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Fields of social work


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Fields of social work

  1. 1. Fields of Social Work I. Child Welfare  Concerned with the well-being of children & youth  Focus on the strengthening of relationship between parents and child, the role of the family, and the responsibility of the community in the child’s development.  It works with children who need protection against conditions that exploit their rights as human beings or prevent them from their right to survival and development. 2 Major Types of Child Welfare Services 1. Direct service – rendered to in the form of * Assistance of children in their own homes * Child placement through residential care in an institution, foster care or adoption 2. Indirect Service – * in the form of financing on a national or international event; or the provision of supplies and equipment and certain facilities. * coordination to facilitate linkages and avoid duplication among agencies with similar or related services Child Placement  Adoption – a process whereby a child is deprived of a birth family is provided with a substitute new ties.  Legal guardianship- substitute parental care through the appointment of legal guardian for the child, including his property, until the child reaches the age of majority  Foster Care- substitute temporary parental care provided to a child by a licensed foster family under the supervision of a social worker. The ultimate goal is reunite the child with the biological family or prepare the child for adoption or in the case of older children, to prepare them for independent living.  Residential/institutional care – this provides temporary 24-hour residential group care for children . It is under the guidance of trained staff, but it is used as a last recourse, resorted to in the absence of foster families. II. Family Welfare  It is concerned with the improvement, strengthening and support of the family in meeting its own needs.  It is basically helping the family to perform its functions as the basic social unit. Programs/ Activities o Parent effectiveness o Marriage Strengthening o Establishment of Community Support Programs o Strengthening of Family Values and Preservation of Cultural Heritage o Family and Environment o Livelihood Programs o Fertility and Family Planning o Activities in family welfare setting
  2. 2. o Engaging the family in a problem solving relationship  Mobilizing existing resources and if possible creating non-existing resources needed by the family.  Working with individuals,groups and other entities whose support and cooperation are needed to effectively help a family.  Continuously/regularly assessing the adequacy and effectiveness of existing policies, programs and services that relate to the family;  Supervising staff in their various activities in relation to the families being served. III. Health  Concerned with continuously defining and solving problems aimed at facilitating social relationships and mutual adjustments between individuals and their environment.  The main concern is the interplay of economic, social and psychological forces in medical care, and finds or develop ways and means to solve problems related to illness and treatment.  Focus on hospitals to serve patients whose emotional and social institutions directly or indirectly cause, maintain or aggravate their illnesses.  Medical Social Workers work directly with medical personnel and considered members of the medical team.  Medical Social Workers work with: a. psychiatric unit of hospital b. mental health agencies which provides SW opportunities to engage activities like outreach, counselling, rehabilitation to former drug users, alcoholics,legal offenders etc. c. Agencies catering to mentally & physically challenged IV. Corrections  SW works as part of the administration of process wherein the offender is corrected, his current behavior is kept within acceptable limits at the same time, his general life adjustment is modified.  PD968 known as Probation Law of 1976 had employed SW and in RA 8369(the Family Courts Act, establishing family courts where RSW has to be employed to counsel and do social services to children and their family. V. School  Provide helping service to students whose problems in school stem from social and emotional causes which interfere with their adjustment and potential academic achievement. Purposes of School Social Worker 1. Restoration of impaired adjustments. 2. Provision of resources by mobilizing capacities of individual students, their parents, families, and the families and larger communities 3. Prevention of maladjustment VI. Special groups  Drug Dependents-  Socially Disadvantaged Women(raped, sexual harassment, wife beating)  Released prisoners and former patients of psychiatric institutions.
  3. 3.  Older Persons  Persons with Disabilities VII. Community welfare  Work with individuals, families, and small groups, and their concern is the provision of opportunities that would enable people in the community to work together towards common goals particularly those that world bring about their common upliftment. VIII. Cultural communities  SW works with the cultural communities and these includes administration and supervision of resettlement areas for cultural minorities. IX. Industry and labor  Focuses on the welfare of the people particularly of the provision of employment benefits and other services for their overall welfare as well as welfare of their families. X. Education and training  Bisno calls this the “ facilitative instructional methods of social work practice. XI. International Social Welfare  SW are employed on abroad and that they can exercise their profession. The SW can help in the determination of possible ways how we can contract international social welfare. XII. Social Planning  SW is now involve in social planning to meet the welfare requirements of development.