Facebook Pages Tech Tuesday November 2010


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November 2010 Tech Tuesday presentation

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  • Pass around a sheet for people to write down their fan page names
  • Finding new connections with others
    Reach new audiences
    Event announcements
  • Use different names for work and home (perhaps use your nickname for home use)

    Combined accounts mix work and after-work – may find new connections with co-workers and friends (use the example of Ryan Schmessing, national 4-h looking for autism researchers)

    Fan page advantages: no automatic connection to your personal site, multiple admins, updates automatically fed to your “fans”

    Groups: connected to your personal FB page, can be private. No auto updates, tho
  • My Profile
  • Fan page
  • This is a group page.

    Show that group members can add photos, posts, etc.
  • How to choose between profile/fan page/group
  • Show handout – refer to it
  • Facebook Pages Tech Tuesday November 2010

    1. 1. FACEBOOK PAGES EXPLAINED Molly Immendorf Instructional Technology Specialist Cooperative Extension Technology Services
    2. 2. Please Mute Your Phones No mute button? Mute: dial 611# Unmute: dial 600#
    3. 3. Contact information molly.immendorf@ces.uwex.edu Presentation available on SlideShare.net: http://www.slideshare.net/mimmendorf
    4. 4.  Introduce you to Facebook profiles, pages and groups  How to set up and manage a Page  Share specific examples of Facebook Pages created counties, units and projects  Discuss communication opportunities when using Facebook Today’s Objectives
    5. 5. Do you Facebook? 1. Yes, doesn’t everybody? 2. No, it’s not for me
    6. 6. Do you “like” a Facebook page  Yes, 1 or more  No
    7. 7. Do you have a Facebook page?  Yes, for work  Yes, for something other than work  No
    8. 8. Do you belong to a Facebook group?  Yes, for work  Yes, for something other than work  No
    9. 9. Facebook stats  500 million + active users  Average user has 130 friends  Average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events  People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook
    10. 10. Extend your personal network Market your programming/product Communicate with interested people Ways to use Facebook
    11. 11. Ways to connect on Facebook Profile Personal Work Shared Fan Page Unit Program Groups Public Private
    12. 12. Facebook Profile  Entry into Facebook  Like a homepage for FB  Can create more than one (use different email addresses/name)  A profile is needed for creating other types of FB sites
    13. 13.  Promote your progam, your office, you  Wall  “Fans” instead of “friends”  Status can be linked to Twitter account  Events  Photos  http://www.facebook.com Facebook Fan Pages
    14. 14. Facebook Group  Public or private  Small group communication  Messages to members are private  Discussions, photo sharing, Wall  No automatic updates  Group Chat (new groups)
    15. 15. First, create a Facebook Account “Profile” Status can link to Twitter Facebook Group Private/public Moderated No notices Facebook Page Acts/looks like a profile “Like”= Fan Status can link to Twitter
    16. 16. Demo
    17. 17. Questions?
    18. 18. Consider these…  Planning  Ownership/Admins  Coordination  Promoting your page
    19. 19. Promoting Your Page
    20. 20. Resources  Short How-to video by Heidi Dusek, Outagamie County  http://www.screencast.com/users/hdusek/folders/ Jing/media/95b305c8-ac30-4626-9954- 40c10d08c579  University of Wyoming CE Facebook Learning guide  http://www.wyomingextension.org/wiki/index.php5 ?title=Learning_Guide:Facebook
    21. 21. Choosing Educational Technologies  Technology Teaching Tips and Tools:  http://fyi.uwex.edu/edtech/
    22. 22. Tech Tuesdays  The FYI on FYI.uwex.edu  December 14, 2010 (note not the 4th Tuesday) Register at http://blogs.ces.uwex.edu/techservices/ (restricted to Cooperative Extension employees)
    23. 23. Tech Tuesdays -Archives  Online Tools for Creating, Collaborating & Sharing PowerPoint Presentations  Facebook Tips  Twitter Tips  Bring the Web to You, RSS  A Podcasting Primer  Manage Your Photos and Images with Flickr  Organizing the Internet with Tags and Social Bookmarks  Online Security  Savvy Surfing Archives at http://fyi.uwex.edu/edtech (not