The Jilani Park, Lahore                                Internship Report by                               Muhammad Imran N...
1                                                                      Introduction to Jilani Park                        ...
2                                                       Introduction to Jilani ParkTable of Content:    1.         Introdu...
3                                                                     Introduction to Jilani Park1. Introduction    1.1. L...
4                                                                     Introduction to Jilani ParkSince its creation, the P...
5                                                                     Introduction to Jilani ParkFor public entertainment,...
6                                                                    Introduction to Jilani ParkThere is one security offi...
7                                                                    Introduction to Jilani Park    2.6. Walkway and Joggi...
8                                                                   Introduction to Jilani Park    2.7. LandscapingThe sty...
9                                                                     Introduction to Jilani ParkThese are the names of so...
10                                                                   Introduction to Jilani Park     2.8. MachineryThe par...
11                                                                  Introduction to Jilani Park       2.10.1. Cradles for ...
12                                                                    Introduction to Jilani Park       2.10.3. LakeA very...
13                                                                   Introduction to Jilani Park     2.11.     Description...
14                                                                   Introduction to Jilani Park        Pumped water for w...
15                                                                   Introduction to Jilani Park     2.13.     Cricket Gro...
16                                                                    Introduction to Jilani Park       2.14.2. Ladies Fit...
17                                                                   Introduction to Jilani Park     2.15.     Study HallA...
18                                                                  Introduction to Jilani Park     2.17.     VIP’s Visits...
19                                                                    Introduction to Jilani Park     2.18.     Lahore Rac...
20                                                               Introduction to Jilani Park3.   Flaws/ suggestions and co...
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Report on jillani park


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Report on jillani park

  1. 1. The Jilani Park, Lahore Internship Report by Muhammad Imran Nawaz Abdul Mannan Zafar Qurat- Ul-Ain Shahid Abdul Rehman Abdullah Ejaz Environmental Engineers of UET LahoreReport submitted to: Sir Riaz Ahmad Shad (Director Admin. PHA)Worked at: PHA (Parks & Horticulture Authority)Worked as: internees of “The Urban Unit”Internship period: July 06, 2011 to August 13, 2011 Institute of Environmental Engineering & Research University of Engineering & Technology Lahore.
  2. 2. 1 Introduction to Jilani Park AbstractThis report contains a brief introduction to Lahore including its history, culture & traditions andgeography and a small description about the PHA (Parks & Horticultural Authority) and acomplete introduction to the Jilani Park former the Race Course Park and its complete studyabout its location, area, plantation, trees, grounds, water sources, electricity sources, recreationalfacilities and much more. This report is the result of our six weeks internship at PHA issued fromThe Urban Unit during which we worked as a team at the Race Course Park and collected itsdata and information with the collaboration of each of our team member and this reportrepresents our work. At the end I would like to thank Sir Riaz Ahmad Shad (DirectorAdministration PHA) for his great love, kind affection, a lot of cooperation and guidance fromall aspects, which lead us to make this report.
