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Proposal iwasfa online campaign


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Proposal iwasfa online campaign

  1. 1. Advertising Proposal “iWasfa” Mina Adly Younan Business Development Good News 4 Me April 20th, 2011
  2. 2. Table of Contents Campaign Brief 3 Objectives& Audience Profile 4 TargetingStrategy 5 Google Content Network 6 Facebook Social Ads 14 Recommendations 16 Estimated Traffic 17 Conclusion 18 2
  3. 3. Campaign Brief Promotion Promoting iWasfa website Iwasfa website Landing Page: Facebook Fan Page Target Markets: Arabic Speaking countries * Gender: female - male Target Audience Profile: * Age: Above 15 * Class: ALL Languages: English & Arabic 1. To drive traffic to the Website CampaignObjectives: 2. To make people aware of iWasfa How will Success be Number of visitors to the Website Measured? Number of fans on Facebook fan page Campaign Dates: To be decided (Duration 6 months) Budget: To be decided (Estimated 3000USD)
  4. 4. Objectives & Audience ProfileObjective is to promote the new iWasfa website in order to:• Drive traffic to iWasfa website•Increase the number of fans of iWasfa on Facebook Fan PageAudience ProfileThe target audience are males and females, above 15, and of all classes. 4
  5. 5. Good News Targeting StrategyTo capture the target audience online and meet objectives, two primary methods will be employed:1. Google Content Network: to serve iWasfa Banner Ads across premium sites in the Google Content Network, which is made up of over 600,000 websites across all verticals and categories. This is called ‘Placement Targeting.2. Google Search network: To propagate iWasfa text ads about site’s categories or articles on relevant Google search page, relevant emails on Gmail, and relevant videos on YouTube2. Facebook Social Ads:to serve iWasfa short text ads posted on relevant profiles on the Facebook platformPlease Note:Google & Facebook Advertising are ‘Auction Based.’ There are no flat fees, guaranteed impressionsor lock-in periods. 5
  6. 6. Google Content NetworkRecommended Placement Targeting selection 6
  7. 7. Placement TargetingAd Formats: Google accepts static image, animated flash, click-to-play video and gadgets in thefollowing formats: Banner: 468 x 60 Square: 250 x 250 Small Square: 200 x 200 Leaderboard: 728 x 90 Medium Rectangle: 300 x 250 Large Rectangle: 336 x 280 Skyscraper: 120 x 600 Wide Skyscraper: 160 x 600Please Note: Different sites accept different formats, so to ensure full coverage it is recommended to create the Ads in every size.
  8. 8. Placement Targeting Examples YouTube Alwatan 8
  9. 9. Placement Targeting Examples Amr Diab Street El-Ahly 9
  10. 10. Female Interest Placements* Category Impressions (Daily),Middle center /Food & Drink/Restaurants Pages, Multiple slots /Food & Drink/Cooking & Recipes,Multiple locations /Food & Drink/Cooking & Recipes /Online Communities /Health/Nutrition /Lifestyles/Womens Interests /Health/Nutrition /Lifestyles/Womens Interests /lifestyles/women/recipes 10k-50k 10
  11. 11. News & Lifestyle Placements Category Impressions (Daily) /Internet/Web Portals /Local/Regional Content/Middle East/Egypt /Finance &Insurance /News & Current Events /Local/Classifieds /Travel/Air Travel /Travel/Hotels & Accommodations /Photo &Video /Local/Regional Content/Middle East /Business/Advertising & Marketing /News & Current Events /News & Current Events /Local/Classifieds /News & Current Events /Local/Regional Content/Middle East /News & Current Events /News & Current Events /Finance &Insurance 10K-100K 11
  12. 12. Social Networks & Entertainment Placements Category Impressions (Daily) /Online Communities/Social Networks /Online Communities/Social Networks /Entertainment/Music /Entertainment /Entertainment/Movies /Entertainment/Movies /Online Communities /Entertainment/Multimedia Content /Online Communities/Social Networks /Entertainment/Movies /Internet /Entertainment/Music /Entertainment/Music /Entertainment/TV /Entertainment/Music /Lifestyles /Entertainment/Music /Entertainment/Movies /Online Communities /Online Communities/Social Networks 10K-100K 12
  13. 13. Male Interest Placements Category Impressions (Daily) We will /Finance &Insurance 100K-500K irrelevant sites /News & Current Events 100K-500K our /Automotive/Vehicle Brands 100K-500K network /Sports/Football 100K-500K guarantee /Computers &Electronics 10K-100K maximum /Internet 10K-100K to the right /Reference /Local/Regional Content/Middle East /Local/Weather /News & Current Events /News & Current Events/Business News /News & Current Events/Local News /News & Current Events/Newspapers /Automotive /Sports/Football /Sports/Football /Sports/Football /Sports/Football /Local/Regional Content/Middle East 10K-100K 13
  14. 14. Facebook Social AdsSample Keyword Search Campaign 14
  15. 15. Facebook Usability & Effectiveness•5 million people visit facebook daily from Egypt only, making it a perfect place to insert targeted ads•iWasfa can leverage this opportunityto drive users to click on ‘like’ and become fans Google Confidential and Proprietary 15
  16. 16. Recommendations and ideas: 1- Running 2 online campaigns at the same time on Facebook and Google for 6 months. 2- Dedicating a monthly budget (500USD) to be divided between Facebook and Google network. 3- Sharing from 3 to 5 articles daily on Facebook fan page that direct users to iWasfa. 4- If possible, organizing an on-ground advertising campaign by printing flyers and distributing them on cafés and restaurants in Cairo. 5- Announcing and advertising a competition for the Best Wasfa every month and the prizes could be home appliances 16
  17. 17. Estimated traffic: •Based on the previous recommendations, estimated traffic could be calculated as follows: 1. If the monthly budget is 500USD 2. And minimum CPC is 0.10USD 3. Therefore, 500/0.10= 5000 users 4. 5000 users * 6 months = 30000 17
  18. 18. Conclusion: • Recommended campaign duration is 6 months •Estimated traffic could reach 30000 users •Needed budget for the entire online campaign is 3000USD •Estimated budget for the ideas on competitions is 100USD/month •Estimated Budget for the on-ground advertising could be calculated if approved by the administration 18
  19. 19. Thank You 19