Ultimate Power Profits Review


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Are you looking for a way to make passive profits online? Ultimate Power Profits

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Ultimate Power Profits Review

  1. 1. Published based on Go Global - Ultimate Power Profits Review Go GlobalUltimate Power Profits Review
  2. 2. Are You Looking For a Way To Make Passive Profits Online?Or perhaps you are a seasoned marketer looking for the next opportunity to get inearly, promote like crazy and cash in big time...Well here you go! Go Global - Ultimate Power Profits ReviewPenny auctions sites like Zeeker.com and Bidify.com have put the dream ofmaking money online within the reach of everyone.On August 17, 2012 - Zeek Rewards was shut down by the SEC forsecurities fraud. Does that mean the "penny auction" model is illegal?No, it means Zeek was shut down for fraud.However, it COULD ALSO MEAN the penny auction model will eventually bechallenged and, if so, this new opportunity has other businesses behind it -in addition to the penny auction side of things.Will it stand the test of time? Only time will tell, But Is There A BigChange They Will? YES, definitly!!!You simply sign up (FREE for now, NOT for long) and... without selling orrecruiting.... you earn money every 6 days!Active members earn up to 50% or more each month on their purchases and byletting these commissions automatically compound... you can actually DOUBLEor even TRIPLE your money within 60-90 days without every having to promotethe program in any way.
  3. 3. 8-10 years ago I made a quiet fortune promoting similar programs. We calledthem DOUBLERS because it was the easiest, fastest way to double your moneywithout doing anything.Unfortunately, that old model was eventually deemed "illegal" and all of theold "doublers" have long since closed their doors.Zeek Rewards, Bidify, Quibids and penny auction sites have re-opened the doorsto this incredible money-making opportunity so it may be time to jump back in! Go Global - GlobalOne - New Kid on the Block!!!Scotty Evans started pre-launch promotions for the new Ultimate PowerProfits system back in July, 2012 with great fanfare.Within weeks, UtimatePowerProfits became one of the top 5,000 most visitedweb sites in the world and thousands of people jumped on board to become"Founding Members" with the promise of getting paid up to 26 times per monthWITHOUT ever having to sponsor, recruit or promote the program in any way.People LOVE the idea of earning passive, residual income without recruitingso it is no surprise IgoBidWin and the Ultimate Power Profits system is such abig hit.But is this program something YOU should get involved in? Lets take a closerlook...Global One (GO) promises 100% of all active Members will earn money every30 day period.
  4. 4. Ultimate Power Profits has been developed by Global One. The GlobalOne system is comprised of three models:IGoBidWin - Penny Auction IncomeIGoBidWin - Affiliate ProgramMyTurnOnTopWealth - Profit-Sharing PoolThe concept is similar to ZeekRewards and Bidify - but with no daily advertisingor daily bid requirement.GO is advertising the program as a “Paradigm Shifting” business platform.The compensation plan is partly based on a new system developed byScotty Evans and Go called Spinfinity, a Social Profits Pool System. GlobalOneCompanies, LLCThere are 4 participation options available to MyTurnOnTop members: Copper, Silver, Gold Platinum
  5. 5. The product sold (or purchased) are Bid Tokens to be used to place bids onthe penny auction site for products such as .999 pure gold and silver bars,coins, jewelry, iPads, electronics and more.Every 3 days (72 hours) there is a commission payout!!!These commission payouts will occur on the 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th, 13th, 16th,19th, 22nd, 25th, and 28th of each month.Commissions earned will be distribute two ways: 1. One half as cash commissions 2. One half as bid TokensCash commissions will be automatically deposited to your e-wallet account(like Paypal and available in 170 countries).Your bid tokens can be redeemed at the IGoBidWin Penny Auction site.Redeemed bid tokens also increase profit-sharing commissions.GO Wealth Building Profit Pool50% if all company NET profits will be distributed through the "My TurnOn Top Wealth" profit-sharing pool every three days.Every active Global One member will receive a share of these company profitsdepending on their participation level.This means you can earn commissions even if you do not sell, recruitor promote the program in way.If you promote the program and sign up new affiliates (or sell bid tokens) youwill earn a greater share of the profit-sharing pool.
  6. 6. "GO Bid Win" members earn ONE Wealth Building Profit Pool point for eachbid token they buy and each bid made on their website.GO Bid Win VIP Customers earn 1 point for every GO Bid Win they buy.So if you promote the program - you earn additional profit-share pool pointsevery time one of your new team members or customers uses their bid tokens onthe "I Go Bid Win" penny auction site. MyTurnOnTop - Automatic Passive IncomeThe "My Turn On Top" program is powered by Spinfinity Power Profits system, anew Patent Pending compensation plan designed to pay you a substantial,monthly residual income.Spinfinity offers all active members the opportunity to earn significant commissionswithout ever actively promoting the program...There are NO minimum referral qualifications to participate.In other words, you can earn commissions in both the Spinfinity Power Profitssystem as wall as the 50% GO Wealth Building Profit Sharing Pool withoutevery signing up a new retail customer or active team member. However, if you do promote (and you should!) - you can dramatically increase your income potential.