  3. 3. 2 Introduction to Jilani ParkTable of Content: 1. Introduction 4 1.1 The city of Lahore 4 1.2 PHA (parks and Horticulture Authority) 4 1.3 Achievements 5 2. Jilani Park 6 2.1 Location 6 2.2 Description 6 2.3 Staff 6 2.4 Area 7 2.5 Source of water 7 2.6 Walkway and Jogging Track 8 2.6.1 Maintenance of Jogging Track 8 2.7 Landscaping 9 2.7.1 Types of trees in the park 9 2.7.2 Types of Shrubs in the park 10 2.8 Machinery 11 2.9 Power / Electricity Supply 11 2.10 Recreational Facilities 11 2.10.1 Cradles for Children 12 2.10.2 Canteens and Cafeterias 12 2.10.3 Lake 13 2.10.4 Artificial Hill 13 2.11 Description about the Lake water 14 2.11.1 Use of the Lake water 14 2.11.2 Treatment of the Lake water 15 2.12 Parking facility 15 2.13 Cricket Grounds 16 2.14 Health and Fitness Facilities 16 2.14.1 Gent’s Gymnasium 16 2.14.2 Ladies Fitness Centre 17 2.14.3 Training Centre 17 2.15 Study Hall 18 2.16 Mosque 18 2.17 VIP’s Visits 19 2.18 Lahore Race Club 20 2.19 Effect of park on the Environment 20 3. Flaws/ suggestions and comments 21
  4. 4. 3 Introduction to Jilani Park1. Introduction 1.1. Lahore:Lahore is the second largest city in Pakistan with a population of roughly 8.5 million. Thetraditional capital of Punjab for a thousand years, it had been the cultural center of NorthernIndia extending from Peshawar to New Delhi. This preeminent position it holds in Pakistan aswell. The people of Lahore, when they want to emphasize the uniqueness of their town say"Lahore is Lahore". Lahore is the city of poets, artists and the center of film industry. It has thelargest number of educational institutions in the country and some of the finest gardens in thecontinent.Apart from being the cultural and academic centre of the country, Lahore is the showcase forMughal architecture in Pakistan. For more than 200 years, beginning from about 1524 AD,Lahore was a thriving cultural centre of the great Mughal Empire. Mughal Emperors beautifiedLahore, with palaces, gardens and mosques.The original citadel city is situated one mile to the south of the river Ravi, and some 23 milesfrom the eastern border of the Punjab district. The walls of the city, when they were stillstanding, gave it a shape of a parallelogram. The total area inside the walls encompassed roughly461 acres of land. The city is slightly elevated above the plain, and has a high ridge within it,running east and west on its northern side. The whole of this elevated ground is composed of theaccumulated debris of many centuries. 1.2. PHA (Parks and Horticultural Authority)In September 1998, the Parks and Horticultural Authority’s was established by merging thehorticulture wing of the Lahore Development Authority and Metropolitan Corporation, Lahore.Horticulture had suffered badly due to the extensive roads rehabilitation project in the city, andthe need was felt for a specialized organization to meet the challenge. PHA was assigned the taskto make up for the loss of trees and green belts, and furthermore, to five impetus to the city’sbeautification in the best of its green tradition.
  5. 5. 4 Introduction to Jilani ParkSince its creation, the PHA has conducted its activities with great imagination, zeal andcommitment. A distinct and pleasant change has come about in Lahore in these past few years.And while it has been the result of a multi-pronged effort also involving the improvement ofroads, street lights and traffic management, for almost six years, PHA has played a key role inthis positive transformation, working on many fronts.Other than its functional success, the PHA has proved to be a trendsetter in financial terms aswell. In 1998, the total revenue for outdoor advertisement generated by LDA and MCL was Rs.12.5 million. In a short period of less than six years, the marketing wing of the Authority hasraised figure to Rs. 160 million. It has introduced modem concepts like the Government-Privatepartnership for public services of the horticulture staff that come their parent civic agencies. Allorganizational and developmental expenses met by the funds generated by the Authority itself.Today’s, Lahore is a city of more than about seven million with complex environmental problemand civic needs. The challenges to its beauty and green tradition are bigger than they have everbeen through its long and dynamic history. The PHA is working diligently to meet thechallenges, and carry the torch of a charming heritage. 1.3. Achievements:The Park & Horticulture Authority has emerged as a model organization on many counts. Tobegin with is its effectiveness. The fruits of its endeavors are remarkable and visible. It hasbeautified roadsides, created and improved parks, planted trees and spread flowers in Lahore.Over a short span of time, the Authority has systematically expanded the scope of its activities,in order to better realize its mission statement-marking Lahore greener, brighter and cleaner.Apart from horticulture, today the PHA contributes in many other ways to Lahore. It made thefamous Food Street in the once-rundown Gawal Mandi, giving the traditional cuisine haunt athorough face-lift. The past glory of Old Anarkali and The Mall has successfully been restored.Dry fountains have been revived and new ones added, sports and recreation facilities provided atpublic places. By lighting up important buildings, monuments and landmarks, PHA has madeLahore a pretty city by night. PHA has also enhanced the useful civic features like road signs,public toilets, bus stops and flower shops.
