compliments. They love them more than anything. They help validate them, hint at the fact that they’re worth tons and tons of people’s times – and that’s what helps them feel the most attractive. Also, if you’re being romantic towards someone, make sure that you’re dating someone that you feel romantic towards, otherwise your compliments will ring hollow, and it won’t be as genuine and nice. More importantly, you’ll be living a lie, and honesty is the most important thing. 4. Got you something. Check outside. Another surprise. Basically, the most romantic things that you can do for someone involve surprises and being dominating in a light and affectionate way. That’s all a woman is waiting for – to be swept off her feet. This one involves a gift. I used to leave boxes of wafer cookies and a note at the house of people I was involved with if they
  31. 31. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 3 1 were feeling bad – it almost always brightened their day and made them more attached. It’s way easy to do, too, especially if there’s something they enjoy that you can give that doesn’t cost that much. In another case, somebody I knew really enjoyed In N’ Out’s fries – which cost basically nothing to buy and bring by. Free haircuts. See how this can apply so easily to your life? Good deeds cost way less than manipulative ones, karma-wise and in terms of expenses. 5. You had a bad day. Let me help you out. This is the text that you send that’s a precursor to a very important key to the sexual escalation puzzle – you are going to give a girl a massage. Girls love massages – they aren’t touched platonically enough, and when someone is purportedly touching them platonically, that person is generally getting ready to have sex with them. What’s more romantic than a good dead
  32. 32. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 3 2 that’s not looking for any other deed in response? Nothing’s more romantic than that. So text her that, and give her a massage. Or something that she’s after. 6. Meet me at _____ tonight. Nothing more romantic than flying by the seat of your trousers and making plans spontaneously, right? Make sure you’re in enough with the girl where she’d encourage that, and it’s not something where you sound like you’re going to be dropping drugs off at her house or meeting her in a darkened, shady alley. That would not be a good thing. 7. I miss you. Pretty self-explanatory. And if someone else is missing you at the same time, it’s the most romantic thing you can tell them.
  33. 33. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 3 3 Romantic Text Messages To Send Your Girlfriend You’re in a happy relationship. So first off, congratulations. You are doing the thing that the media sells most of us on being one of the pinnacles of existence – found someone special to share your life with. You don’t have to troll around the bars looking for a woman, you’ve got one to come home to. Or, you’re juggling several girlfriends and you want to find sweet things to text them to keep them off your back and finding out about each other. Whatever the case may be, you want to text sweet things to people that you know. So good on you. You’re a good spirit. Here are some sweet text messages to send to your girlfriend, a special someone you’re in a relationship. 1 Flowers.
  34. 34. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 3 4 I’m dead serious. You know what one of your phones’ functions is? It can take pictures. A lot of pictures – of whatever it is that you want to take pictures of. So something that you can do that’s the simplest thing in the world to spike a woman’s emotional investment is go to a flower market, and take pictures of all the flowers there. It’s cheap and you can send them to whoever you want at any time, with NO CHARGE. There’s no charge for sending text flowers. Real flowers, they charge you for those. You’ll get points for creativity, and that’s never bad when you’re in a relationship with somebody. Creativity is what’ll keep things fresh and moving. 2. ‘Want some dessert?’ Women are perpetually hungry. Because they’re perpetually on diets that are purportedly going to help them get everything they want in life – better jobs, better lives, and better men. It’s one of the
  35. 35. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 3 5 easiest things to internalize, that skinny is good and big is bad. Consequently, they’re constantly hungry for food that’s forbidden. Ice cream, frozen yogurt, chocolate covered red-velvet twinkies – women love dessert. But they can never have it when they want it. So when you’re out and happen to run into a good dessert, take a picture. Send it to her. Offer her some. Chances are you’re going to get a positive response. The best part about this text? You can send it out en masse, same with the flower text. Especially if you’ve got several girls that you want to emotionally charge and keep tabs on. It’s a perfect sweet text message to send your girlfriend. 3. ‘Good morning. You should have the most amazing day you can possibly have.’ Send it out in the morning. In fact, when you’re saying ‘good morning’ back and forth to someone, it’s virtually impossible for them not to form some
  36. 36. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 3 6 sort of emotional connection and bond with you. You’re starting out the day with them. It’s an amazing thing – the more time you spend with someone, the more they bond to you emotionally. Wonder why cast-mates in movies eventually wind up hooking up with each other? They’re put in emotionally pressured situations and spend long hours together. You can simulate that kind of emotional connection with little messages in the morning or at night – it’s the easiest way to build something up special. 4. Pictures or things you notice throughout the day. People like knowing that they’re being remembered throughout the day and the duration of the relationship. Because that’s what relationships are – a mutual exchange of emotional investment for the benefit of both parties. Did you notice something goofy during
