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Tips to survive your teaching career


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Published in: Education, Business
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Tips to survive your teaching career

  1. 1. The Life of a Teacher ADVICE & TIPS FOR NEW TEACHERS
  2. 2. Suggestions on how to become a supply teacher Distribute business cards to local schools Introduce yourself to the Principal & Vice Principal Offer to do volunteer work in schools in order to build a network Perfect your teaching portfolio to present at interviews
  3. 3. Interview Tips Dress to impress Research the school you’re applying for (website) Prepare a list of questions for the Principal & Vice Principal about the position and school Sell yourself (accomplishments & goals) Present portfolio (include pictures of students work, classroom, bulletin boards)
  4. 4. First teaching job Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day and your journey as a teacher will be full of learning curves...don’t be too hard on yourself. Network with other teachers in your school Don’t be afraid to ask questions about how to: (set up your classroom, marking, planning units, behavioral problems, dealing with parents etc).
  5. 5. Continued.... Gather resources (teacher’s stores, online , workshops, etc. ) in order to give you another perspective on how to handle classroom management or how to enrich your program. Keep a journal and reflect on your practices. Find a mentor that can offer guidance/ assistance Attend workshops to support your teaching
  6. 6. Survival Tips Find a work/life balance (don’t allow your job to consume you). Make time to socialize in Staff Room Don’t work through your lunch Limit the amount of time you check work e-mails (don’t spend your nights & weekends checking your e-mail)
  7. 7. Continued... You can’t please everyone (i.e., parents & teachers) Remember why you became a teacher Ask questions and be receptive to feedback Build relationship with your students & their parents Always continue to grow as a professional
  8. 8. Rewarding Career You’re impacting the lives of children daily Making lifelong connections Knowing that student’s cherish & value your opinion is extremely rewarding When you see your students smile and have those “aha” moments