  6. 6. 5 Introduction to Jilani ParkFor public entertainment, PHA organizes a number of festivities and shows. Another importantachievement is outdoor advertisement. The Authority efforts in this direction have not only madebillboards and roadside advertisement more attractive but have also enabled it to generateenough resources to carry out its multifarious project without any extra burden on public funds.2. Jilani Park 2.1. Location:Jilani Park (formerly known as Race Course Park) is located in the city of Lahore, Punjab,Pakistan. It is on the Jail Road in front of famous Services Hospital. It is famous for its floralexhibitions and artificial waterfall. Annual horse racing competitions are held in this park. 2.2. Description:The Jillani Park which was also called Race Course Park in the past is truly a sight of heaven. Itis basically a family park and a lot of people come here to entertain them. This park has manybig grounds and contains a lot of flowers which gives a nice and pleasant fragrance by enteringin it. Many people come here early in the morning for a walk, jogging and exercise. And in theevening people come with their families for picnic and enjoy themselves. 2.3. Staff Project Director security officer General 1 Secretary Security Guard sanitary Sanitary Workers supervisor Mate 65 34 34 Malli / Water man 117
  7. 7. 6 Introduction to Jilani ParkThere is one security officer and one sanitary supervisor and 65 security guard and 117 gardenersworking for this park. 2.4. AreaThis park covers 88 acres and 6 canals containing two cricket grounds, 5 canteens, gym andfitness centers, a study hall, a beautiful lake, small open areas, walking and jogging tracks and alot of trees, flowers and shrubs. 2.5. Source of WaterThe only source of water for the whole park is 4.5 cusec tube well and it distributes water to allthe places of park. Water from the tube well is pulled up to an artificially made waterfall and ismade to run from there which create a very beautiful scene and that is a very good point ofentertainment for the children, youngsters, families and all of the visitors.The water system (piping system) is separate at different places in the park and 75% of piping isused by the tube well. Which are also used for watering purposes and it also creates a verybeautiful view for the visitors. waterfall
  8. 8. 7 Introduction to Jilani Park 2.6. Walkway and Jogging track:The length of walkway of hard tiles is 5.5 km while jogging track is completely made of clay andits length is approximately 2.75 km and it is one of the larger jogging tracks in Asia which ismade up of pure mud and clay only clay. And its maintenance is done properly and is watered 3times a day, in morning, evening and at night. Walkway Jogging Track 2.6.1. Maintenance of Jogging TrackThe jogging track which is purely made up of mud and clay is kept under eyes for maintenanceon daily bases. It is watered three times a day, in the morning in the noon and at the evening, andalso it is leveled and monitored regularly and new mud is placed where needed. Watering of Jogging Track
  9. 9. 8 Introduction to Jilani Park 2.7. LandscapingThe style of landscaping in the park is of Japanese nature. Japanese landscape design reflectsthe pure beauty of nature. There are about 80000 plants & flowers planted in a small area of 6canals. We took some description and got some introduction about some of those plants. Some ofthe plants and trees are also imported from the foreign countries. About 200 types of trees andthe shrubs are imported which are very rare and expensive. The park has a well collection rareplantation which are very rare and found only in this park and which enhances the park’s statusand also increases the beauty of the park. Plantation in the park 2.7.1. Types of Trees in the park.There are more than 100 types of trees are in the park which enhance the beauty of the park andattract the peoples. Someone are special for decoration someone are for greenery and some onesare for shelter. Many of them are imported from the different countries like India, China, Japan,Malaysia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Australia, Indonesia, Egypt, South America, Africa etc. Different trees in the Park
  10. 10. 9 Introduction to Jilani ParkThese are the names of some important trees that are available in the park: Devil’s Tree, Safaida, Shehtoot, Sheesham, Bottle Brush, Ashok, Peepal, Dharaik,Jaman,Patajan, Amaltas, Khatti, Beeri Pata, Indian Willow, Khajoor, Sukh Chain, Khatta, Saru,Simbal,Mulsari, Ulta Ashok. Royal Palm,Neem, Gaab, Gulhar, Kachnar, Pilkan Bohri, Alocha,Bohar, Chirri Poncho, Rubber Plant, Keekar, Cheer, Gulecheen etc. 2.7.2. Types of Shrubs In the park:More than 100 types of flowers and shrubs are available in the park. Many of them are importedfrom different countries that mentioned earlier, different flowers are grown in different shapes ofland. There are different portion of flowers. Each flower is found in its own portion. In springwhen these flowers glooms they present a view like heaven and people enjoyed a lot of theirglooming. Some flowers are much in quantity like 80 thousands Batonia fowers are placed at aplace which is assumed the Asia’s largest flowers place of Batonia. Rose is also available inLarge quantity which Fragrant the park. Flowers and shrubsThese are names of important shrubs that are available in the park.Rose, American Daizy, Calerodendrone inermii, Marva, Daronta, Gren Ficus , Motia,Bougainvillea, Chan’ni, Cana, Chambeli, Gardenia, White Kanair, Show Flower, Pink kanair,Table Palm, Hamelia, Double lagerstroemia, Laal aricin, Lantana, Jhumar bail, Kanghi Palm,Scarlet, Khalifa, Kasawa, Cycas etc.