  37. 37. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 3 7 the day? Let her know about it. Did you run into the craziest person today at Jamba Juice or find some event happening around town that she might be interested in? Let her know. It’s wonderful when you’re reminded that someone’s thinking about you – possibly the sweetest thing that you can do. 5. A meet up. Text messages are good and all, but you know what’s the sweetest thing you can possibly do for your girlfriend? Go out with her. Take in some culture. Go to an event and let her accompany you – it’d be the best time both of you have. Text messages are a good form of communicating, but here’s the funny thing about them – they’re not exactly romantic. Which would you rather have, a woman texting you her naughty bits, or meeting up with them in person to show them to you? Personally, I’d much rather have the second one,
  38. 38. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 3 8 and unless you’re afraid of real, live women, so would you. What’s romantic to one person can be completely unromantic to the next. One man’s meat is another man’s poison – so the best thing that you can do is see what your girlfriend finds romantic, and make sure that you’re doing more of that throughout the day. And let her know you’re thinking about her – it’s the best thing to build up a stable relationship.
  39. 39. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 3 9 Sweet Text Messages to Send a Girl Now, before we run down a list of sweet text messagesthat you can send someone, here’s something that you have to consider. A lot of women aren’t comfortable with someone being overtly sweet without any form of investment back at them. So if you’re sending messages to a woman without any cues or inclination on her part that she’s into you – guess what? You’re doing game wrong. If you’re spilling your heart out to someone and she’s not into it – you’re probably never going to talk to her again. Learn social cues and learn them well, my friend. That being said – here are some cute text messages you can send to someone who deserves sweet text messages. Sweet Text Messages 1. Just wanted to tell you, I was thinking of
  40. 40. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 4 0 you. I think that when you have a really good connection with someone, it helps to know that you’re thinking about them. Provided that you’re not texting them constantly about how you’re thinking about them. It helps if you’re detached, but the minute that you want to show a little bit of sweetness, it helps if you let them know. This is the most direct way of doing it. If you want to make it funnier, tell her this after something that wouldn’t particularly remind someone of anybody. Like, ‘I finally saw My Little Pony.’ It’ll break up the sweetness of the text message. You know – to keep her guessing. 2. Send her a picture of some flowers. I’m a giant proponent of this one. The thing about technology, is that it can be used to either expedite interactions and make them more
  41. 41. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 4 1 eventful, or make things more terrible and cold. How would you like to use it? Personally, I’d want to use our newfound powers for good instead of evil, so I like doing things like taking pictures of lovely things and sending them to people who want to get sweet text messages. If they’re deserving. So, one of the sweetest things you can do is go to your local flower market, take a picture of the goods there, and send them to the ladies you feel like being sweet to. It’s a creative way to send sweet text messages. 3. Send her a picture of some dessert or something you’re cooking. There’s something about actual physical pictures instead of words that helps build up emotional investment in a person. It’s the same thing as matte backdrops and animatronics instead of CGI. CGI is soulless and doesn’t look right – text messages are the same. They require the least
  42. 42. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 4 2 amount of investment to write and make. Now, something you’ve cooked, on the other hand, takes a while to make – and women are always into someone that can demonstrate a lot of male paternal investment – that thing that makes women think you’d be good with babies…it attracts her to you. So send her a picture of anything that you’ve worked on, including dessert, cooking, something. And offer her some. 4. If she sends you a picture of herself, compliment her on it. First off, if a girl is sending you pictures of herself, it’s a definite sign that she’s interested. And oftentimes, it’s a chance for you to say something sweet other than, ‘Aww lawd, girl, show me them titties.’ So compliment her on the way she looks. Unless you feel like she’s shooting for investment just by sending you a picture – in which case you make her work for the compliment. But in any
  43. 43. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 4 3 case – it’s a sweet thing to tell a woman she’s looking good. Especially when you need it. 5. Let’s go out and do something! What’s the sweetest thing in the world? Not staring at your phone all day. Going out, enjoying life, and doing it with someone you want to be with – for that day, for that week, however you want to do it. You can do a lot more in person than you can via text or through technology – we live in a time period where sometimes technology can be the easy way out, but you want to be good in person. You want to be able to seduce women when you actually see them. 6. Miss ya. Realistically, we miss human contact whenever we don’t get it. Because we’re so caught up in technology and social networking, we oftentimes
  44. 44. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 4 4 forget that there are people outside, in real life, who are waiting to meet up with us if you give them a chance. So instead of missing them, as you could send with this sweet text message – what you could do is use that as an impetus to meet up with them. There’s nothing sweeter than actual human contact. So send out some sweet text messages, and before long, you’ll be able to understand when to give good investment, and when to limit it.
