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Julianka carnoka


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Julianka carnoka

  1. 1. HELLO This is About me andabout my recipe
  2. 2. Recipe Bryndzove pirohy with baconStep 1. YOU NEED:- 200 g sheep cheese-9 potatoes (600 g)-0.5 kg of flour-½ tablespoon salt-2 spoons of water-a little milk-smoked bacon
  3. 3. Recipe Step 2. Cook the potatoes with their skin. 3 potatoes peel and mix them in the water. Then make a mixture with flour and salt. We do dough. If we have pies after cooking particularly hard, add one egg to the dough. Other potatoes we peel and mix with hand mixer with a little milk and sheep cheese. On a wooden board roll out the dough to thickness of 1 millimeter. Step 3. Finish: Well take a cup and a cookie cutter to round shapes.Take on a spoon stuffing and put it in the center of batter.We connect the top and bottom edge, bent shape marigoldand fingers properly close out the edge. Boil in salted and boiling water until pasty do not leave the surface.Cut bacon into cubes and fry.
  4. 4. At the end, my hobbies are:My hobbies are: dancing drawing playing the musical instruments listening to music skiing
  5. 5. This is everything from meThank you for your attention presentation prepared by: Juliana Čarnoká SLOVAKIA Rimavská Sobota