Edit DVR files freely on win/mac


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How to Edit PVR videos on Mac and Windows? This step-by-step guide will show you an easy way to edit .pvr videos or import .pvr files to editing software

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Edit DVR files freely on win/mac

  1. 1. Edit DVR files freely on win/macPVR can record video automatic, for .pvr is becoming acommon format/codec on many of the freeview and freesatboxes. People are not content to play through the TV. For manyvideos is too large, they just need some pieces. So you need aVideo Editing Software to help you solve the problem.Many people try to import PVR files to Windows Movie Maker ,Sony Vegas etc ( mac user often import PVR to iMovie, FCE,FCP, Premiere Pro, Avid, etc) for editing , but It failed to importPVR to Windows Movie Maker. Why did this problem occur?As we know, both Windows Movie Maker and Sony Vegas dontsupport the PVR file (as well for mac Final Cut Pro X, iMovie,FCP , Premiere Pro , Avid also dont support pvr format) . Soyou just need an easy-to-use Video Editing Software to help youedit .pvr files on Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas.If you have not found a good video editor software to solvethese problem above, here we will recommend you iOrgsoftVideo Editor(Video Editor Mac) to help edit .pvr files onwin/mac. With PVR Editor is an easy home video editing
  2. 2. software that consists of Video Clipper, Video Cropper, VideoMerger which allows you to clip, crop and merge your videofiles. Besides, it is also good at editing video in a large variety ofvideo formats including SD, HD, camcorder video and othervideo files for playback on various devices. So to edit the .pvrfiles is not a problem.How to edit pvr files freely ?Step 1: Import PVR File which you want to convertAfter free download PVR Editing Software, Click Add Videoson the topper left panel to add files to add. As batch processmode is supported. You can load as much file as you want.Note: You can delete any video files by clicking "X" on the topright of the video you want to delete.
  3. 3. Step 2: EditDrag the video file to the timeline below, you can do thefollowing editing:Clip: Drag the video file to either Video A or Video B in thetimeline, hit the video, click "Scissors" button to cut the videoswhen it comes to the position you want.Crop: Hit the video in the timeline, and then click Settings onthe top of the panel to pop up an interface where you can cropyou video files, you can crop off your video in the directions ofleft, right, top, bottom, and also, you want rotate the video in thesame four directions
  4. 4. Effect: Still on the same Settings tab, you can tweak you videobrightness, contrast, saturation and hue from Video sub-tab, addspecial effect to your video from Effect sub-tab (there are morethan 50 special effect available from three main categories:Adjust, Distortion, Filter). Besides, you can also make editingfor audio like Volume, Fade in and Fade out.Tips: you can add effect to pvr files like addmusic,text,transitions, etc.Add texts to video input and add texts, subtitles to video. video:Picture in picture feature You can add one video to another feature:one so as to play them simultaneously in the same window.
  5. 5. Add transition to join videos you can add different transions videos:to join video files together to play them seamlessly.Step 3. Select Output formatAfter all the video editings have been done with iOrgsoft VideoEditor, click Save and publish to do output settings like: output
  6. 6. format, output path, output video and audio settingsAfter you have edit your pvr files, you may also want to watchthe files. Then you can choose MPlayer OS X or VLC MediaPlayer to play. They are both free. So you need convert PVR toMKV first. To do this job, you can try our Video Converter,Which can help convert pvr to mkv freely.Related Articles:PVR to AVIPVR to MP4
  7. 7. PVR to MPGPVR to WMVPVR to wmv,flv,mov,vob,m4v,3gp,dv