  45. 45. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 4 5 The Three Guidelines to Flirting 1. Every Message Should Offer Something Look in your phone ‘sent’ texts and see how many times you sent a girl a message like “what’s up?” or “How you doing?” Now erase those messages, and vow to yourself from now on when your texting a girl you will never send these dull, personality- less messages. You need to employ SMS flirting. These messages do nothing to highlight any of your unique, fun, and playful personality, and they totally put the woman on the spot to keep the texting going. You’re handing her control. And since a sexy girl is probably getting hundreds of these messages from different guys every week… they begin to repel the woman.
  46. 46. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 4 6 Every text you send must offer some value to the woman getting it. It must also include elements of your unique style. A much more playful and fun message to text a girl would be ” Stop thinking about me!:)” or “You just popped in my head and I just wanted to say hi” These messages don’t force her to keep the conversation going…. But they make her want to message you back. And they get her text flirting you. Remember, every message should offer value. 2. Keep it Short, Flirty, and Fun Texting girls is not the way to really get to know a woman.
  47. 47. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 4 7 Instead, think of it is an chance to give a girl a “sneak peak” look at what you’re like as a guy. Show her a “movie trailer” version of your sense of humor, interests, and personality. And flirt, A LOT. When you’re texting a girl use the same flirtatious tone you would when you’re with her. This means tease, neg her, and get her smiling. Make her laugh Make her crave getting a sms message from you. If you’ve just met a girl at a club and you plan on sending her a message the following day… forget messages like “Hey, it’s Chris, it was good meeting you last night. What are you up to?” Instead, start the conversation off with something playful and flirtatious, that gives her a “sneak
  48. 48. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 4 8 preview” of your unique personality. So a much more appealing sms for sending a woman would be “Do you speak text?” (credit Sinn) Or “Is it too soon for casual text? I mean, I just met you. Maybe we should wait!” I’m sure you can see how interesting and fun it would be for her to get one of those messages as opposed to the first type? 3. Use PUSH/PULL Have you sent a woman a text and she didn’t message you back for a few hours? What went through your mind the entire time you were awaiting her response? You probably couldn’t stop thinking about HER.
  49. 49. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 4 9 You must build intrigue and mystery when messaging women. It creates the roller coaster effect in your texts. You want to be spontaneous, vague, and always unpredictable. So if you are usually texting a woman back a few minutes after she messages you… every third or fourth time wait thirty to ninety minutes to return her sms. Sometimes wait till the next day. This gives her the chance to think about you in her head. It lets her experience the pleasure of eagerly anticipating your next message. This is probabliy the most important concepts to remember when using your mobile phone to flirt. What should you Message Women? During your first few of exchanges you’re not trying to set up a get together. As I mentioned earlier, you are just looking to display to her that you’re a flirty and fun guy. So you’re initial
  50. 50. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 5 0 couple texts should be sent to show this side of your personality… and also, to see if she is a girl that you have any sort of rapport with. Remember, the point of using your phone is to flirt, create a little rapport, and get her thinking about you. You’re objective is to get her to feel like she is missing out by not being with you…Avoid answering several of the questions she asks. Keep your messages short and sometimes mysterious, but exploding with personality. So, if you’re just texting to keep in touch with a girl you could send a message like: “I just bought the most fly pair of sneakers ever for $12. I’m pumped” Something else should do is assume rapport. This means that you jump right into texting
  51. 51. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 5 1 her without explaining every aspect of your life. “My kitten is ridiculous” So when sending a girl a message for the first time you can send something like: “Hey what’s up dork?”