  11. 11. 10 Introduction to Jilani Park 2.8. MachineryThe park has one official tractor which is used for different purposes and one Rotavator forleveling the ground. There are a lot of grass cutting machines. This is the machinery which wastold us officially. 2.9. Power / Electricity SupplyThe park has its own solar power system for lighting purposes. The power supply in the park isnaturally and solar energy is being introduced for producing electricity for lightening the groundand whole the park. There are a total of 110 photovoltaic solar panel poles from which there are77 small photovoltaic poles on walkway and 33 large photovoltaic poles which produceselectricity for enlightening whole the park. Solar Panels Small Pole Large Pole 2.10. Recreational FacilitiesPark has a lot of recreational facilities like canteens and cafeterias for refreshing the visitorsplaying facilities for children for their amazement like slides and see-saws and a very beautifullake which has its shape like the map of Pakistan for enjoying the true fun of boating.
  12. 12. 11 Introduction to Jilani Park 2.10.1. Cradles for childrenFor the amazement, enjoyment and entertainment of children swings, cradles and slides areinstalled at different places in the park. Besides entertaining the children these create a verybeautiful and attractive look for the park. This attracts the children and families towards them. Swings for children Cradles and slides for children 2.10.2. Canteens and cafeteriasCanteens and cafeterias are also provided in the park for the refreshment of visitors. Theseprovide quality things to eat to the visitors and fully entertain them. These Canteens andcafeterias also add something in the beauty of the park. Canteen in the park
  13. 13. 12 Introduction to Jilani Park 2.10.3. LakeA very attractive and a beautiful lake is provided within the park which has a shape like the mapof Pakistan which remembers us our nationality enhances our love for Pakistan which is used forbating specially afterwards its water is also used for many purposes Lake in the park Lake from top view 2.10.4. Artificial HillAn artificial hill is made behind the lake which is a true point of enjoyment especially for thechildren. Hill is decorated with the different types of plants and stairs made up of stones are alsoprovided which gives a different look to the hill. Hill has different paths and tracks to climb up,the visitors coming to visit the park also visit the hill necessarily and enjoy climbing. It is alsoprovided with sitting facility, benches are placed for this purpose.The Hill has two tops and between these two tops a beautiful clock is formed Hill and the Clock
  14. 14. 13 Introduction to Jilani Park 2.11. Description about the Lake WaterThe unclear water is flaw which decreases the beauty of the park and the lake. There are manytypes of waste found in the lake in which empty bottles, rappers, Leaves of trees dust fromoutside etc. all these things made the water a sludge. The sludge is unpleasant and cause odorproblem. The turbidity of the water is very high that is why the water is not so clean. Theturbidity is due to the dust and the mud present at the bottom of the lake. When people doboating the mud come up and cause the turbidity. And another reason of the turbidity is that thewater stays in the lake for a long time. When water stays for long time algae start to produce onthe surface of water. Then this algae don’t allow the light to pass under water which not good forthe water and the species in the water. So the algae are also one reason of the lake which shouldbe removed. This water contains very excessive amount of Dissolve solids Nutrients andcarbonates which can cause death if unfortunately some drink this water. 2.11.1. Use of lake waterWhere lake is used for boating and is a sign of beauty for the park, at the same time its water isalso used for different purposes like watering the grounds and the walking track and also forfilling the tanks which afterwards are used for watering the plants and grounds which are farfrom the lake.For pumping water from the lake a tube well is used. Tube well for pumping water from the LakeAfter pumping water from the lake by a tube well it is spread at different places for watering andfilling the tanks.
