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Open data and crowdsourcing


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Published in: Technology
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Open data and crowdsourcing

  1. 1. Open Data & Crowdsourcing a pragmatic approachMichael Moser,
  2. 2. Open Data creates value„New technologies are opening up new opportunities for businesses andsocial entrepreneurs to create billions of pounds of economic value bybuilding innovative applications and services that make use ofgovernment data.“„Dr Rufus Pollock of Cambridge University, the lead author of the HMTreasury report on the economic value of open data, has produced a newcalculation that our plans to set government data free will create anestimated £6 billion in additional value for the UK.“(UK Conservative Technology Manifesto, Moser,
  3. 3. Open Data „exposes“ valuable assetsnondisclosure agreements are futileTo get an a priori unknown audience to work your data you have to fullydisclose these data:§  To whom it may concern§  In machine readable formats§  Without prior established trust§  On the internet§  to competitors§  To political rivalsAnd what about the hackers and Anonymous?Michael Moser,
  4. 4. Hackers are not Anonymous …Hacking stands for:§  Altering a given funtionality of hard- or software§  to make the *ware work in a way§  not envisioned by its creator …Hacking does not mean§  Breaking into systems§  Stealing data§  Misappropriation of intellectual property§  Unlawful conduct in general§  …Unlawful conduct is called „Cracking“Michael Moser,
  5. 5. Know your audienceThe Hacker Ethic*:§  Access to computers and anything which might teach you something about the way the world works should be unlimited and total. Always yield to the Hands-On Imperative!§  All information should be free.§  Mistrust Authority Promote Decentralization.§  Hackers should be judged by their hacking, not bogus criteria such as degrees, age, race, or position.§  You can create art and beauty on a computer.§  Computers can change your life for the better.§  Like Aladdins lamp, you could get it to do your bidding.*as originated at the MIT Model Railroad Club in the 1950ies (Steven Levy, Hackers, New York, 1984)Michael Moser,
  6. 6. Outsourcing vs Crowdsourcing – a comparisonOutsourcing Crowdsourcing§  A well known procedure Uncharted waters§  Formulate use case and §  Disclose data product requirement §  Engage communities to work your specifications data§  Put project out to tender §  Have a look at results§  Collect bids §  Be astonished?§  Accept best offer §  Accept results§  Have contractor sign non- Unresolved issues disclosure agreement §  How will you pay the contractor?§  Accept results §  How can you ascertain compliance§  Pay contractor in €€ to tender regulations?Michael Moser,
  7. 7. The good News§  Most hacker communities work for social credits not cash§  Interesting solutions draw attention in the community§  Elegant solutions draw even more attention§  Community members create personal portfolios§  These portfolios lead to interesting job offers …Michael Moser,
  8. 8. The bad News§  All this does not secure compliance to tender regulations!§  Nor will it guarantee results …Michael Moser,
  9. 9. … and the uglyDevelop new workflows§  Traditional organizations are not fit to work with communities§  Trust in communities needs time to build§  Only an extensive portfolio gives rock solid reputation§  One mistake can ruin this reputation§  Controllers and Executives only talk in currencies, Not in social credits§  Value created does not necessarily benefit the people having provided the dataMichael Moser,
  10. 10. Steps ahead part one„To be successful over the long term, thefoundation of all your strategies and tacticsneeds to come back to the customer. Whywould they want to engage? What are theirincentives, motivation, expectation andthought process?“**Shih, Clara, the Facebook Era, USA 2009, p. 147Michael Moser,
  11. 11. Steps ahead part twoBuild a crowdsourcing team§  Define goals for your crowdsourcing effort§  Hire an experienced community manager§  Short circuit your CRM-, LAW- IT-, WEB-department and the community manager§  Develop a long term strategy (3–5 years)§  Develop non-monetary incentives§  Start engaging, listening and motivating§  …Michael Moser,