  52. 52. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 5 2 Text Message Jokes One of the best things that you can do to get better with girls is get yourself a nice sense of humor. A lot of material glosses over this fact, instead talking about how you’re going to break rapport with someone and do all these magical things to win them over when you could instead be using humor and getting essentially the same results or better. That is not to say that you should turn into some kind of dancing monkey, but as they say in ‘Sex in the City’, sometimes girls want to be with the guys that make them laugh. If you don’t have a bit of humor in your courting process, pick-ups, sarges, whatever you want to call them – you’re doing it wrong and could be doing it much, much better. So here are some fun text message jokes to send someone whenever you want to get a little bit of emotional investment out of them. Some of my favorite text message jokes
  53. 53. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 5 3 1. Why did Mickey break up with Minnie? Because Minnie was fucking Goofy. I like this one. Not only is it a goofy joke to send, a funny text message joke, you could very, very easily move from talking about how stupid the jokes you send to people are to talking about sexual escalation – cartoon characters going at it, who was the hottest cartoon character, all these things are conversations that’ll spike her emotional interest and get you gossiping together – cementing your bond and making you that much closer to your goal of getting her to like you. 2. What do you do when you come across a tiger in the jungle? Wipe him off and apologize. This is a gross one. Sometimes people don’t get it, and you can quickly turn that conversation in the direction of sexual escalation as well. Some people
  54. 54. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 5 4 get it, and love it – as girls are more partial to sex and dick jokes than a lot of other people. More partial than you think. So don’t be afraid of sending them dirty jokes. Which’ll be important for the next few items on the list. 3. How does Lady Gaga like her meat? RAH-RAH-RAH-AH-AW. Most girls like Lady Gaga. MOST girls. Granted, this might not be the most timely of punchlines, but for the next few years that Lady Gaga is relevant, it might be of some use to you to milk this before she’s relegated back to an apartment in New York, releasing increasingly preachy message albums that sell incredibly well, but are far too annoying. If you can communicate sounds via text, too, you’re golden. 4. When does Sean Connery like to hit his balls? Tennish.
  55. 55. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 5 5 Everybody has done a terrible Sean Connery impression. This makes fun of terrible Sean Connery impressions – the likes of which reportedly drove him off the set of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Also, if she visualizes Sean Connery hitting his balls, she may become rabid with desire. Maybe? Not really. It’s more of a goofy image. 5. What does Snoop Dogg put on his whites? Bleeeea-tch. If she likes gangsta rap or knows the cultural icon that Snoop Dizzle is, she might get a good laugh out of it. If you have to explain who Snoop Dogg is, you should run far, far away, and not text that girl ever again. You can do better than date a person who has no idea about musical culture for the last twenty years or so. 6. What’s Snoop Dogg’s favorite kind of
  56. 56. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 5 6 weather? Drizzle. Another Snoop Dogg joke. You can’t hate the man. He’s intrinsically hilarious and given his intrinsically hilarious state, you can’t help but transfer that through jokes about the man. Again, if she’s not privy to knowing about how Snoop Dogg talks, there’s an easy solution to that. Invite her over to watch Snoop Dogg music videos on YouTube. On your computer. Then you have a date, you can educate her, all because she didn’t get your stupid jokes. 7. Haha, I made you look at your phone. This one is probably the most infantile, but it’ll occasionally get a great response. If it doesn’t get a great response, know that we warned you that it was probably the most infantile. Again, you’ve been warned. Know which people to use infantile humor with, and which people you should use
  57. 57. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 5 7 high-brow humor with. Basically, if you don’t know your audience, it’s going to make it much harder to communicate with them in a hilarious way. 8. Why can’t Smokey the Bear’s wife get pregnant? Because when she’s in heat, he beats her with a shovel. Hey — violence against lovers. Not necessarily the best thing to mention when texting somebody you like, but it usually gets a laugh regardless. As you can see, any joke that’s structures with a short two-lines is perfect to send via text message. Text message jokes will spike any person’s mood, and it’s a great way to communicate with people you like.
