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Eastern District Technology Showcase Nov17 final


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Published in: Education
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Eastern District Technology Showcase Nov17 final

  1. 1. HOW EASTERN DISTRICT COLLEAGUES ARE USING SOCIAL MEDIA AND WEB 2.0Heidi Dusek Yo uth & Fam ily Pro g ram Co o rdinato r, O utag am ie Co unty Judy Wolniakowski 4-H Yo uth De ve lo pm e nt Educato r, Bro wn Co unty Diana Tscheschlok Co m m unity Re so urce De ve lo pm e nt Educato r, Fo nd du Lac Co unty Paul Dyk Dairy/Live sto ck Ag e nt , Fo nd du Lac Co unty Molly Immendorf Instructio nalTe chno lo g y Spe cialist, CE Te chno lo g y Se rvice s
  2. 2. Heidi Dusek Youth & Family Coordinator Outagamie County UW-Extension Using Facebook in Family Living Personal Finance Outreach
  3. 3. Facebook  Technology success  Technology challenges  If I had it to do all over again, I’d…
  4. 4. Follow up Links  I have created a video tutorial on how to create a “Fan” (Like it) page available on Screencast.  Direct Link: rs/Jing/media/95b305c8-ac30-4626-9954- 40c10d08c579
  5. 5. Spotlight on Judy Wolniakowski 4-H Youth Development Educator UW-Extension Brown County
  6. 6. Home Page A real-time list of Tweets from those you follow. Brown County 4-H began using Twitter June 2, 2009
  7. 7. Tweet • USDA Blog: Countdown to Thanksgiving: Plan Ahead about 3 hours ago via twitterfeed • NIFA awarded nearly $6 million to help veterinarians pay back their student loans in return for service in rural areas • EXTENSION MASTER GARDENER Alaska Master Gardener course online via @ nosogreenthumb #gardening A message posted via Twitter containing 140 characters or fewer. Brown County 4-H has tweeted 349 times. Listed below are tweets from others we follow.
  8. 8. Profile Page A Twitter page displaying information about a user, as well as all the Tweets they have posted from their account. Brown County 4-H Twitter pages are personalized.
  9. 9. Followers and Following A follower is another Twitter user who has followed you. Brown County 4-H has 167 followers! To follow someone on Twitter means to subscribe to their Tweets or updates on the site. Brown County 4-H follows 105!
  10. 10. Lists and Listed On Groups of other Twitter users. Used to tie specific individuals into a group on your Twitter account. Brown County has 8 lists. To be included in another Twitter user's list. Listed numbers and details appear in the statistics at the top of your profile. Brown County 4-H is included in 14 lists.
  11. 11. Success - Networking County State Nation World Opportunity to share with others what Brown County 4-H is doing AND to find out what others are doing and about new opportunities. State and County 4-H Local Communities USDA NIFA Universities News Media Organizations Technical Professionals Individuals Businesses
  12. 12. Success - Technical Twitter Widget on home page of 4-H web site allows users to scroll through Tweets, even if they do not have a Twitter account.
  13. 13. Challenges • Identifying the purpose and value for using Twitter • Personalizing the Twitter site • Personalized background • Image • Making the most out of each tweet • Use # hashtag to add tweets to a category • Use tools like to shorten URL addresses • Time to read other tweets • Balancing the cost of technology and time • Keeping up with new tools: • Twitter Tools for integrating with WordPress • SnapTweet for posting Flickr photos to Twitter
  14. 14. If I had it to do all over again, I’d …
  15. 15. Brown County 4-H
  16. 16. Diana Hammer Tscheschlok Community Development Educator Fond du Lac County UW-Extension Using a Wetpaint wiki to connect community members on sustainability efforts
  17. 17. Wetpaint Success  Technology success  Allows real-time or asynchronous collaboration  Allows for many different widgets (maps, videos, polls)  Flexible design and structure  Easily changeable design and content
  18. 18. Wetpaint Challenges  Wetpaint now includes ads on educational sites  Non-tech community members found it hard to learn  Community members used it like a regular website
  19. 19. Wiki Do Differentlies  Immediately purchase a custom URL  Ensure that all users can access the site from work and home  Have a base group that enjoys learning technology
  20. 20. County Web Pages: RSS and Youtube Paul Dyk UW Extension, Fond du Lac County November 17, 2010
  21. 21. Your Social Media Challenges What challe ng e s do yo u face whe n trying to use /e stablish so cialm e dia to pro m o te yo ur pro g ram s?
  22. 22. Choosing Educational Technologies  Technology Teaching Tips and Tools: 
  23. 23. Tech Tuesdays  FacebookPages  November 23, 2010  The FYI on  December 14, 2010 (note not the 4th Tuesday) Register at (restricted to Cooperative Extension employees)
  24. 24. Tech Tuesdays -Archives  Online Tools forCreating, Collaborating & Sharing PowerPoint Presentations  FacebookTips  TwitterTips  Bring the Web to You, RSS  A Podcasting Primer  Manage YourPhotos and Images with Flickr  Organizing the Internet with Tags and Social Bookmarks  Online Security  Savvy Surfing Archives at (not