  15. 15. 14 Introduction to Jilani Park Pumped water for watering Pumped water for filling tanks 2.11.2. Treatment of the water of lake.The waste like bottle, rappers, leaves should be removed on daily basis from the lake so that theyshould not deposit in the water and cause the production of sludge on water. If we remove thesludge the odor will automatically removed. Chlorine can be added for the purification andclarity of the water.To remove the turbidity there should be proper lining of the lake. Whole the should be cleanedafter intervals of so that mud could be deposited. According to present situation there should bereconstruction of the lake walls which are damaged. The water should be recycled after specificintervals so that the algae will not produce and the water remain like fresh water. Properchanging of water and maintenance of lake is enhancing the beauty of the park. 2.12. Parking FacilityThe park is provided with a wide and large parking facility so that the visitors may not face anykind of difficulty while parking their vehicles and they can enjoy fully without any hesitation orworry about their vehicles. The parking is free for all type of people and is open publically. Car and bike parking of the Park
  16. 16. 15 Introduction to Jilani Park 2.13. Cricket GroundsThere are two main cricket grounds in the park one is larger and the other is smaller, these areadjacent to each other. Both the grounds have lot of trees all around the boundaries whichimparts strength to the boundaries as well as these trees are the source of attraction and enhancesthe beauty of the grounds and the park. Sometimes different domestic cricket tournaments alsoheld in these grounds. Once Quaid – e – Azam trophy is also played in these grounds. Cricket ground of the park Cricket ground of the park 2.14. Health and fitness facilitiesTaking in account the health and fitness facility for the locality, park has 3 gymnasiums fromwhich one is fitness center, one ladies gym and a gent’s gym. The most remarkable thing is thatthese gymnasiums are totally free and open for public. 2.14.1. Gent’s gymnasiumGent’s gymnasium is located behind the lake, which is fully equipped with the fitness andexercising machines. Gym for gents Gym for gents
  17. 17. 16 Introduction to Jilani Park 2.14.2. Ladies Fitness CentreFor the security and the privacy of women, the fitness centre for women is totally covered fromall the sides. Where women feel free, comfort and ease for exercise. Fitness centre for ladies Fitness centre for ladies 2.14.3. Training CentreA training centre is also provided for this purpose where training is given for fitness and healthto the new youngsters coming to the gym. Training Centre
  18. 18. 17 Introduction to Jilani Park 2.15. Study HallA very beautiful study hall is provided in the park. People can have their individual study as wellas they can have a combined study or can discuss their study topics combined in a group. Theenvironment of the study hall is very educational. Different Islamic and general books areprovided for the readers and also different kind of news papers are placed there on daily baseswhich link the readers with whole the world. This study hall is a very positive step in the parkwhich provides the readers a very informative stuff. Study Hall in the Park 2.16. MosqueFor the religious activities and respecting the religious believes of the visitors a very beautifuland quiet large Masque is also provided in the park. Where prayers are offered five times a day,Jumah Prayer is also offered in the Masque. Mosque in the Park
  19. 19. 18 Introduction to Jilani Park 2.17. VIP’s VisitsOften someone from foreign or the domestic government officer or the political person visit’s thepark which shows the importance of the park and it depicts the culture and beauty of the regionand the country.Recently there was a visit of The Chief Ambassador of Indonesia on July 28, 2011. Who visitedthe park and also gifted 50 plants of “Kesia Galaka” (plant name) and well appreciated thedecoration, beauty and, management of the park. Visit of “The Chief Ambassador of Indonesia” to the parkShe also planted one of the plants by her own hands in the park. which is a sign of proud for thepark. After that Abdul Jabbar Sheikh (The Director General PHA), also planted one of the plantsby his hands, both the plants are planted adjacent to each other.Planted by The Chief Ambassador of Indonesia Planted by The Director General of PHA