  58. 58. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 5 8 What to Text a Girl After You Got Her Number When you’re going out and meeting women, it’s practically impossible to have a bad time. No matter what your mood is before you go out, you’re going to have a good time if you meet new girls, socialize, flirt, and do all the things that men are supposed to do when they’re going out and having a good time with their friends. A lot of people who go out and socialize at bars oftentimes enjoy trading their numbers with people – but how do you convert those numbers into actual activity? How do you make sure you meet up with a girl later using all of the tricks that you’ve accumulated over your extensive time learning social dynamics and the art of meeting people? The answer is simple. Keep reading. You want to know what to text a girl you just met? There
  59. 59. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 5 9 are a number of things you have to do during the interaction to maximize the opportunities you’ll get later. Here’s what you do. What to Text a Girl To Make Her Want You 1. Make sure the interaction was actually good, and not something that you push just because you feel like it. There’s an overwhelming mentality among people who do PUA, especially those that run bootcamps, that you need to stay in an interaction even if it’s going terribly. And sure, you might be able to turn things around if you bomb on the initial approach, but if you’re getting terrible, terrible flakes – chances are that the interactions aren’t going as well as you thought they were. They might even be terribly annoyed to be talking to you and giving you their number because they’re polite – it happens all the time. They’ll save you in their phone as something like, ‘Never pick up,’ smile at
  60. 60. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 6 0 you politely, and pretend like they never met you when you text them days later. So when you’re getting a number, feel in your gut if the interaction is going well. If it’s not – don’t bother. You’re already at a disadvantage, she’s already got a cause to flake on you. 2. Make sure that you trade numbers with each other. This’ll prevent confusion when you text her later. Anything to prevent confusion in an interaction later, you want to aim for. Trading numbers means when you’ll text her, she won’t go, ‘Huh?’ ‘Wut?’ ‘Who is this serious’, or anything similar. You get her number, that starts the interaction. Now, mind you, the goal doesn’t have to be phone numbers. Phone numbers mean absolutely nothing – good interactions are the thing you should be shooting for. But after you’ve had a good interaction, exchange numbers. That
  61. 61. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 6 1 ensures you will actually be able to talk to her. You should be able to shoot for the number, provided that the interaction goes swimmingly, ten minutes into it. It should be the most natural thing in the whole exchange, to make it seem like you’re not overeager or too excited to get it. So, once you have that, onto the next step. 3. Text her some callback humor. You might not know what callback humor is – but it’s referencing something earlier that you talked about in the interaction. For instance, if you made hilarious jokes with her about cake, text her about cake. If you bonded over a communal love of the Muppets – talk about how amazing Beaker and Bunsen Honeydew are as a comedic duo. Remind her of her love of absinthe shots, anything that you talked about and do it in a light and flirty way. She’ll be much more likely to text you back – and that’s the entire point of this – you want girls to
  62. 62. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 6 2 text you back. Callback humor establishes an emotional connection – the perfect thing to text a girl you just met. It’s what most pick-up companies recommend you doing. 4. Hilarious pictures. This is good if you want to know what to text a girl to make her smile. Everybody wandering around out there has some version of a smartphone that can do an insane amount of activities that somebody trying to court a girl in the 1960’s would never dream of. Like, for instance, send pictures. There are a ton of pictures that you can pull off the internet, hilarious pictures with cats, funny memes, anything that you’d normally be able to make somebody laugh about in an interaction with words – there are pictures for. Just make sure they’re actually funny ones – it’s an easy way to spike an emotional investment in an interaction that’s dying or if you’re bad at
  63. 63. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 6 3 making jokes. 5. Stupid jokes. This is a concept that some people disagree on, but the structure of a joke – a little bit of a hook, investment from the audience, then the punchline – is perfectly oriented to the small character form of text messages. So, find some jokes, find some goofy pictures, and experiment with what to text a girl you just met. You’ll find some things work best for you, and some things don’t. But that’s yours to experiment with.
  64. 64. HOW TO FLIRT OVER TEXT 6 4 You Can Download How To Flirt Over Text Volume 2 For Free in