  7. 7. Global One IGoBidWin Affiliate Program COPPER MEMBERS $25 MonthlyYou get 25 bid tokens to redeem at IGoBidWin penny auction platformYou automatically participate in Spinfinity Powerprofits system for passive incomeYou earn 25% of your all "My turn On Top" commissions (more passive income)Note: You receive 10 profit-sharing points for all every bid you used onyour site - by you, customers and affiliates tagged to you. SILVER MEMBERS $50 MonthlyYou get 60 bid tokens to redeem at "I Go Bid Win"You get all Copper membership benefitsYou earn 50% of all "MyTurnOnTop" commissions (passive income)You get a 25% MATCHING BONUS on commissions earned by yourpersonally referred level one affiliatesExample: If you refer 5 members, you receive a 25% MATCHING BONUS of allof their paid commissions in the "My Turn On Top" payout cycle every three days!
  8. 8. GOLD MEMBERS $75 MonthlyYou get 120 penny auction tokens for "IgoBidWin"You get all Silver membership benefitsYou earn 75% of all "My Turn On Top" commissions (passive income)You get a 25% MATCHING BONUS on commissions earned by yourpersonally referred Level One and Level Two affiliatesExample: If you refer 5 members and they each referred 5 members, you receivea 25% MATCHING BONUS of all 25 of their paid commissions in the "My Turn OnTop" payout cycle every three days! PLATINUM MEMBERS $100 MonthlyYou get 180 penny auction tokens for "IgoBidWin"You get all Gold membership benefitsYou earn 100% of all MyTurnOnTop commissionsYou get a 25% MATCHING BONUS on commissions earned by yourpersonally referred Level One, Two and Three affiliatesExample: If you refer 5 members and they each refer 5 members - who each refer5, you receive a 25%MATCHING BONUS on 150 active level one, two and three members in thepayout cycle every three days! (WOW!!!)Sign Up Here!
  9. 9. Ultimate Power Profits ReviewLeaders always reveal themselves and when a Platinum Member stepsup and builds a profitable team of other Platinum members... you arerewarded greatly.As a crowned JEWELED Platinum member - you can expect to be paidan average of 50,000 times per 30 day Spin Cycle.There are two steps to qualify as a Jeweled Platinum. 1. The first step is to personally refer a minimum of 10 active Platinum members. When you do you will automatically receive an additional 25% MATCHING BONUS on all level four affiliates. 2. The second step is to help your personally referred Platinum members refer 10 Platinum members. This now qualifies you to get paid even more through the LEADERSHIP PROFIT POOL. Global One Leadership Bonus PoolOnce qualified, you will now earn additional monies depending on theleadership level reached - Ruby, Emerald or Diamond - every three days!
  10. 10. Ruby Leadership LevelQualification - all qualified JEWEL PLATINUM MEMBERSBONUS POOL - 20% of leadership bonus pool profits is split between allqualified Ruby membersExample: If the Leadership Bonus Pool is $100,000 for the 3 day Spin period, eachqualified active Ruby will share $20,000 (20% of total pool). If there are 20 activeRuby Members, each would receive $1,000!Thats an extra $10,000 each and every month!Emerald Leadership LevelQualification - Ruby members who have referred a minimum of 10 Ruby memberBONUS POOL - 20% of leadership bonus pool profits is split between allqualified Emerald membersExample: As a qualified Emerald you will receive a 20% profit-share split between allqualified Emeralds IN ADDITION to the Ruby bonus pool profits already earned.Diamond Leadership LevelQualification - Emerald Members, who have referred a minimum of 20current Ruby MembersBONUS POOL - A Diamond Bonus Pool will be split equally with allDiamond Members, which equals 20% of the Leadership Bonus Pool.Example: As a qualified DIAMOND you will receive a 20% profit-share splitbetween all qualified Diamond members IN ADDITION to the Ruby andEmerald profits already earned.What is the Bottom Line?Right now there are THOUSANDS of people who never made a dime onlinebefore earning hundreds, even thousands per month - without selling or recruiting- by participating in penny auction programs like Zeekler and Bidify.Its a proven model that work and works well, and if you area marketer - you can literally make a quiet fortune.
  11. 11. So Im Jumping In With Both Feet Into This New Program - Ultimate Power Profits - with Global One.And because it is new, it offer the greatest chance of building a hugepassive income fast.Why?Because it will attract people who are already cashing with the other programsAND it will attract serious marketers like myself because "Go Global" offers you thechance to get in on the ground floor with a unique compensation plan.Plain and simpleCreate MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME as a way to protect your profits.If you focus on promoting only one product, service, affiliate program or businessopportunity and it doesnt sell or the company goes down - you have nothing!But when you create multiple streams of income - if one of the streams dies up -its a bummer but not catastrophic.PS – You can sign up for FREE ,the moment they launch youll have toPAY! So if you are smart (and i know you are) you sign up right NOW!
  12. 12. >> Sign Up Here << And Listen To The Webinars In Your BackOffice! We Can Make Incredible Things Happen!!!! To Our Success!