MILWAUKEE NETWORKING CLUB - John Phillips from The Cabinet Maker, LLC on 08/17/11


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When Details Matter
The CabinetMaker, LLC offers a wide range of services to meet your family’s needs. A professional cabinet shop, we listen to you to design a custom solution that keeps your goals in mind.

We offer full contractor services including design, build, and install. From built-in mud room storage such as benches and lockers, to full kitchen and bath design, we are ready to help. We also feature basement remodels and wet bars.

Whether you need to custom match existing cabinets or enhance your space from the ground up, we can help. We have woodworking options to fit most budgets.

When we say details matter; we mean it.

Call (414) 238-7766 or email us today to see The Cabinet Maker difference.

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MILWAUKEE NETWORKING CLUB - John Phillips from The Cabinet Maker, LLC on 08/17/11

  1. 1. Presents
  2. 2.  What is custom? Review custom case studies  Challenges  Solutions  Before and after photos
  3. 3.  New flat screen will not fit Current entertainment center looks dated Need more storage
  4. 4.  Kitchen dated Not enough countertop space More space for entertaining Too dark
  5. 5.  Easily movable wall Needs to be visible Backdrop for recognition photos with business and community partners Compliment logo
  6. 6.  Cabinets looked dated Doors and drawers in bad shape Already has new granite countertop Limited budget
  7. 7.  Three year old cherry kitchen Varnish is peeling Stain is inconsistent
  8. 8.  Improve functionality Add dishwasher Match existing Fix warped cabinet doors
  9. 9.  Replace existing cabinet Match other existing cabinets Something modern but not over powering Add a dishwasher
  10. 10.  Limited room space Limited wall height for standard dressers Sloped ceiling
  11. 11.  Need large screen monitor stand Modern look Hide cables and computer Must compliment room
  12. 12.  Very limited space Looks dated Need step stool for grandchildren Need a bigger medicine cabinet and linen closet
  13. 13.  Located on the wall in the middle of the room Need access Doesn’t work with bar ideas Two examples
  14. 14.  Already has custom kitchen cabinets and wants to add on Needs more counter top space Needs more storage area Would like breakfast table but has limited space
  15. 15.  Small area Wants on casters, easily movable Wants granite top Usable storage
  16. 16.  Walk-through kitchen Dated Need more countertop space Need more storage Storage for a lot of spices
  17. 17. Call Today! (414) 238-7766
  18. 18. toMilwaukee Networking Club Members