Our school in the cloud


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Presentation given at the Learning Through Technology conference in Glasgow on March 27th 2013

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Our school in the cloud

  1. 1. Our school in the CloudA New Managed Learning Environment for Scottish Schools Jaye Richards-Hill
  2. 2. Adopting IT appears to add costs and doesntresult in changes in culture/practice or inimproving outcomes for learners
  3. 3. In 2008, the Star Wars director and education advocateGeorge Lucas, told the US House of Representatives thatAmerica should follow Scotlands lead and set up a similarplatform for online learning.
  4. 4. “Its one of the largest SharePoint projects anywhere inthe world - and certainly the largest one involving aSharePoint learning management system, so it is agreat case study for mass student engagement”Ray Fleming - Microsoft
  5. 5. To inspire and engage starts with the clarity of WHY… Genuine user engagement starts with explaining WHY(Simon Sinek)
  6. 6. Is GLOW a ‘Toxic Brand’ Or could we do a‘Skoda Job’ on it?
  7. 7. the failure of Glow (in my opinion) has been down to poorleadership (at Scottish Government level), poor decision-making, blocking at a project management and boardlevel, risk aversion, and ultimately the greed of a handful ofpeople - who, quite frankly should be ashamed of themselvesand their hobby which seems to have become the burning oftaxpayers’ money.
  8. 8. The technology must be relevant; the medium, not the focus
  9. 9. Glow missed Web 2.0, missed social media and networkingand missed the mobile revolution
  10. 10. The Sound-Bite Generation… Has social media re-energised learning?
  11. 11. The Gateway not the Garden
  12. 12. Requirements of Glow Plus
  13. 13. ICTEx has placed the user firmly at the centre
  14. 14. “Virtual learning environments or VLEs are all the rage inschools at the minute. They allow teachers and pupils toaccess class content, homework etc and some even havesocial spaces where they can interact through threadeddiscussions. Brilliant right? The only problem is the schoolsplashes out all this money and no one uses it. Not eventeachers. Because its basically a more boring version ofFacebook. Why then, shouldnt schools use Facebook forthe same means? Its free, most pupils will go on itregularly anyway and would be far more popular –Facebook could be the worlds biggest and best VLE”
  15. 15. Operating ConditionsOpen Wi-Fi for All Fast broadband Light touch national filtering Bring your own Device/TechnologyFocus on Education/ Internet Safety
  16. 16. Structure Core Services Identify Management & Storage Service Layer 1 - Integrated Services (via SSO, API, Oauth etc.)Layer 2 – not integrated but supported Layer 3 – everything else
  17. 17. a community for anytime anyplace learning.
  18. 18. A small agile team must under-promise and over-deliver
  19. 19. SRO (Fiona Robertson)ICT Excellence Key Reference group PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION BOARDStakeholder group IMPLEMENTATION TEAM EDUCATION (Robbie Parrish –technical SCOTLAND lead)
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