  20. 20. 19 Introduction to Jilani Park 2.18. Lahore Race ClubLahore Race Club, in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, is a club concerned with the sport of horseracing, established in 1924 when Lahore was part of the Punjab Province of British India. Theclub is registered as a company. Some veterans claim that it dates from 1874, but although therewere horse races at Lahore during that period the formal record of the present club does not goback so far. It was incorporated on 18 January 1924.The clubs racecourse was initially at Jail Road, Lahore, the current site of Jilani Park. In 1976,Zulfikar Ali Bhuttos government asked the club to move its races away from the Jail Roadcourse, but it remained there until 1980, when it was compelled to leave. Races were not held forabout fifteen months, but in September 1981 the club reinstated its racing programme on a newcourse at Kot Lakhpat which has a length of 2,254 metres. Since then, it has gained in strengthand now organizes, among other races, the Pakistan Derby.In June 2005, the club hosted Pakistans first evening horse race under floodlights. The openingceremony was attended by Pervez Musharraf, President of Pakistan, and Mohammed bin RashidAl Maktoum, crown prince of Dubai, who had financed the night-racing project, the cost ofwhich was some Rs 30 million.The chairman of the club is Tariq Aziz, former secretary of the National Security Council ofPakistan and an aide of President Musharraf. All the power used to light the park is solar. 2.19. Effects of Park on EnvironmentParks are provided for the Enjoyment and for the fresh environment to the people. This parkconsist of an area of 88.6 acre which is totally consists of green trees and green plants and grass.Trees are the part of fresh environment which provides fresh air to the living things. More treesmore healthy will be environment so this park is full of green trees which are good for the peopleof surroundings and itself to the city. Trees cause the rain in the park. This park absorbs thepollution of surroundings and provide little fresh environment outside the park.Visitors those come to the park absorb fresh air and can easily breathe. Because in the populatedareas of Lahore there is congestion of traffic cause pollution so there we cannot take breatheasily so people come here and enjoy their life.This park is also a good habitat for the birds and lot of other species that lives in it. A Lot ofbirds moves to the green trees because everywhere in the country the trees are cutting. This parkalso provide the facility of jogging ant walking so people enjoy morning walk and jogging to fitthemselves. Over all parks are good for health and for environment if they are proper maintainedas Jillani Park.
  21. 21. 20 Introduction to Jilani Park3. Flaws/ suggestions and comments 3.1. Flaws First of all I would like to be in notice of authorities that the stairs of hill at Racecourse Park are totally in poor condition. The rough edges of the stairs may cause problem for old people and children. Unwanted weeds and increments of un-trimmed trees present give awkward look to the landscape. Jogging track is in its crude form when it rains the muddy water comes in the grounds and ruins beauty. Machinery and other tools are lesser in number. 3.2. Suggestions Water source is only one. That is not sufficient to fulfill water requirements for plants in park. The dustbins are very less in number, more bins should be installed to keep the park clean. Canteen and tuck facilities are lesser. Moving of weeds from the sides of jogging track is necessary to enhance landscape. Benches are not provided under the shades or these are lesser in numbers. There should at least one bench under a shady tree. 3.3. Comments: Overall the whole environment is healthy and soothing for visitors. Positive thing in racecourse park is it provide and exposure to the different sponsors and also helpful in promoting our traditional game as POLO. Staff and gardeners are helpful in searching data. Authorities are also cooperative. Positive thing here is lots of species of plants, herbs, shrubs and trees are available in a specific area that is positive step for people related to research work. Landscaping is a good achievement for those who design this park.